Jhene Aiko - Higher Lyrics

I will get you higher (higher)
My love will get you high

[Verse 1]
Break me down
Roll me up
Boy I can be your pipe dream
Make you feel alright do the right thing
Set my soul on fire
Let me in and I will take you way up there yea
Put it in the air,Blow me in the air

I will get you higher (higher)
My love will get you high

[Verse 2]
Take a hit of this and then tell me how you feel
(Tell me how it good feels)
When you cant get rid of it then
That's how you know its real
I'm for real oh I will

Roll it up,
Roll, roll, roll it up, roll it up
Light it up, light it up oohhh oohh oohhhh
Roll it it, roll, roll, roll it up
Smoke it up til your high

I will get you higher (higher)
My love will get you high

No stems, no sticks, no seeds its just you and me
On this cloud and we don't ever have to come down now
We are so faded going to places beyond the sun
Love is the drug that gets me high

Roll it up,
Roll, roll, roll it up, roll it up
Light it up, light it up oohhh oohh oohhhh
Roll it it, roll, roll, roll it up
Smoke it up til your high

I will get you higher (higher)
My love will get you high

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Jhene Aiko Higher Comments
  1. Breana Macartney

    2020 💨💕💕

  2. Marcy


  3. Ade Allen

    This song just saved my life I love #jheneaiko

  4. a monet08

    After midnight and this song is all in my head 🔥🔥🔥#onlygoodvibeztonight

  5. Siqalo Dlaminii

    2019 Bitchhhhhhhh !
    i just rembered this and oh man

  6. Phaedra Peters

    🎼Fall 2019 ❣️


    Im smoking listenin 2 dis rn himilaya high -!!!!!

  8. Jasmine Alexandra

    Omfg I haven’t heard this song in so long

  9. Rose Monroe

    I still love this song ❤️

  10. TatyyTalkss

    Still here from my junior year in college to my freshman year in hs

  11. Radiant Glow97

    Everything she creates and does is pure FIREEEEEEEEE!!!!

  12. blue side xxx

    ahh the nostalgia is strong here. all these memories and feelings make this song all the more priceless ❤

  13. Esha Brown

    Love this song! I will get you higher.. 😜

  14. Velly Bear

    2019 and this song still hit.

  15. lexii pepsii

    Who still listening in June 2019? I still smoke to this song.

  16. Ariel Cylier

    2019 🥰💯

  17. Purp Hummus

    Who here 2019???

  18. Lion Heart

    This got me through a full 8 hours of a bad acip trip by replaying it over and over.

  19. B Smith

    still jamming in 2019

  20. RaiBaby Love

    Well I’m here at 2019 I can’t find this song on Apple Music

  21. YourzTruely, Anastasia

    Why they take this off tidal ?

  22. Rodney H

    This song made me fall in love with her❤️

  23. Ashley Gibson

    I need to be on a beach listening to this beautiful song right now. I can feel it ❤️that Pisces shit. 💙

  24. Nicole Wilson

    So why isn’t this on Apple Music??🙄😐

  25. Iam Domoo

    Like if it’s 2018 and stilll listening even though she’ll never get old neither will this song

  26. Shawn Lilo

    My favourite Jhene song

  27. Dajana Knight

    Been listening to this since I was 14 .. im 21 now and STILL LOVE IT ‼️♥️

  28. Jaylene Algarin

    2018 still listen to this daily

  29. Diarmid Thomson

    Kendrick Lamar - Fear?

  30. Gay Doll

    She makes me wanna smoke when I don't even smoke anymore ♥ 😂

  31. Ndemene Lewis


  32. Keisha Jay

    this beat reminds me of P.Diddy After Love song

  33. Kia & Kai Show

    Can never get old to me luv her pretty music

  34. NINA

    her voice is heaven

  35. imaphoenix

    reminds me strangely of michelle chang.

  36. Mantis Finneroll

    Still playing in 2018

  37. gina gina

    Favorite song i use to get hight to

  38. Akeria Nicole

    I used to listen to this all the time omg.

  39. Christine Chiem

    Beautiful voice baby girl.

  40. lildolla23

    If mary jane could talk this is what she'd say, ".........

  41. Clara Estefanie ‘


  42. Mary Njoku


  43. Mia Jackson

    this song is koo 😋😋

  44. Fred

    who else remembers a good fkn time with this song. where were you when this song came out?

  45. Baby Cakes

    this sis my favor

  46. Kayshawn Simmons

    still my ish in 2017

  47. Sherif Lotfy

    what a great vibe

  48. xx_Realeyez88_

    jhene your music will never be old in my soul

  49. Bernice Harris

    her music makes me feel good all over..🍷

  50. angique hines

    I swear its like you live in my eyes, soul, heart...........

