Jim Reeves - Guilty Lyrics

I've been accused, convicted and condemned
The trial's over, and now I face the end,
Is this your way of telling me we're through
When all I'm guilty of, is loving you.

You were the judge, the jury all in one
You found me guilty and now my term's begun.
I must confess, I've never been untrue
And all I'm guilty of, is loving you.

Loving you, and now I'm losing you
Losing you, for things I didn't do.

Please let your heart, consider an appeal
For now you know, exactly how I feel.
Don't punish me for things I didn't do
When all I'm guilty of, is loving you.

Yes, all I'm guilty of, is loving you...

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Jim Reeves Guilty Comments
  1. Lonnie Beavers

    Thanks Joe for all the work you've done with these fine old songs !!

  2. Tejas Soni

    My all time.fav

  3. Blue moon Spring

    All i’m guilty of is loving You!!!!! Loving you and now i’m losing you. Whoa its so amazing. Decades later its still one of the best songs. Luv you Jimbo♥️

  4. Jett Eckel


  5. john collins

    My Uncly Bimbys Song from your Nephew Kathleens John

  6. Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey


  7. Gwendoline Swanepoel


  8. Basil Nedic

    still love you pearl after 53 years without you and i wont stop xxx

  9. Thomas Hoffmann 1


  10. Elaine Gomez

    My favourite singer since my young days nobody can take his place.WL love u always

  11. Renee Sullivan

    Awesome country, and Jim Reeves was one of the very best ever.!!! Thanks Joe Dayton

    Joe Dayton

    Thanks Renee - glad you enjoyed my video of Jim's song

    hi hi

    Renee Sullivan Only the best in Jim Reeves can listen to him forever

  12. anthony belcher

    Awesome song

  13. 홍지훈

    옛부터 지금까지 영훈을 울리는 솜사탕같은 보이스
    가끔 애청합니다

  14. Paul Gavin


    Joe Dayton

    Jim's the best

  15. Irene Ajodha

    Welcome to my world

  16. Deborah Johnstone

    Gentleman Jim. X

    Joe Dayton

    What a guy - what a voice

  17. Iyke H Ifedilo

    One of my favorite Jim Reeves songs as a kid growing up in Nigeria back in the 80s.

    Joe Dayton

    Jim at his romantic best

  18. 홍지훈

    가슴시린 목소리 오랜만에 옛시간 그리워 미치겠네요

  19. paul mccormack

    I'm not



  21. Aaliyah Kumar

    💗Guilty of Loving You💗

  22. Baby It's Cold Outside

    Jukebox .. 10 cent coin.....

  23. Money Talk News

    So true what I went thought

  24. Elmvale1

    What a voice, as smooth as velvet.

    Jeff Repinski

    Jim really hits the notes in this song love it

  25. John Stewart


  26. William Tollerton

    what a absolute classic from gentile jim im now 60 and i remember this from my mums fav songs loveit.

  27. donal kenneally

    My momma X loved gentleman Jim ...

  28. John Henrick

    Awesome! I recall the day he died in a plane crash, how shocked I was. A great loss to the world of good music.

    Delroy Williams

    John Henrick , come on do better than that, only JESUS CHRIST alone is awesome, nobody else...

    John Henrick

    Delroy, I've been a born again Christian and a minister for 36 years. I don't need you to lecture me about who is awesome and who isn't. And I doubt you'll find any Scripture reference saying that Jesus Christ is awesome. You're the kind of guy that puts people off of God. It seems you're a new Christian and have a lot to learn about the way you approach people with your religious talk. Jesus gave you a command to preach the gospel. He never told you to go into the world and lecture anyone about terminology that they use.

    Allen Becker

    and also in 1963 patsy died in a plane crash

  29. jennifur sun

    i don't know who wrote this but they knew me in some part of my life, although we nver met  the lyrics i can sooo identify with

  30. Muzikgirl67

    PURE COUNTRY GOLD!!...Thank you soooo very much for posting and sharing this "rarely heard anymore" lil' country gem that became Jim's 41st Top 40 single!..."Guilty" went on to reach #3 on the National Country Charts back during the Autumn of 1963...I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the sound quality is FIRST-RATE too!...Happy Holidays to you Joe, and Take Care! Elizabeth :)

    This is Castro

    So nice to hear that his music is timeless

  31. Joe Dayton

    Thank you. I've done another video on this song which is much better than this one but I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

  32. Joe Dayton

    Great song by Jim. Glad you enjoyed it.

  33. Joe Dayton

    @pscdecor - Thank you. This is one of my earlier efforts. I have re-done this video and my new video is a much better one. Please check it out if you have some spare time.


    Joe Dayton Brilliant Joe, thanks.

  34. Paul Cleary

    powerful song....great video.....good job....thanks for posting

  35. Joe Dayton

    @curtainsrail - If you have the time please try and watch my new video of this song. Soooo much better than this one.

  36. Joe Dayton

    @curtainsrail - This is my first video of this song which I made some months ago.. I have since replaced this video with one that has pics that follow the storyline of the song. Glad you enjoyed this one.