Jim Reeves - I'm Crying Again Lyrics

Ja ek verlang na jou my liefling
En ek droom van jou oe so blou
Ja ek dink net aan jou my liefling
En my hart is'n mantel van rou.

I gaze at the stars
With a prayer in my heart
I ask for bitter strength
Just to hate and depart.

Ja kom nou terug na my my liefling
Ek verlang na my liefling vanaand.

Toe jy my verlaat het
Is my wereld verskeur
Die son het ophou skyn
En die maan het verkleur.

So please come back to me my darling
can't you see that I'm crying again...

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Jim Reeves I'm Crying Again Comments
  1. Mookie Spindlehurst

    His immortal voice lives on
    through the still
    lapse of the ages.
    "Music so beautiful, glorious, and profound that it could create a soul under the ribs of death!"
    John Milton
    [Milton Moore, Las Vegas, Nevada, Dec. 27th, 2019, Red Rock Hotel Casino.]

  2. anthony belcher

    Brilliant song

  3. Lena Andersson

    Oh my WOUNDERFUL JIM REEVES, I LOVE THIS man with the Golden voice 🎤❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  4. anthony belcher

    Lovely song 68

  5. Alwyn Turner

    Can't agree with you more...Kosmichev1958...He was and still is the Greatest. No comparison to that tone and voice of our Gentleman Jim. My singing mentor from childhood to the present - which is near on 45 years !!

  6. Kitty Bruåsdal

    Beautiful song

  7. Velma Chambers

    Beautiful music

  8. Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    A great lovely song never heard it before cool

  9. Berit Samuelsson


  10. Mayor Mr

    Thanks you very very nice im Natural boys Papua Raja Ampat islands waigeo in living friwen

  11. steelmanK

    It just doesn't get any better than Gentleman Jim.

  12. Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    I have not heard this song i think its really lovely such cool voice

  13. Lilian Flynn

    Jim Reeves always delivers he songs I am crying too RIP...

  14. anthony belcher

    Great song

  15. Milton Moore

    Gilbert Gibson, the
    song's composer,
    spoke the lyrics
    in Afrikaans to Jim, who picked them up very easily, as he had
    studied diction
    and elocution in
    college and had a
    lot of natural talent and
    an excellent ear for
    languages. Jim
    could basically
    recite from a phone book, and
    charm the birds
    out of the trees!
    God's angels themselves were listening in as this immortal recording was being made!😃😃

  16. Judith Muller

    Missing my husband so terribly today😭😭😭

    Milton Moore

    I pray you will
    find peace as much as possible
    through immersing yourself in activities to take
    your mind off your loss. I know it is easier said than
    done. BUT YOU
    CAN DO IT!!! Perhaps rescuing
    a cat from an animal shelter whose time is up
    will help give you
    something extra
    to live for, and lift
    your spirits.

  17. Fallon Carrington

    So sincere, a cut above the rest.The imseperatibly gentleman, Jim.

  18. anthony belcher

    Awesome song

  19. Milton Moore

    Jim Reeves would have to
    be the centerpiece if
    a Mount Rushmore type
    monument were ever created for the
    crème de la crème of Country music

    Ruth Boykin

    I agree! Love his voice and the music, beautiful song!

  20. jimmy mohandas persaud

    Another great song by jim

  21. steamcountry

    His singing in Afrikaans was recorded round the time he starred in "Gentleman Jim" that was filmed on location in South Africa,Afrikaans being one of the 2 official languages at the time which now is 1 of 11 official languages.

    Allen Chandler

    steamcountry The movie is called Kimberly Jim not Gentleman Jim.


    you are correct,a typo on my part,i have the dvd in my collection,Kimberely is a city here in South Africa where the diamond rush started,there is a big hole as a monument to the diggers back then,if you google Kimberely,South Africa,you will get an idea of the movie setting,there is a preserved section of the mining area from that time.

  22. Ina Browning

    So beautiful

  23. Mario Jaspers

    Perfect, Jim Reeves.

  24. Mario Jaspers

    Perfect, Jim Reeves.

  25. barrygioportmorien1

    In any language Jim Reeves excels....

  26. ilrmbru2b

    The cure for what ails you, Gentleman Jim Reeves!

  27. Dave Logsdon

    Wow, so pretty.

  28. lora Schultz

    Jim was one of my favorites,I never knew him but my husband did, I knew Mary his wife in later yrs. she was a very sweet lady.

  29. Dinah Bezuidenhout

    This song  is 'Ek verlang na jou' an Afrikaans song and not  'I'm crying again"


    dit gebeur waneer mense nie narvorsing doen nie,dan se' hulle dinge uitplek.

    Milton Moore

    Look. We don't read or speak
    Afrikaans in other
    parts of the world
    so chill out over the song title being interpreted
    into the languages
    others speak. The
    words "I'm Crying
    Again" were obviously deliberately inserted into the
    song to help people identify with this song and
    help it sell. Ergo, for all intents and
    this song is "I'm
    Crying Again," through translation. So
    much for hair-splitting!😠


    you are right about your response,we as South Africans should be tolerant of others,i apologise as a South African if my countrymen goes off at others,we are a great people,sometimes naughty,but we are welcoming and warm,glad you listened to the video and enjoyed it.


    correctly translated it is "I long for you" or " I miss you" "Ek verlang na jou my liefling" translated it says " i long for you my darling " or " I miss you my darling" the Afrikaans is a Dutch derived language with some German thrown in.


    hi Dinah,wees 'n bietjie geduldig,te mense iemand is bereid om te luister en probeer verstaan,dis 'n eer as dit gebeur,so kom ons wys die wereld dat ons oop is vir ander mense.

  30. kosmickev1958

    Thank you!!

  31. Jack Kane

    Great,thanks for the music.

  32. kosmickev1958

    You are very welcome.
    I grew up listening to Jim Reeves and no one can touch him. He has left us with such a legacy of music. I will be adding some more on here soon.

  33. kosmickev1958

    Thank you for your comment. Glad you like it.

  34. 1282maggie

    This is one of the best of Jim. His voice is so soft and mild <3

    Cris Fullen

    1282maggie i