Jim Reeves - Verre Land Lyrics

Daar's 'n ver, verre land, skone land
waar die sonlig so rein helder skyn.
Dis 'n droomland vir my wat my hart en siel bekoor,
en ek weet ek moet antwoord as ek daardie roepstem hoor:
Vaderland! Dis so ver hiervandaan;
Dis nou tyd, sê vaarwel, ek moet gaan, ek moet gaan, ek moet gaan...

Oor die see wil ek reis na 'n ver paradys
waar die branders bruis en oestydwinde suis -
daardie ver, verre land lok my aan...
hier kan ek nie versuim, ek moet gaan, ek moet gaan, ek moet gaan...

Oor die see wil ek reis na 'n ver paradys
waar die branders bruis en oestydwinde suis -
daardie ver, verre land lok my aan...
hier kan ek nie versuim, ek moet gaan, ek moet gaan, ek moet gaan...

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Jim Reeves Verre Land Comments
  1. Daniels & Durgy

    For those who would like it translated: There’s a far-away land,  beautiful land

    Where the sunshine, so pure, burns so bright

    It’s a dream land (perfect land) for me, that beguiles my heart and soul, 

    And I know I must answer when I hear it call to me, 

    Fatherland!  It’s so far away from here:

    Time has come, Say farewell, I must go, I must go, I must go

    Over the ocean I want to travel to a faraway paradise

    where the waves crash and bubble, and the east-winds constantly blow

    That far, faraway Land, entices me…

    but here I cannot tarry, I must go, I must go, I must go..

  2. jimmy mohandas persaud

    Jim Reeves singing African language

  3. Go for Gold

    What a beautiful rendition, and this in a language which was foreign to Jim ( Afrikaans). Make me miss all those who have passed on

  4. Prem Kumar

    Very good and excellent piece and collections of different types of songs and melody

  5. G Ollie Olwagen

    Jim Reeves did his few songs in Afrikaans in the sixties reading from lyrics that was sort of phonetically rewritten for him, not understanding much himself, but still doing a very good job of it. Take the Afrikaans phrase: "Ek verlang na jou". It means "I long for you" (or "I am longing for you"). Reeves would receive the text as if it was written in the "English way" , as difficult as it might have been. So "Ek verlang na jou" would become "Ack furlong nah yo". That is very, very near to what the phrase sounds like in Afrikaans. More than often, however, his interpretation of a word did not fit the actual pronunciation, but Afrikaans-speaking South Africans were prepared to forgive him everything. In fact, he was so popular in South Africa that about ten thousand people, if not more, would attend a show in Bloemfontein featuring him and a view others performers from the US. I was there at the time.

  6. André De Poorter

    Jim Reeves in het Afrikaans. Ik hou van zijn stem en heb bewondering voor hem omdat hij het Afrikaans niet minderwaardig vindt.

  7. Jack MENS

    Most americans don't understand this ! Afrikaans has its origin in the Dutch language. It came with the Boers hundreds of years ago. Dutch people can still understand 90 % of it.
    And Jim Reeves does a marvelous job. He sings these songs like no one else could. I was shocked when I heard it for the first time. And now I am trying to get my hands on these wonderful songs and by that wonderful voice.

    Helen W.

    I think he did a fabulous job in Afrikaans.  It truly surprised me.  Then again, he was very well loved and admired in South Africa.

    Go for Gold

    Jack MENS I hope you found Jim's Afrikaans songs, I bought a cd with all of them on it a couple of years ago

  8. Rodny Kaastad

    Lovely Jim Reeves

  9. mamy hubart

    zijn rustige stem die warmte die eenvoudige tekst ik word het nooit moe

  10. Blahsheep

    He has like 3000 songs on Spotify but this one isn't for some reason :(



  12. Iris Nel

    Gone but never forgotten

  13. Adriaan Brands

    Prachtig nummer.

  14. Andriesa Fourie

    Coen baerends, Jim singt Afrikaans, niet half Nederlands.


    Zonder Nederland had dat Afrikaans nooit bestaan!

  15. lucky Ben Hebrew

    That is jim he always set standards far exceedingly higher and there is no reason to try because can't beat it. 

    Fabian Pencel

    Check out channel and subscribe if you like

  16. Cody Johnson

    Jim singing in any language is beautiful!! It makes me admire his legend more!

  17. Thys van Zyl

    Jim did very well. He was very popular with the Afrikaans people.

    Helen W.

    He sure was.  Remember it well.   He also loved and adored South Africa.

  18. Heri Simonsen

    Let those who speak afrikaans judge if old Jim is doing well - no use for you english/american who only speak one language to judge whether this is good or bad - the voice is still marvelous as always

    Yvonne J Van Rensburg

    I grew up with this Afrikaans album and have to say, still speak with the same accent today :)  Love the way he pronounced his Afrikaans words.  I am Afrikaans but went to English schools all my life

    Helen W.

    Yes, he  sang it very well in Afrikaans.    It was a BIG HIT in South Africa.    Quite amazed how well he sang it in Afrikaans.      Hy sing dit baie mooi!!!

  19. Suja Manuel

    yes true

  20. Coen baerends

    leuk om te horen hoe JIM half nederlands zingt..

  21. Sumit Franklin

    same here. the lyrics are not clear. alas! nothing can be done about it

  22. Alan Colwill

    Did not understand a word. But the voice is still there.

    Helen W.

    I understood every word, and he  did it very well.  Was very surprised myself.   Then again he was greatly loved and admired in South Africa.