Jim Reeves - Welcome To My World Lyrics

Welcome to my world.
Welcome to my world
Won't you come on in
Miracles I guess
Still happen now and then
Step into my heart
Leave your cares behind
Welcome to my world
Built with you in mind
Knock and the door will open
Seek and you will find
Ask and you will be given
The key to this world of mine
I'll be waiting here
With my arms unfurled
Waiting just for you
Welcome to my world

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Jim Reeves Welcome To My World Comments
  1. Edward Erofeyev

    better than dean's in my opinion

  2. richard wright

    PS4 Better call saul apple arcade

  3. Alexis

    Better Call Saul

  4. Tiny Ford

    Song wasn’t big so the uploader didn’t monatize and in 2020 they see their channel again after a single BCS episode


    I don't quite follow what is meant by this comment. As the uploader, what is it that I haven't done?

  5. masterkiller 123

    It's all good man.

  6. KepC

    Say the line, “Gene”

  7. j fitz

    Damn song stuck in my head

  8. Johnny Rodriguez

    The magic man brought me here

  9. catola junior

    Better call Saul .......😏😏😏😏


    Better Call Saul Season 5 ep 1 Gene Scene.


    Better Call Saul Season 5 ep 1 Gene Scene.

  12. Anonymous User

    say. it.

  13. volkan dağlı

    Bitirdin bize be. Bu ne ruh okşayıcı güzel bir şarkıdır.

  14. Louie Tissington

    Anyone else here after watching the first episode of season 5 BCS?

  15. Rodion Ivanovič


  16. Ольга Ступина

    Очень красиво!

  17. The Black Cat

    Anyone here because the start of Better Call Saul season 5?

  18. Yusuf Bayraktaroglu

    I'm gonna fix it myself.

  19. Goldie Vegas Cheerleader

    Visit my world at Goldie Vegas Cheerleader

  20. Abd El Rahman Rafeek

    After BCS episode 1

  21. Manny Velez

    Uh oh! I Better Call Saul!

  22. Linda Bates

    I love that song!..it reminds me of when I was little.

  23. Edison Cavani

    Welcome to my world Saul Goodman season5 starts today :)

  24. The Truth

    S'all Good Man!


    That's the truth.

  25. rmm2424

    My dad had this album when I was young. I can remember it playing on the RCA TV console with built in AM/FM, 8Track and record player.

  26. TheVividKiWi

    Better call Saul sent me


    Better Call Saul sent me to your channel as well.


    Vendzor lolol

  27. bruh_moment _

    Here from the apple arcade commercial

  28. Cristina Bernard

    I just got a better call Saul ad.

  29. L.M. Green

    Wow...this was before my time....but such a beautiful song!! I read they only allowed so many minutes recording time on a song back then (very limited time)but they should of made an exception on this one!



  31. SharkPuppetXR

    Knock, and the door will open. Seek, and you will find. These are all bible verses from Matthew. This is amazing!

  32. Folam

    I'm here because my parents raised me on this type of music among others, before many of posters here were even born.


    Cool story bro.

  33. fish doctor

    What a voice. Need I or anyone say more.

  34. Eric Vazquez

    Apple Arcade anyone ?

  35. Oscar Alonso

    Better call Saul

  36. Jorge Ortiz

    Apple arcade brought me here

  37. Ben Replay

    I’m here after the Apple Ad


    "Very good then, Mr. McGinnis. Welcome to my world."

  39. Jan Rutgers

    Goedemorgen ik ben Jan uit Den Haag hoi allemaal

  40. David 2000

    My most anticipated show of 2020

  41. Jared K

    Anyone else here thanks to the new Apple Arcade commercial?


    Lol here, I liked the song so looked up the lyrics, crazy how much u can relate to someone without even knowing

  42. Cruzroman Banuelos

    All that’s left are your many many misdemeanors.

  43. karar ammr

    amazing series = amazing sound tracks

  44. e m

    another "Dad" favorite. miss you, almost 31 years later. see you soon. your little girl, Elizabeth. "ily".

  45. Aitor Karanka

    : If you need a lawyer you know who to call :

  46. Purple Hazez

    Know this song by Apple Arcade ads and this is a very nice song.

    peeper peg

    Purple Hazez i gotta be honest, that’s how i got here too

    weedles Meow

    Me toooo and I’m proud!

    Bard the Bowman

    What's being ashamed in it? Apple has a great marketing team,and I'm going to tell you they pick brilliant songs.If you don't buy an IPhone,I get it.But appreciate the work they put into ads

    Purple Hazez

    Bard the Bowman The ad was really well-made combine with the song as well. I'm not saying the ad is bad and the apple company did a very great at this.

