Jim Brickman - Valentine Lyrics

If there were no words
No way to speak
I would still hear you
If there were no tears
No way to feel inside
I'd still feel for you

And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my Valentine

All of my life
I have been waiting for
All you give to me
You've opened my eyes
And shown me how to love unselfishly

I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
But in my dreams I couldn't love you more
I will give you my heart
Until the end of time
You're all I need, my love, my Valentine

[piano solo]

And even if the sun refused to shine
Even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart
Until the end of time
'Cause all I need is you, my Valentine
You're all I need, my love, my Valentine

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Jim Brickman Valentine Comments
  1. Kai Kiat Goh

    who’s here before valentines day 2020?

  2. James_Reyes

    my grandfather passed away on 1990 Feb. 14

  3. lan Bao

    Valentine 2020

  4. Sabang BC

    Feb 2020.......

  5. Soedah Heart


  6. Rio Aqui Lam

    Mr.Brickman,just a composer right?coz everytime i heard this song, still waiting for the male part.

  7. Hamserlyn Mateo

    Until now this song so great ....

  8. Katherine Cajulao

    Robin torres is my beautiful sweet Valentine staff also she always make me feel feliz! 😍😍

  9. Jeanina Shant

    I can see Taylor Swift in her! She's so beautiful with wonderful voice!

  10. Jᴏʀᴅɢʜɪᴇ

    SUBSCRIBE? 2020

  11. Lisa Mayfield

    The words "If there were no words, no way to speak I would still hear you.." have become reality for the past 2 years and almost 3 months. There's no way to speak to Dean in Heaven, but I still hear him. He will have always have my heart until the end of time.

  12. John Behneman

    A Classic!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. ReyJ

    I remember looking for the Picture This album. I looked at the pop section and couldn't find it. I asked the employee and he said it's in the New Age section. I didn't know this is considered "New Age" at that time :)

    Jim Brickman Music

    Glad you were able to find it!

  14. Hard Target

    First time i've seen it in music video. . Wow!

  15. lius chan

    Feb/4/2020 valentines is coming here in philipinse (feb/14/2020)

  16. Jnnl Trzr

    Valentine's approaching.....

  17. tand Witz

    Happy Valentine's

  18. Melissa Kerns

    My fiance of 11years being together is my Valentine he sends this to me on Valentine's day bc my birthday is my the 16th so he send me this for valentines day for my birthday as well i be 38 on my birthday

    Jim Brickman Music

    We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Melissa! - Team Brickman

  19. Jonas Lariosa

    Just a single and lonely man listening here.😓

  20. Yustine Yustine

    If there were no words
    no way to speak
    I would still hear you
    If there were no tears
    no way to feel inside
    I'd still feel for you
    and even if the sun refused to shine
    even if romance ran out of rhyme
    you would still have my heart
    until the end of time
    you're all I need, my love, my valentine

    All of my life
    I have been waiting for
    all you give to me
    you've opened my eyes
    and showed me how to love unselfishly

    I've dreamed of this a thousand times before
    but in my dreams I couldn't love you more
    I will give you my heart
    untill the end of time
    you're all I need, my love, my valentine

    and even if the sun refused to shine
    even if romance ran out of rhyme
    you would still have my heart
    until the end of time
    cause all I need is you my valentine
    you're all I need, my love, my valentine


  21. Taka Vams

    I just learned today that Martina McBride is here.😁

  22. jericho cruz

    I feel the pain again whenever I am hearing this song. But then, I am very thankful because this song reminds me how I learned to move on despite the pain I felt, hence, can go and push through with my life. Plot twist: I'm talking about my personal problems in life and not my love story hahaha....

  23. Annamarie Liaz

    To my love.. I will give you my love untill the end of time.. ❤️❤️
    Miss you ddy..

  24. Elmer Pagulong

    It's breaking my heart is anybody listening in 2020.

  25. Cedric Bustillos

    Ma, you are my valentine... in heaven. I miss you very much..

