Jethro Tull - The Waking Edge Lyrics

As I wake up in a room somewhere...
dawn light not yet showing.
There's just a thin horizon between me and her...
the edge of a half-dream glowing.

Well, you know, I felt her in my dream last night.
Strange how the sheets are warm beside me.
Now, how do I catch the waking edge?
As it slips to the far and wide of me.

Didn't I try to hold it down?
Freeze on the picture, hang sharp on the sound.
Catch the waking edge
another time.

Familiar shadows in my hotel room
are still here for the taking.
They seem to linger on as the street lights fade
and the empty dawn is breaking.

Private movie showing in my head...
which button do I press for re-run?
And how do I catch the waking edge?
The edge of a dream about someone.

Well, you know, I felt her in my dream last night...
now the sheets are cold beside me.

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Jethro Tull The Waking Edge Comments
  1. adamdabs


  2. Ray Edwards

    Love this song. Wasn’t on my original vinyl.....great version also on the Martin Barre Band 50 years of JT CD. Vocals by John Carter with Martin and the MLB Band. Check it out if you can. Hauntingly beautiful

  3. Andrea Calzoni

    Probably one of the... let's say "less captivating" songs by Jethro Tull

    R M

    This may well be, and even though he 'denied' acceptance to the Ohio R&R hall of shame, it only shows how great of a musician this man/group is. Leave the man alone while recovering from throat surgery, and he'll produce the best thing made that year. Well deserving of a Grammy!

  4. twitchyourwhiskers

    This song tears me up. I had a lovely dream the other night and woke up and was able to slip back into the same dream when I fell back to sleep, 4 or 5 times.

  5. Admin The Park APP

    this is why JT won a Grammy

    Scott Zaccagnini

    You mean took away Metallic's Grammy.  Not JT's fault that they were put in the wrong category though.


    @Scott Zaccagnini The album had some great hard rock so it justly won that Grammy.