    Purple Hazez

    Maybe I should fix my statement so I do not confuse people.

  47. FloridaRaider

    Old music has more substance

  48. Ritchie Ollivierre

    Who's listening 2020.

  49. cody sidzer

    better call saul hype

  50. Rock Solid

    This is one of two songs I sing for my beloved wife. Welcome to my world...and the other is Lady by Kenny Roger's.

  51. Kahoot

    Anyone get this song from the apple commercial?

  52. fastasfboi YT

    When someone raid you in dark souls:

  53. CuzinK

    Dedicated to my mom ..She loved this song and Jim Reeves..

  54. DSِ

    Mad Men?

  55. Strikerstorm3001 Thunder

    Who’s here because of the f ing Apple Arcade commercial

    Zaky tillyz


    Jared Wignall

    Better Call Saul brought me here

    alexander the awesome

    Strikerstorm3001 Thunder Hulu keeps playing it for me between South Park breaks

    Abigail Martin

    Strikerstorm3001 Thunder YIKES

  56. Katherine B.

    Love this song. It endures. 💕💕

  57. Gavinator10000

    That Apple Arcade commercial?...lol.

  58. Shiningxenon

    everyone came here from some show but I came from the apple arcade ad 😐

  59. LennyV

    Saul just called me here

  60. David Worsley

    The great Jim Reeves taken all too soon in 1964 a wonderful man and a wonderful song one of the best singers the world has ever had

  61. RollingAroundWithKitties

    Here from Mad Men, season 4!

  62. Wayne Eddy


  63. Jesus Mendez Disney Flores

    So' ll god man

  64. Plain Simple

    Who came after that mobile game ad

  65. Abielachas Bambino

    Goodbye Kim. 💔

  66. Mariana I

    after hear it in the commercial for Arcade, I had to look it up

  67. Martin Devon

    Ahh vinyl ghosting 😁

  68. BaDMaN

    I am here after apple arcade adv..

  69. Brian Sparadeo

    Didn't need better call Saul this is real country music

  70. David Garza

    Who's here because of the apple commercial

  71. Ryan Anderson

    Who else is here after the apple commercial?

  72. prince diofrey Arellano

    Better call saul trailer brought me here😁

  73. Cole Eckerman

    I think this song signifies Jimmy being open anout Saul Goodman, He isn't going to try to be something hes not anymore.

    Bingo Bango

    Don't you see? Jimmy died the moment he lied about Chuck's letter. In that moment, Saul came out winning. The tip in the ice was saying "It's al' good, man!"

  74. Gary Hieronymus

    They really call this stuff today music?

  75. noahjh847

    I’m going to sing this to my baby when it’s born I don’t know what it is yet :]

  76. Ted Eckerman

    Who's here from Big Bob's ranch trailer?

  77. Dylan Rupasinghe

    Mad men made some good choices in closing credits songs

  78. Gwar Richmond

    Been listening to Jim Reeves since 1979 !!! 👍🏼

  79. sukka 1P57

    Better. Call. Saul.

  80. Louis Burnett

    Never done this before, but who’s here from watching commercials during The Masked Singer, something I’ve never heard of after watching the super bowl, also something I didn’t really plan on watching, all because I can’t sleep because I’m in a zone and the Masked Singer is one of the most wild shows I’ve seen in a while. I don’t know what to think yet. I’m just vibin with music on every level possible. Pull it out of random commercials.

  81. Solid Stake

    Jimmy Slippery is back.

  82. El Jolgorio

    Better Call Saul.

  83. Janet Bainbridge

    Always loved this song

  84. Who’s your Daddy

    Oh my god there’s a song that uses the guitar chords at 0:35-0:37 and it’s driving me crazy. It’s somewhat old and rap related I think (not as old as this one though- late 2000-2010ish)

  85. Areerat Wong

    Happy when heard this song

  86. Angelo D'Agostino

    Hank Schrader baby

  87. Nancy Rodríguez cano

    The song of the trailer of better call saul season 5

  88. Erik The Bear

    wow more people are here from the better call saul trailer then I thought!

  89. Madelaine Arevalo

    Better Call Saul 😍

  90. ANAND A J

    Here after Better Call Saul..my fav show..

  91. Daubi Piccoli

    I heard for the first time in Elvis Presley's voice and I loved it.

    But I must confess that Jim's voice is something smoothie and calming as velvet.


  92. Daubi Piccoli

    That moment you would like that all your friends could understand English and the poetry in this lyrics. 😍

  93. Tahmid Alam

    Something about needing a lawyer...

  94. chace of spades

    Better call Saul anyone?

  95. Mr Jazz

    Better call saul!!!!!