  26. EUphoria CemA

    The best song for Valentine's day..ever created

    Jim Brickman Music

    Thank you!

  27. jomar suan

    Ready 2020 coming my heart

  28. Shawn Eldridge

    It's the year 2020 & I'm still listening to this song. Beautiful song this is.

  29. Ryan Shaun

    RIP Kobe Bryant and all the helicopter crash victims ✝️🏀

  30. Beth Lacaya

    Even if I've been no Valentine for 5 years now, I still and always listen to this song everyday of my life! I'm just dating myself! 😀💖
    Music is life! 🙌

  31. Nansy Sherry

    I got pregnant on this song.I will again

  32. Andre luis Chaves

    Música linda demais !!!
    I AM brasilian, Brasil
    Thank you Martina McBride & Jim Brickman

  33. BoyzInTheHoo

    I cant say I've heard this song before. Somehow I missed it. And now I regret all those decades past not knowing such a beautiful piece! Lovely. Thanks YouTube..

  34. Cassandra Diamond Lavender

    I performed this song at my mothers' wedding, her husband (my stepfather) I did not know well. I remember he thanked me for the music and said he would love for me to teach him how to play. I did not know that would be the last time I would see him alive. I played at his funeral. I am in tears now.

  35. Angel Rivera

    2020. jim brickman is indeed a legend and a master of valentine's day songs. hands down!

  36. Ann Visser

    What a beautiful romantic song and what a beautiful voice! ❤

  37. Senyora Santibañez

    I keep coming back here because this song is very beautiful and timeless. This song is heart warming. I love Martina's voice. She sounds like an angel! This a great collab between Martina and Jim.

  38. Bilberry Story Sketches

    Would You Bee My Valentine Dabbing Rose Flowers T-Shirt

  39. T F

    Anyone listening in 2020? I hope it’s my Valentine. Even though we are not together. The love is so deep. I can’t stop crying 😢

    Jai Thang

    @alea zhaza thank you. Greetings to you too 🥰😘

    alea zhaza

    @Jai Thang hi... may i know you ? Where're you come from ?

    Jai Thang

    alea zhaza I’m From China, living in India. And you?

    alea zhaza

    @Jai Thang i'm from indonesia .. are you have whatsup number.. i wanna know you more closer.. as bestfriend maybe,

    alea zhaza

    @Jai Thang thanks.. i'll save it...

  40. Sarah Beth

    My stepdads bday is right by Valentines Day, the same day as my best friends. My little brothers is right by New Years Day. Mine is Martin Luther King Day and my other brothers is April Fools Day. My childhood best friends bday is Memorial Day. My nieces bday is Labor Day. My stepsons bday is New Years Day. My uncles bday is Presidents Day..my aunts is Arbor Day or some such I forget..etc...


    People say the seasons are special but so are the holidays and there are a lot more holidays than the four seasons.

    My father passed away on Memorial Day. My grandmother passed away on Christmas Eve 2 years to the day before my grandmother. People really can die of broken hearts ya know. What's so sad about is that my Aunt Joy named all her kids Christmas names. Holly. Grace. Noel.

    Independence Day is the bday of my ex who knocked me up.... my brothers baby mommas bday is Christmas Eve Eve Eve.

  41. CarMe TM

    I’m going to his concert here in Honolulu excited

  42. Jessica Rupe

    Bittersweet song for me, but still one of my favorites. I've been married and divorced twice. My first husband recorded this song on a cassette tape for me after we got engaged. Our marriage lasted only 3 1/2 years before our divorce was finalized in 2002. My second husband and I actually got married on Valentine's Day in 2007, and the marriage lasted for 4 years. I no longer look at Valentine's Day the same way. I still have the cassette tape but no longer listen to it, even though I do have a radio with a cassette player.

