Jim Jones - My My My Lyrics

N they shootin, I must be on top
(it's clear up here)
We coopin we must be inta trouble,
Some hard type shit that cost a quarter mill a pop
It makes me laugh ha, life is so ironic,
How I would get tha cash I become so iconable
Cop the fast cars that come with the trip tonic panel
I live the life that's filled with the jealousy
Doomed from the start its like we born wit a felony
Wheres the longevity
We in the place where best friends become enemies
And foul nigguhs got the tendency
You gotta watch what you wish for
I hope to god its on a switchboard
When I'm tryin to say a prayer and I'm callin hope you listen lord
See its just my position lord
Gotta me smokin on this blunt while I'm lookin at the sky
Make it rain so I know the doves cry.

Lord do you hear me praying, when I'm lookin at the sky
I hope you can hear what I'm saying
Its like my, my, my
Im not really complaining, but it makes me wanna cry
I know you can see what I'm saying
Its like my, my, my
Its like my, my, my

Cuz god aint cryin when the sky starts to rain
That must u and god in heaven poppin champagne
And speakin of the shams, remember in Miami
You got bent pussy it was your first trip wit me
We was goin hard to many bottles up in free-vay
U was goin crazy wit my Haitian man t-sway
Pass that on the twins I had teesh fer like 3 days
And I cant forget ur b-day
We had dead body tap we was deeper then aye
And now I'm just wishin I could see a nigguh face
And they kill, bang bang, did u get it wit em yet
And its a damn shame because nigguhs still upset
Like chita chala god musta needed y'all
I think about the street dream saw how we were born
But now all I got is the memories of two great soldiers
That are dear friends of me


To tell you both the truth, I aint doin the best
Im tryin to keep a positive mind movin thru the stress
Im tryin to stay afloat, they say I'm doin the most
Im doin way to much I'm playin death to close
Im think bout the thought of goin back to court
For the petty little games I really should avoid
But its the calculator risk on how we make the chip
Realizin if I slip its a bottomless pit
If you'd a filled my shoes, would you walk a mile
Let the media tear you down and turn around and smile
I thank god that I'm alive to see a black president
We screamin yes we can but that wont change the deficit
That aint really even the best of it,
You catch me in the streets I will surly tell you the rest of it


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Jim Jones My My My Comments
  1. Grind Time5x

    This Jim Jones Realest Song and its 2019!! Niggas gotta feel this No Cap!!!


    If you dont feel this fam...
    You can't be real....
    And definetly havent been through real shit.

  3. Marlin Reynolds


  4. hakim burton


  5. Khaled Ali

    We in a place where best friends become enemies 👌true

  6. Incorporated Endeavors

    (Oh) My My My!!!

  7. Jamaal Mulligan

    2019 still ✊🏽✊🏽

  8. K-G ForLifegameing

    Underrated song omg this song help me when it rains and I think about the dead that I loved

  9. Wes Wave

    Who here in 2018

  10. Duraine Carr

    This song keeps me sane!!!🙏🏾😢💪🏾❤️💯🔥

  11. Blessionaire Apperel

    can someone please do this instrumental with hook?

  12. Verdell Council

    Shout out to my loved ones and friends s.i.p.

  13. Racecar 15

    Song still powerful to this day

  14. Andre Bundles

    sssquad🆙 4ever!

  15. Darcell Joseph

    Rip to my bro marky this was our shii. I’d always sing it to him . Wish I could see him Face .

  16. Grind Time5x

    This song got me through some hard times! even tho we pray! sometimes it seems like nothing's getting better. and you ask like is God ignoring me is he hearing me?? 💯

  17. wittafa

    This is a rare song that touch so many it's hard to believe that Jim jones made this..shoutout to Rawana for the hook!! She kills everything she touches

  18. Sunny Daees

    Where the instrumental

  19. alex bob

    rip geez for ever

  20. JayDaArtist

    July Baby Shit........Ea$tside

    Ambition the driven

    I'm a July baby to fam skull and bones wear smell me look out shawty

  21. Cody Perry

    shut helping me through the struggle rite ....i lost my bro 2 years ago ... my my my

  22. nick cleary

    This song helped me make it through Afghanistan....  Some hash and Jim Jones....Life got a little easier


    Feel you tho bruh....


    Wordlife I feel that

  23. Ant Smoove

    Rest Easy Gzzzz.... Squad Up

  24. voutolliC22

    lmao wtf is a rawana

  25. southernfloral

    im homless but oh my my my... dey all c? waattch!!

