Jim Reeves - Golden Memories And Silver Tears Lyrics

I dream of a golden moon and silver stars
When first we met and danced to sweet guitars
Music that breaks my heart bringing me dear
Golden memories and silver tears.

Golden memories and silver tears
Are my lonely heart's souvenirs
All that you've left me are memories dear
Golden memories and silver tears.

And now dear my golden moon pass and turn to blue
And all those silver stars are gone with you
Old memory of love bringing me pain
Oh, how sad to love and love all in vain.

Golden memories and silver tears
Are my lonely heart's souvenirs
All that you've left me are memories dear
Golden memories and silver tears...

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Jim Reeves Golden Memories And Silver Tears Comments
  1. Christine Whelan

    This Man was untouchable

  2. anthony belcher

    Great song

  3. Gerald Murphy

    Mr Reeves, this song is a song that will be remembered, for a-long time. I've always enjoy your song's. Thanks!👍

    Elizabeth Cole

    Jim reeves best singer of Ll time makes you cry tears of joy and sadness he was master I. His profession sadly missed no one like him again sweet voice kind heart soulfull God rest his soul

    Elizabeth Cole

    Same here always loved his voice and songs never be a yo e like him once in a lifetime god rest his soul

  4. Frank Garrett

    songs from shaking stevens
    u A

  5. tomthin soubam

    I dream of a golden moon and silver stars
    When first we met and danced to sweet guitars
    Music that breaks my heart bringing me dear golden memories and silver tears
    Golden memories and silver tears are my lonely heart's souvenirs
    All that you've left me are memories dear golden memories and silver tears

    And now dear my golden moon pass and turn to blue
    And all those silver stars are gone with you
    Old memory of love bringing me pain oh how sad to love and love all in vain
    Golden memories and silver tears

  6. Roy D'Oliveiro

    My most favorite song of Jim Reeves. Brings back memories of the magical years.

  7. Francis Kintu

    Jim Reeves. Superstar.

  8. vijay s

    lovely song

  9. Renee Sullivan

    Thanks for for this Awesome share, Thanks Joe Dayton

    Joe Dayton

    My pleasure - Jim at his smooth best

  10. Lighterfoot p

    This is music!

  11. Matthew Miranda


  12. Donald Carr

    Beautiful video and words. Thanks for posting.

  13. Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    I like this song Golden Memories and Silver Tears by JIMReeves is FaB Such great singer in his time so lovely and cool

  14. Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    I love this song its cool Jim Reeves really fab

  15. Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    Nice song by Jim Reeves so cool such a cool voice and man

  16. Mitel Dicu


    Joe Dayton

    Thanks - great song

  17. Mitel Dicu


    Joe Dayton

    Jim at his best

  18. Fryksdahl S Travel

    I'm only 52, dont like country that much but i love Jim Reeves and this is a superb cha-cha from this gentleman.

  19. joan watt

    Awesome song Jim Reeves lovely velvet voice what a star i listened to Gentleman Jim through my Teenage years what a Legend priceless God Bless you Jim xx Thanks for sharing

  20. Graeme Woods

    Just one a kind r.i.p. .tjr

  21. Constancio Godinho

    Jim Reeves is simply the best.None can imitate him

    Joe Dayton

    Incredible guy

  22. Joe Dayton

    This video was made for a few of my facebook friends to enjoy - I had no idea that tens of thousands of people would watch it. I apologise if anyone is offended by some of the scantily clad girls in the video. I had no idea at the time of making it that it would be viewed by so many people of different tastes and backgrounds.

  23. joan watt

    Takes us down memory lane lovely song Jim what agreat artist God Bless Jìm xx

    Joe Dayton

    Jim at his super smooth best

  24. anthony belcher

    Awesome song

    Joe Dayton

    Jim at his best - golden memories (and silver tears too)

  25. Ingrid Leacock

    danced to this song many nights at dance hall
    smooth and light as a feather and never knew Jim was the singer.
    thank you Jim.
    we love you.

