Jesus Culture - Glory Come Down Lyrics

My heart is in Your hands
Keep me closer
In my life I make a stand
To follow You only

Every Word that You speak will stand forever
So speak now to me
I'm waiting here for You

Open the heavens
Let Your glory come down
My heart burns for You, Jesus
For Your presence, for Your holy fire

And consume me with Your fire
And all my desire burn for You, burn for You

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Jesus Culture Glory Come Down Comments
  1. Chilufya Nkoloma

    Thank you Jesus, i've been Searching for this song for a year now! I told myself l must find it today and l did. Thank you Lord for the new Job appointment thank you Jesus🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. asanda peter

    Open the heavens,let your glory come down#feeling blessed

  3. Samantha Titus

    A welcome arrow through my heart, how I love this song

  4. FoxFilmes100

    God Bless His people in all the World. Lovely music, lovely God! From Brazil!!

  5. Joao Muianga

    Let you Glory come down.. Thanks God for you holy spirit

  6. David Wachira

    My heart burns for you Jesus...Amen!!!

  7. JanouxG Music

    Ive just uploaded a cover of this song on my channel! Would be great if people could come check it out :) any advice would be amazing!

  8. Nakeda Johnson

    My anthem...I love this song.

  9. Mary Ann Prinsloo

    Great song

  10. Danny Velez

    this song always touches my heart .. the words are so powerful .. your Grace is sufficient Jesus

  11. Riaan Nel

    so gorgeous you Jesus

  12. massimo6791

    Es la produccion en DVD de Jesus Culture del 2012?

    Karinna Segura Boggie

    massimo6791 sí, del 2012 :)

  13. Alexandra P

    wahsssss I ♥ JESUS =)