  43. Katherine Cajulao

    Robin torres our friendship song is Valentine it's remind me thinking about my favorite best staff!💔💔

  44. jeralyn reyes

    Valentine's Day is coming Feb 14 2020 ♥️♥️

  45. Lyssa Ayu

    My Valentine.......still my favorite song in 2020 🥰❤️

  46. Jonathan Cajucom

    Lovable song.heartfelt melody ang lyrics.

  47. amin saadon

    Janna nick nak kahwin..like sikit

  48. Gerry Gowen

    For my wife she is my world Thank you forever and a day

  49. Pannee Tantinukul

    So sweet andbeautiful

  50. Sefanya Mendur

    This song is a legend,and i always love this song because this song make many memory for me and my husband😊

  51. tony keisling

    JIM i am still in awe as to the quality of the thought put into this music.

    Jim Brickman Music

    Thanks so much, that means a lot!

  52. Jessica Linton

    This was mine and my ex husbands song and it hurts to listen to because he told me he wanted a divorce while I played this song.

  53. Beverly Henry

    Kawayne you were my valentine n still is Shugz. You took a piece of my heart with you. I still miss you dearly. Sept 16, 2018. Rip my love, my ❤. Until the end of time i will always cherish you.

  54. Michael Manicad

    I remembered this song when i was on high school it was graduation ball then i asked my crush (since 2012 to present) to dance she was my first dance and if she's gonna be my wife someday i will dance her everyday with this song.

  55. Debbie Chiquita Biddix

    When words fail, music speaks
    While, Actions actually prove.
    Wait, for the one who can actually show all the above.
    Wait, for the one who makes you feel as if you are their world, their everything, their missing piece, the one they were searching for all a long.

  56. Chilanshi Chishimba

    Only one who understands what true love is May listen to these kind of songs. Oh am really enjoying.

  57. Gary val Rodaje

    Jim breakman vs sergio mendez

  58. Stew L

    I've b . People

  59. Robert Nordahl

    So nice song👍

  60. Stew L

    Plea d for . If l me .

  61. almira wang

    The last scene in this clip is the same with I do every time I visit my husband's grave; laying a single red rose on his grave. Valentine next year would be the first one without you, my love, but you will still be my Valentine. I could only imagine you would be playing this song with your guitar for me. You would still have my heart until the end of time. You've opened my eyes and shown me how to love unselfishly

    Jim Brickman Music

    So sorry for your loss ❤️

    almira wang

    @Jim Brickman Music thank you for your kind words. Your song will always be my favourite <3

  62. Sherene Chen

    You are my one and only Valentine, John L.
    l love you!

  63. Beatrix Joselyn El Tito

    almost 2020 but still here, "... you (this song) would still have my heart until the end of time..."

  64. Carley Frazee

    This was my wedding song as well. Our marriage did not last but I still love the song.

  65. My Day with Wheng

    I like this song. If ever i will got engage I will make a video and the background music is this lol.
    But it's 2019 going to finish still no one propose lol.. Hope 2020.lol..if not hope 2021 and so on. Hahahaha

  66. Carla A

    This song I have always loved to listen to...

  67. Choong Smith

    The.most beautiful song ever!

  68. Rhieo-Tek Dvan Psibaras


  69. Jessieca Orcino

    2019 still loving this song

  70. William Bjork

    I hope your coping ok ginger. I'm sorry I didn't talk to you outside floral fantasy I still miss Josh say hi to Dan. I no longer live around you.

  71. Lynn Nast

    After 25 yrs Love of my life passed 10 yrs next month 12/19/2009. Still All my love until the end of time. My only Valentine.. Always and Forever..

    Jim Brickman Music

    So sorry for your loss, it's wonderful that you found a love to last to the end of time and it continues on. 🙏 - Team Brickman

  72. Tove Michau

    "Se non ci fossero lacrime, non c'è modo di sentirsi dentro ..... Ti sentirei ancora!" "Amore mio, san valentino!"

  73. Jake Jake Ponggo

    Who will be my Valentines love hope to find it,so tired for being lonely.