    Joe Dayton

    Absolutely Golden Memories - great song to dance to

  26. anthony belcher

    Lovely song

  27. Germaine Rodriguez

    I just listen to this song and paint a picture in my mind

  28. Esme Mohair

    Golden Memories of our loved ones that are gone especially the last one Jim Swensen..RIP.

  29. Betty Toh

    Miss my better half who left me about 2 years ago.Hope to see him again one day.

  30. Buddy Trabucco

    Jim reeves your the greatest there was no one again will ever sing like this again your number one fan forever and the 7 who gave this a thumb down you have no feelings for good music

    George Kemp

    To the persons who gave a thumbs down, if it wasn't a mistake, you have completely NO TASTE for Good music...GK

  31. Buddy Trabucco

    The 7 who gave it a thumb down have no taste in good music the number one singer in country music there will never be another Jim Reeves again number one in my heart thank you Jim Reeves for all the great songs you left us in your short life your number one fan forever

  32. Srinath Deheragoda

    One of my favourite songs of gentleman Jim. In his every-song, he relates a sorrowful story.


    The Best Song

  34. torsten ublacker

    verry nice songs from jim reeves,im from germany,me favorti there was ronny-donna gelina,he die also,ronny and jim best for me

  35. Mumtaz Akberali

    His songs keep reminding me of the good old days !!!!

  36. Dingiri Appuhamy

    Remember Good Old SLBC and Vijay Corea.

  37. Vijay Srinivasan

    one of the best golden song of JR

  38. Vijay Srinivasan

    god denies true love to true lovers

  39. Vijay Srinivasan

    good souls never die-how much message of love they give to all who are in real love

  40. Rohan Sahabandu

    best of the best

  41. yardmaster 04357

    top shelf all the way!!! theres a German female singer that has taken some of his stuff and put it to a Schlager beat!! comes out real nice!!

  42. Sriyani Vithanage

    Lovely! Heavenly voice!

  43. Esme Seneviratne

    His voice make my heart cheerful.

  44. GarryH1963

    "The International JIm Reeves" is one of my all-time favourite albums. Every track a gem.
    Some of the tracks off here, (apart from appearing on the Bear Family box set and 2-on-1 CD sets) have not seen the light of day in recent years on compilations. The "beautiful "True" and "Tahiti" come to mind.

  45. Roy D'Oliveiro

    I love this piece of Jim's. It brings back lovely memories of our dear parents/relatives and friends, most of whom have departed. So difficult to let go!

  46. Bridget France

    Beautiful song's.

  47. Bridget France

    Beautiful voice Jim Reeves.

  48. paul wheeler

    My first recording of this lovely song .Have been singing Jim Reeves songs for years . He was my idol back in the sixties before he died and still is to this day . What a voice he gave the world. God be with you Jim.

  49. TheAloweWolf

    Cool Song!

  50. Roger Karstensen

    This wonderful song always male me happy:-) Thanks you!

  51. Lawrence Kouju

    This is one of my favorite songs of Jim Reeves. Thank you Joe for sharing

  52. Brady Dog

     Could that guy sing, or what?

    Joe Dayton

    Absolutely the best of all time Desoxyn. Glad you enjoyed this one.

    Brady Dog

       His voice was made for any type of love song. The proof is the many millions of sales even after his passing. Like myself, passed on through generations from parent through their children, his name shall forever pass through time as one of the finest country singers of any era. .

    Joe Dayton

    @Desoxyn Man
    Thanks Desoxyn Man - I'm sure Jim will be around for a long time.  Who knows what the future may hold?  They may be able to produce "virtual" reproductions of the top stars of yesterday and bring them to "life" again.  Anything is possible.


    C'est tres bonne -parfait

    vijay s

    what do you mean.do you sense of music.if u have u wont raise such a doubt

  53. Joe Dayton

    Thanks for the info phoenixking18 - I remember buying the "Vinyl" version of "The International Jim Reeves" album. I can't remember which songs were on it but it had the standard 12 songs all up and Jim was on the cover. He was wearing a brown leather jacket with one foot resting on his suitcase and there was an aeroplane sitting on the tarmac just behind him.

  54. Joe Dayton

    Jim died on the 31st July 1964, so the Norway tour with the Kerr sisters must have been just prior to his death. Needless to say it must have been devastating news for them.

