Jim Reeves - There's Always Me Lyrics

When the evening shadows fall
And your wondering who to call
For a little company, there's always me
Or if your great romance should end
And you're lonesome for a friend
Darling, you need never be, there's always me.

I don't seem to mind somehow
Playing second fiddle now
Someday you'll want me, dear
And when that day is here.

Within my arms you'll come to know
Other loves may come and go
But my love for you will be eternally
Look around and you will see, there's always me...

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Jim Reeves There's Always Me Comments
  1. Sonja Goed

    Realy, realy love this song!! Love looking at Jim in the video to, but why... these half dressed women between his pictures.... what a shame... spoils the video big time for me....

  2. Dely demata

    I like this song "There's Always Me" version of Jim Reeves it's really good to hear, even He's already past away still his music remain as always maybe forever, for me he's the great artist, thanks for keeping or saving

  3. Marilyn Callachan


  4. bobthestoic

    My aunt was heartbroken when Mr. Reeves died so tragically.


    Mine too.

  5. Berit Samuelsson


  6. Eliza OKeeffe

    Irish singer Dickle Rock sang a brilliant rendition of this song. The lyrics are so simple but so striking.

  7. Marilyn Cooper

    Love this song 💕

  8. Carole Donald

    Elvis sang this with far more feeling

  9. harshit chaudhary

    The girl in the Last picture is so beautiful

  10. harshit chaudhary

    Elvis did it better

  11. harshit chaudhary

    There's a bollywood actress in it. At 00:31

  12. Barnali B

    ...wat a voice

  13. Pratheep Sivan

    I'm here after the FaceTime ad!!

  14. deboisblanc

    Elvis was a big fan of Jim Reeves

  15. Noel Fendlason

    Jim was great, but Elvis owned this song.

    Fabienne De Pauw

    I gree,IT.s Elvis song... kind regards from Belgium

  16. robert herzog

    This, to me, is one of the best songs ever recorded and done by the best. R.I.P Mr Reeves

  17. Dely demata

    I like the version of Jim Reeves, There's Always Me, it's very fine music when he sings the song

  18. Neil D'Souza

    Oh my goodness!!! This brings tears to the eyes.

  19. Danny Willis

    Jim . Elvis . Both beautiful.

  20. Patricia Smith

    No one could it better,beautiful song

    Joe Dayton

    Jim at his romantic best

  21. Joe Dayton

    Thanks for all the comments - great song by Gentleman Jim

  22. aboydsto

    just doesn't get any better...elvis be damned

    Elmer Sibley

    Elvis just doesn't cut it with Jim Reeves

  23. Dave Logsdon

    Oh so smooth.

  24. Lee Forsyth

    Mica Paris does a brilliant version

  25. Adrian Otero

    Agree.....so much talent back then.....today we only have studio singers


    And audio machines to fix the voices!

  26. Adrian Otero

    I like Elvis rendition,but this is also fenomenal as well.......why compromise ,when you can have both. ...

    Maggie Hall

    This is nice, but Elvis gives the song sex appeal and that little bit extra.

  27. Craig Morris

    There's JIM REEVES and then there are other country singers. He proved you could be proud of country music. a Class Act!!

  28. barrie gillies

    so smooth no effort.

  29. Larry Ferguson

    Jim has a vocal of gold and no one can top

  30. David Chernofsky

    A Don Robertson composition

  31. William Rauhuff

    Elvis does it better 

  32. Joe Dayton

    Hope you enjoy the memories Liz. Great song from Gentleman Jim.

  33. Liz Ryan

    For Daddy Tom xx

  34. Joe Dayton

    Lovely song by Jim. Glad you enjoyed it and the memories it brings.

  35. Marajo Modjokutiko

    My life My Way Missing my Dad, Please God Bless

  36. 1783lloyd

    Nice song by gentleman jim as usual.Good upload.
    God bless and take care