  74. Don F

    Such a beautfiul love song. Got to see Jim Brickman perform this many years ago in Atlanta. I don't recall who sang it that night but a great concert none the less.

    Jim Brickman Music

    So glad you love this song, was it Anne Cochran who sang it live, perhaps? - Team Brickman

    Don F

    @Jim Brickman Music I don't recall if it was Anne or not. It was your perfomance at the Ferst Center at Georgia Tech in the late 90' I believe. My wife and love your music. The world needs more beautiful love songs like yours, (we love "The Gift" by the way) as opposed to most of the "noise" and techno pop music in the market.

  75. John Sorley

    I have never ever had a woman feel this way about me. No matter how hard I try, or how hard I pray........

    yester day

    Odds are...whether you've known it or not, that's probably not true. With all the hundreds of women who have probably crossed your path by now (including the ones you have known and not known)....throughout your entire lifetime, the chances are at least one of them has thought more of you than you realized. Try looking at the lack of a woman in your life as an opportunity to search for someone who will actually be transparent enough to give you the green light to pursue her. Keep praying. You wouldn't have been happy if the wrong person were dropped in your path repeatedly. Just keep praying that the right one does get dropped right in front of you.

  76. Dewanto Wijaya

    My Favourite Song.....

  77. Kelly Keathley

    LOVE this song

  78. Blair Cathrine

    Wow! I didn’t know Kris Jenner could sing 😲

  79. Valerie Tabilo

    Only one person reminds me of this song, it will always be my love, my valentine 💕

  80. honeylattae

    Timeless ❤️ Still listening to this in Sept. 2019 coz it's my parents' song i love it so much

  81. Malsawmtluangi Jr

    Anyone 2019..

  82. Robin Rainnier Yim


  83. Joseph Bawlte

    In which this video was made?

  84. Gulis Siswanto

    September 2019 and its stil"My Valentine".

  85. k1r1n07

    2019, now i just prepared for next year

  86. Douglas Arena

    guy or not this song makes me cry

  87. Fachry Gaming

    My Love...My Valentine... My Wife

  88. evans juju

    I believe one day we'll meet again Jeff hasnan

  89. E Smith

    The ending suggests that the Valentine is dead. The line "I've dreamed of this a thousand times before and in my heart I couldn't love you more". Dreamed of what? It made sense with the Valentine not being dead. Was this song written for a deceased person?

    yester day

    E Smith
    I think....the vibe is supposed to be that the ability to love someone doesn't end when they are not able to be with you.....but is beyond beautiful when they're present.

  90. Bian Putro26

    09092089💞💞💞..... Setelah 30 Th Berllu Lgu Ini mmbuatku Sellu Ingat Dengan Ya..... Thanks ... The Best Favorit Song😍😍😍

    Bian Putro26

    @insulajner1337 💞💞💞

  91. Shaz Kingdom

    2019 ~ When I was missing the One I Love, I looked for this song
    a week ago, because my heart just told me so ~
    then it just hit me...

    "...if there were no words
    no way to speak
    I would still hear you
    If there were no tears
    no way to feel inside
    I'd still feel for you

    and even if the sun refused to shine
    even if romance ran out of rhyme
    you would still have my heart
    until the end of time
    you're all I need, my love, my Valentine..."
    ~ My heart really knows ~ 👑 💐 💓

    yester day

    Shaz Flicks
    It's beyond....deep....

  92. mdviner

    Such an amazing song. I surprized my husband with this at our wedding. <3

  93. ʚ jade ɞ

    this is my parents' wedding song 🥺

    Jim Brickman Music

    That's so wonderful, thanks so much for letting us know! - Team Brickman

  94. devia matota

    Saya suka lagu ini sejak masih SMP... salam dari Indonesia

  95. Cindy Jones

    Beautiful wedding song

  96. Peter Macias

    Love between a man and a woman. That's how it should be.

  97. Shing TV

    This song is TIMELESS.
    It shows about LOVE.