Jim Reeves - Heartbreak In Silhouette Lyrics

I listened to an old friend
Describe the girl he'd met
In memory I could see her
Heartbreak in silhouette.

He said her hair was golden
Her eyes were violet
It surely had to be her
Heartbreak in silhouette.

He said, that when he kissed her
Her kisses were like wine
And suddenly I wondered
If she'd break his heart like mine?

But I sat there in silence
And smoked my cigarette
His heart would soon discover
Heartbreak in silhouette.

With shining eyes he told me
About the night they'd met
My own heart kept remembering
Heartbreak in silhouette.

Outside the rain kept falling
Recalling old regrets
Then she stood in the doorway
Heartbreak in silhouette.

At first she didn't see us
Because the lights were dim
As she chetted with her new love
She had eyes for only him.

My friend sat that there in silence
And not one word was said
Two broken hearts were sharing
Heartbreak in silhouette.
Heartbreak in silhouette...

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