Jim Reeves - The Hawaiian Wedding Song Lyrics

This is the moment, I've waited for
I can hear my heart singing, soon bells will be ringing
This is the moment of sweet Aloha
I will love you longer than forever
Promise me that you will leave me never.

Here and now dear all my love I vow dear.
Promise me that you will leave me never
I will love you longer than forever
Now that we are one clouds won't hide the sun.

Blue skies of Hawaiian smile
On this our wedding day.
I do (I do), love you (love you),
With all my heart...

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Jim Reeves The Hawaiian Wedding Song Comments
  1. Sharon Rehab

    Love this song

  2. TinyMaths

    Been waiting a long time for this version to appear on YouTube. Thirty years ago while still living at home in my mid-teens, my mum used to play Jim Reeves (when she was taking a break from Reggae, Motown, Soul, Ray Charles, Nat Cole, etc), and I loved what I was hearing. This was one of my favourites... In my mid 30's, having not heard this for several years previously I saw 'Elvis' perform this in a film I was watching; can't remember what the actual movie was. Anyway hearing it again switch something on inside me and I started searching for the Jim Reeves performance of this song. I found the Elvis version at the time but couldn't find Jim Reeves; this was maybe 12/13 years ago. Thank you; As my slow search for the music I used to love as a teenager continues, I can check this little gem off the 'missing' list.

  3. Milroy Fernando

    lord given voice

  4. Tarsila Mumba

    Who else is listening to this wonderful song this year 2019

  5. Butch Jones

    Greatest voice in country....

  6. Vernice Forbes

    love all his songs from child will playing this song at my wedding 28- 7 -18

  7. rejane cardoso

    Obrigada meu Deus por nos dar o privilégio de ouvir essa linha voz!!!!!

  8. Keith O'Neil

    Very beautiful old song and voice wow

  9. Irene Ajodha

    Golden memories and silver tears

  10. Milton Moore

    Love Jim Reeves,
    but where is the
    Hawaiian pedal
    steel guitar? I
    was stunned that
    it was missing.
    This song just
    doesn't work for me without it.
    Roy Drusky's version is the best
    for this reason.
    BELIEVE IT! Nevertheless, Jim
    Reeves is still the "god" of country music!!!!

  11. Vivek Anand

    Beautiful :)

  12. Claire McNaught

    My dad sung this to my mum on their wedding day,,,,he got buried yesterday on there 47th wedding anniversary + they played this at the cemetery ,,,,rest in peace dad,,,love u.....xxx

  13. Edmeia Brochado Simonetto

    Música mui linda!!!

  14. Raymond Cross

    This song should be played at each wedding to say that we are one for ever

  15. Keith O'Neil

    Just love this song beautiful voice

  16. Roy D'Oliveiro

    His voice, the vocalists, and the music blend in so beautifully!

  17. Macushla XOXO

    My heart is touched with such a depth of happy, true love. To be one with you, is more than I can ever dream. I do love you. ❤️

  18. Cleo Khadan

    Sing on Jim .Your songs do hit home

  19. Louiselle Tutino

    Love all his songs and beautiful voice ❤️

  20. Pearl Mosimanyana

    Jim Reeves All ur songs are beautiful, and is sad that you are gone so fast, but I thank God that your songs are medicine.

  21. joan watt

    Jim is a fabulous singer it was so sad he passed away at a early age in that awful plane accident my husband always wanted his song played at his Funeral last year sad both RIP God Bless xxx

  22. Edmeia Brochado Simonetto


  23. Pioneer Lover

    WOW! what a voice, so soft and mellow. I wish I have one like that, an avid fan of Mr. Jim Reeves

    mr. warmth

    elvis does this very well also

  24. Vijay Srinivasan

    melodius-but some lines resembles Dean Martin's song

  25. pmedic gh

    It is so special, and grow more each year.

  26. Tomkat 56

    I have nearly all Jim's albums on vinyl, and I treasure every one of them.

    Julyo Nunumete

    Tomkat 56 Hi Tom. I have a similar tone like Jim.. If you want to hear.. Check it on my Channel

  27. Overland Portugal

    Nunca me canso de ouvir a sua música.

  28. Rachel Rawluk

    Best rock of the 70's

    Harrison Rob

    Rachel Rawluk its actually the early sixties

  29. neil nardo

    andy williams brought me here :)

    mr. warmth

    +neil nardo the famous andy love him go to his place in branson

    neil nardo

    Haha :D Ohh ok :p

    Maggie Pigg

    +neil nardo Me too

    neil nardo

    Yeahh \m/

  30. Lizzie garcia

    beautiful song and awesome Jim reeves. my dad favorite!

  31. Lizzie garcia

    beautiful song and awesome Jim reeves. my dad favorite!

  32. Khomotso Maepa

    This man raised me in a way *giggles*
    I grew up listening to his music because of my dad. I'm 27 now and listening to him just takes me back to my childhood years.
    His music heals and just humbles the heart.
    I thank God for you....RIP Jim Reeves.

    Htee Moo

    Khomotso Maepa P

    Billie G

    This is so touching that I play it over and over again and never tire of it. B. G.

  33. Roger Huff

    he does this even better than elvis

    Randy Topoloski

    no not better than Elvis but yes he had a fantastic voice

    Joy Orlando

    Roger Huff this was my wedding song. Jim Reeves is the best to perform this beautiful voice.

