Jethro Tull - Kissing Willie Lyrics

Breaking hearts in a market town. She eats filet of sole
and washes it down with sparkling wine.
Nice girl, but a bad girl's better. Qualifies in both ways
to my mind. But now she's kissing Willie.

She shows a leg --- shows it damn well. Knows how to drive a man
right back to being a child.
Well, she's a --- nice girl, but her bad girl's better. I can read
it in her cheating eyes and know that in a while --- Well,
she'll be kissing Willie. (My best friend, Willie.)

Willie stands and Willie falls. Willie bangs his head
behind grey factory walls.
She's a --- nice girl, but her bad girl's better. Me and Willie
just can't help come, when she calls.
Now she's kissing Willie. (My best friend, Willie.)

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Jethro Tull Kissing Willie Comments
  1. Sharon Constable

    I still like this song, but never saw the (anachronistic) video until now. A better setting might have been an actual 20th century factory town in a northern European city. Anderson's lyric has more sophistication than this farcical Baroque romp would imply.

  2. Freddy Cellophane

    Erratic AND Erotic!

  3. Hello Skinny

    Ok. I didn't know until now that Willie is a penis...

  4. Tiziana Ferreri

    "Banned on the BBC & MTV " While Nicky Minaj's videos shows a better taste?

  5. Magnoler Riccardo

    I had not seen this video since I was 13 ... youtube power!

  6. Ichnusia

    Two persons are kissing willies 😂

  7. Markku Koljonen

    Jep! :D Tinja&Markku

  8. john surabian

    Love It!

  9. Peter Leeson

    Great song and riff. The video is hardly in bad taste , just a bit of fun.

  10. Robert Middlemiss

    Such an obvious and terrible joke, accompanied by a video that even Ian Anderson said was regrettable. But damn, you can't help but like the song, and even the video has its moments. Banned on the BBC & MTV as well, I love how Ian can be so scholarly, sophisticated and classy, yet be so perverse & silly! The director wanted a Benny Hill kind of idea apparently. A nice spoof of the "Dangerous Liaisons" film. From the album "Rock Island" released in 1989.

    Marco Deo

    I liked the video until the last scene. flute in between legs, just bad

  11. Jeff Harris

    cant believe I never saw this video before...hahaha! Love Tull's humor, and music too.


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