  51. Boujiee Kaylonnii

    Omg I miss this song ❤️

  52. Travis Luck

    Soon as the beat drop yu just knoe another one of her songs with nothing but pure good vibes #Aiko

  53. Janeisa Walker

    Love is the drug that gets me hiiigggghhh! 💙

  54. Monae Love

    I remember this

  55. Li Lo

    this song takes me back to spring break 2012... aaahhhh such bliss!

  56. arosedolce


  57. reala miller

    I can definitely vibe to this joint!!!

  58. Yiaunna Wallace

    this song is perfection, happened to walk in on her playing it live at the high road tour and I will never forget it ❤

  59. Dzire McNeal

    I will get you higher
    my love will get you high...eye

  60. MozaikGem

    was anybody else waiting on lil wayne when u headd the lighter strike?

    Captain America

    Lol I was

    Erica Jackson

    I was too. Lol

  61. MozaikGem

    was anybody else waiting on lil wayne when u headd the lighter strike?

  62. Diamond Session

    Jhene Aiko is fearless!

  63. Christena Pearson

    Yes mam

  64. Mary Kanoun

    perfect song to make out to while you're both high

  65. Regan Wade

    I love this song

  66. Iasia Nelson

    my go to song when I'm high

  67. Leah Shagun

    set my soul on fire, let me in and i will take you way up there yea, put it in the air blow me in the air😇😈

  68. Beauty inthedark

    this song will never get old..still fadin and rockin👍✌

  69. Lunnia H

    No one can say "I miss the old Jhene" because she just doesn't go bad.

    Martika Nikkole Taylor

    Min Luna

    Manisha H.

    True. However I feel Luke her "old" songs were darker and more laid back tho

    Tiffany Drew

    Luna - damn so true

    Prince Hema

    True story

  70. Toni Vilomar

    still my old time favorite

  71. EXIGA Irène

    ok j'ai fais le premier attentat sucide mais je cours a la fnac? carpe diem sur la corde raide?

  72. Peardrops Smith

    One of those songs when u listen too when your high and in love❤️ Painfully amazing ❤️

    Victor Salazar

    Peardrops Smith

  73. msgucci103

    Jhené Aiko-Modern day Sadé
    Miguel-Modern day Prince
    The Weeknd-Modern day Michael Jackson

    Kendrick Lamar-A complete Revolutionary...he's making cats switch their flow up

    Shameta Nicole

    I agree


    Sorry no one is Sade 💯


    or theyre just their own person ??

    Bessie Stake

    Bruno Mars- Modern Day Micheal Jackson*

  74. Brent Schwartz

    The background vocals at 2:12 are heavenly

    Alex Campbell

    I always play that part


    Brent Schwartz I know right


    That run is sick and she did it effortlessly

  75. moonstruck88

    this song is so addicting!

  76. Shyann Howard

    this song sounds good 😊

  77. Diva Jay

    I been listening to her since black planet days back in 2002 I'm so glad she finally getting her chance yes

  78. Tyler Wong

    Best song

  79. Debbie Tesfaye

    I remember when this first came out

  80. Mac Wood

    who down votes this song?...(300)...

  81. Choden P&F

    this the ish

  82. メラニー

    first song that i listened to from her <3

    Janaja Palao

    I'm entitled saaamee been hook ever since

  83. Shareika Stewart

    you go girl my niece always be listing to your songs shaquita Shanna Stewart

  84. T LS

    been a fan since these days 😎

    Jaren C

    ✊🏽 Same.

    Ggirl E

    Same, same

  85. Quincy Johnson

    jhene aiko. ..if you here me out there your so gorgeously beautiful in this music career ...so much much. from Quincy Johnson

  86. Day2thec C

    one of my fave songs love this album the most better than any song she has now on the radio

  87. Insanely Mindless

    My song

  88. Wrist Game

    I love listening to this when im high

  89. Cakee.x3


  90. Keyirah W

    The first song I heard from her! This was like 2012 now I had to come and listen again lol

  91. mish 21

    my love will get you high

  92. Buda Boco

    Does any one know what rap song had this same hook in it I use to have it an it's driving me crazy

    Mary delgado

    I think theres an app you can download for ur phone that tells you what song it is by playing the song

    Centum Productions

    @Buda Boco Tried to look for it, no luck doe. Let me know if you find it!!

    Naveed Ahmed

    @Buda Boco the song with the sampled hook is 'Philthy Rich - Light Up' hope that helped.

    Marvin James

    le$ -higher