  55. Joe Dayton

    Thanks Geena. Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry I've been off facebook for the past few months. Hope all is well.

  56. Georgina Christodoulou

    Thankyou Joe.

  57. Joe Dayton

    Thanks for the background info. The Anita Kerr singers provide the perfect backdrop for Jim's smooth voice.

  58. Joe Dayton

    Jim and Chet combined beautifully together. They had a special relationship that went beyond music and songs.

  59. Joe Dayton

    Thanks once again Sharon and you too Roy. Great song and great memories to go with it.

  60. Roy D'Oliveiro

    Jim has always been my favourite singer since 1967. This song brings back lovely memories of my parents and so many relatives who brought so much joy in my life.

  61. Joe Dayton

    Thanks Sharon - brings back golden memories - and silver tears...

  62. sharon morrison

    Lovely Song Thanks Great

  63. Joe Dayton

    Hope you have fun Priya - great song to sing or play on an instrument.

  64. Priyantha Meemeduma

    I have made notes of this tune ( by ear ) and am trying to play it by using different rhythms.

  65. Joe Dayton

    Jim at his best. Glad you enjoyed it.

  66. Joe Dayton

    Jim at his wonderful best. Glad you enjoyed it.

  67. carol biggs

    lovely voice

  68. Joe Dayton

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories. Jim will remain in our hearts forever.

  69. Gracelin48

    Had the privilege of visiting with Jim's secretary Joyce last Summer on Jim's birthday. What a treat to visit the home where he and Mary lived and talk with people who knew and loved Jim!!!
    Such Golden Memories, and yes, some silver tears, too!

  70. Joe Dayton

    Thank you. Happy listening. Always a nice day when Jim's doing the singing.

  71. Joe Dayton

    Thanks you. One of my favourites. Glad you enjoyed it.

  72. Joe Dayton

    Thank you. One of my favourites from Jim.

  73. Joe Dayton

    So true - Jim's songs bring back many golden memories.

  74. John Hilder

    I think as you get older, you can really appreciate the music from Jim Reeves. The era that he grew up in produced so many stars, and they like Jims music shall never die.

  75. Joe Dayton

    I agree. Jim Reeve's will always live in the hearts of his many fans.

  76. francis leo


  77. Joe Dayton

    Thank you.

  78. Ilse Annette Christensen

    Absolut beutifull...


  79. Neil Munroe

    As my Mum would always say.....there'll never be another Jim Reeves....just a wonderful, wonderful singer

  80. Joe Dayton

    One of my favourites too. Jim sings this one to perfection. Glad you enjoyed it.

  81. Joe Dayton

    @CountryQueen4Ever - Thanks Ronja and also Geena - glad you enjoyed this great Jim Reeves song and my video presenmtation. To be honest this video was one of my earlier efforts and it could be a lot better. I am working on a new video for this song right now. Stay tuned. I'm sure you'll love it - Joe

  82. CountryQueen4Ever

    Great video.
    I have Jim last concert into my computer, from Njårdhallen in Norway:)
    Thumbs up 5*****
    Thanks to Geena for sending this one to me!

  83. Joe Dayton

    @geena6 - Thanks Geena - Actually this video is one of my earlier efforts and it isn't up to the standard of my more recent videos. I'm re-doing the earlier videos to match the images with the story line of the song. So far I've re-done Blue Side Of Lonesome and there are six other videos including this one that I will re-do. Yes you are right there will never be another Jim Reeves. His voice is just out of this world. Superb. - Joe.

  84. Georgina Christodoulou

    I agree Joe... He was one of a kind. There will NEVER be another JIM Reeves with that irresistable velvet voice....
    A lovely viedo & i sub'd

  85. Joe Dayton

    @geena6 - Thanks Geena - much appreciated. Jim deserves the best videos to accompany his beautiful songs so I try and produce a good video for all his songs. Joe.

  86. Georgina Christodoulou

    One of my Fav;s by the GREAT gentleman Jim..
    Thankyou for a thumbs up 5* upload...... Lovely video.