    Ambition the driven

    me as I hope I can 212 wit u

  26. Filthy2690

    This was the first song i heard from Jim Jones. The song itself actually got me through some really hard times in my life. I was never really a fan til i heard this one.

    Ambition the driven

    it's keeping me a had dis joint back in like 07 it did the same thing got me three in now I'm down agin I'm jamming out to keep me up

  27. Lil Sha

    Somebody Remake This Beat Plzzz ! #ThumbsUp If You Agree !

    Ambition the driven

    Lil Sha
    butt it's cool though

  28. Kavanaugh Wright

    This my shyt blood @jimjonescapo rns you helped me reach a lot of success

    Ambition the driven

    Kavanaugh Wright
    down right I bleed with my gee Jimmy

  29. JohnHali

    How can people say this is bad music,all music has some meaning behind it and this one has a special meaning to Jim jones.

  30. Sean Prem

    R I P STACK$ fuckkk man, we lost a real hard body nigga, M O B forever man..RIOTSQUAD/DIPSET/BYRDGANG ...FREE MAX B ALREADY!

    Ambition the driven

    Solo Ren
    yeah I heard stack on smack dvds dude was crazy then I got up on Jimmy too and he was. screaming rip stack

  31. bun tingz

    flatbush stand the fuck uppp

  32. princeofsouthwest92

    Jimmy Said It Best We In A Place Where Best Friends Become Enemies

  33. asmaril1

    Hootttt! Track is banging!

  34. George Bektas

    Hell ye ma nigga suwoo

  35. mando805music

    I love the beat to this song. I want to sample this one...

  36. Anthony Mota

    Ahh Mann , The Good Die Young R.i.p STACK BUNDLES ' . SQUAAAAAAAAAAAD UP !

  37. Mr Getsu

    from paris nigga
    we know

  38. entaylor gence

    this song always make the hood seem so good to the thugs

  39. usul williams

    oooooooo snap, robotic emergency

  40. SouljYAH

    @elementryballers hell yea ma naga

  41. Jonathan Estrada

    dis song is cold i bein playin for like an hour strayt alredy

  42. Aaron F

    Fuck youtube ads!

  43. jwil757

    Capo spittin that real shit on here

  44. Britt Brown

    real nigga shit.........

  45. Filthy2690

    "we're in a place where bestfriends become enemies"

  46. Alex Bee

    this song is the truth.My man jones is that nigga period.

  47. DJtebo sevilla


  48. VannieYpc


  49. Sky High


  50. Sky High

    ONE Of Myy FAV$ Byy JIM REAl SHIT My My Myy

  51. fsufort06


  52. mannyr88

    got me smokin on this blunt while wishin u was on the block/still supplyin out the rock/ given lessons on your rap/ why you had to get shot?! when u was hot/ flamin on the streets/ aint no1 that can competite/ miss you geez

  53. shitface300

    jim jones dat nigga wild 100s stand up 129 n lenox

  54. Bilal

    jimmy the best shit u ever had :) love it

  55. iReP809

    hood Musicc JIM JONES Killleddd Itt........R.I.P BunDLESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! R.I.P MAX B 75 years aint no Joke thats like death ..........Its Bigger Then RApp!

  56. iReP809

    in this Song* lol mess up

  57. Petey Pob


  58. Bilal


    i agree

    nd Rain KoOoll nd real ToO

  59. Andie Vanegas

    i agree nigguh

  60. unaa16

    ilove this song, friken good as,,

  61. Rae Soprano

    I just got the the hook tatted on my back with a big cross and God hands reachin out! This is my personal prayer...I salute the boy Jimmy Capo for this one! R.I.P Stack Bundles!!!!Squad Up!!!! Stack could of been one of the best to ever do it...

    Eric Corgan

    Stack Bundles aka Rayquon Elliot IS the BEST. Hasn't been an MC or RAPPER to touch Stack yet. If so, NAME EM! ...

  62. seanshields

    to tell you all the truth i aint doing the best im trying to keep a postibve mind moving threw the stress im trying tyo stay afloat they say im doing the most im doing way to much im playing death to close

  63. cookiemonster328

    damm this song is fuckinng sikk

  64. nuskeetskeet

    THIS BEAT IS KNOCKIN..........

  65. gotsteeze92

    Jim snapped on the cd cover tho

  66. gotsteeze92

    Finally he passes tribute to Stacks. its about time


    Rest In Peace Stack we love you from the hood to the burbs...SQSQSQUAAAD UP CHEA!

  68. Bryan

    this is a tribute to stack bundles

  69. seanshields

    this is some real shitttt
    "im trying to stay afloat, im doing th most, im doing way to much im playing with death to close."