  34. T Mertens

    One of the prettiest songs ever...so well done by the late and great Jim Reeves.

  35. PixelDude

    you travel with this music

  36. Chau Kwok-kay, Paul

    We will remember Jim always,rest in peace and God be with you.

  37. Doris Pizz

    A voice that never ends

  38. roylston pitt

    These songs puts me into a relaxed mood

  39. pmedic gh

    It is so nice to hear the voice that has been a favorite of so many generations. What a great song.

    Philomena Peterson

    pmedic gh. I love the voice of Jim Reeves. He is blessed with such a smooth voice. Love this song

  40. Katharina Srie

    Jim reeves the legend.......

    Chaveewan Phatanapherom


  41. Edith Yao

    What a beautiful song. Every line of this song has full of meanings. I love it.

  42. John Reid

    Viva las vegas

  43. Maria de Lourdes Silva

    Jim Reeves sem igual.

    Maria de Lourdes Silva

    Brian Good afternoon.
    Thank you have one scxelente seman with lots of light.

    Maria de Lourdes Silva

    TheShizu 777
    Mirëmëngjesi! Ju keni një gjirin fundjavë të paqes dhe të lehta sot dhe përgjithmonë

    Maria de Lourdes Silva

    TheShizu 777
    Mik natën e mirë të ketë një pushim të mirë
    Dhe një javë e mrekullueshme e paqes dhe dashurisë.

  44. Kevin Chandler

    we had this song at are wedding brill

  45. Marge Gentry


  46. meanwiddlekid

    I liked it when he used to go into a phone booth and turn into Superman.

  47. innishbiggle1

    have grown up with jim since 1967

  48. Vivian Tracy

    Is there a man anywhere on God's earth that ever had a smoother more soothing voice then Jim Reeves? I don't think so. God made one smooth voice and He gave it to Jim. I got to see his Museum when it was in Nashville. I talked with his wife and what a sweet lady. She was as nice as she could be. I will always listen to Jim Reeves as long as I live.

  49. cuppajoe1

    andy williams had the original hit record. Check it out.

    ria tasha

    cuppajoe1 sparrow calypso

  50. eddie dawson

    If any beautiful song was written back in the 50's and 60's somehow it found Jim Reeves to sing it.

  51. The master 1

    my dad played this all the time love you lots dad RIP xx



  53. Mong Song Quek

    Jim Reeves was and still is my favourite singer since I was a school boy way back in the late 50s!

  54. pablito alfonso

    Although late, congratulations with your wedding !!! This was the day of my 70th anniversary; I love it to share liking the voice and performance of this unequaled artist, his enchanting way of singing still standing through the generations. Be happy folks ...

  55. Soeprapto Soewignjo

    This is for to commemorate our 32 years gone of married- For my wife I do love forever.

  56. Rhonda Cheyenne

    There has never been a more clear and beautiful voice than Jim Reeves. The world lost something when we lost Him.

  57. Svetlana Irawan

    this is our wedding song, 1 March 1997...represent the feeling of happiness and caring entirely from start till end

  58. dlrunner

    Jim was the real deal. What a voice and what a song. Love this song.

  59. pmedic gh

    This fantastic music was our wedding song, last August, 20th, 2012......

  60. girmarcar

    musica da sogno! bellissima..

  61. Georgie Porgiex

    Wonderful rendition of this lovable song by Jim Reeves.

  62. Joan Tompkins

    I wonder if this is really Jim Reeves.....his voice is much smoother.

  63. christine powell

    thank you my dear dad for playing jim reeves when i was a young girl, now i appriciate a great singer , rip dad x

  64. francine tourangeau

    j aime beaucoup cette chanson

  65. mike foley

    Great song. It's a wonder there has'nt been a modern cover of it.

  66. BreathDoctor

    I've sung this Solo for a Wedding. Tough tune.

  67. charles collins

    Our day is ot so very fsr away darling Sue.........can't wait xxx

  68. christine powell

    i always said that if 1 day i got married id have this as my wedding tune, beautiful song, as it is im still single by my own choice x

  69. stellarbiz

    ALOHA and Happy Anniversary!

  70. Sarath Weerasinghe

    This song is beautiful today as it was about 50 years ago when I first heard it.

    Sarath W

  71. Allan Ingram

    this is the moment iv waited for omg i used to cry growing up to this n my dad used to ask if i was alright :'(

  72. harlequinK96

    Who the hell DISLIKEs this???

  73. bill chew

    I have become a huge Jim Reeves fan over the last few years. What a golden
    voice- smoother than butter.

  74. panumart lamangtong

    This song and sound system are very lound & nice,
    thanks 717007 very much for your posting.

  75. wilkevwilkev

    @cafcwebbluke your first thought was right

  76. Danny Willis


  77. David Rhind

    A beautiful rendition from my all time favourite singer.
    God Bless

  78. alan goz

    elvis & jim had a very similar range ...both absolute legends ...but i think elvis learnt a lot from jim reeves & put it to good use in his later recordings & actually made better versions of some jim reeves classics

  79. ingrid ekberg

    Wonderful singer and voice :)
    Thanks for posting

  80. whispperson

    The Greatest Singer of them all.