JessB - Set It Off Lyrics

Set it off on em, yeah we're bout to set it right
I've been laying low with it, but I'm about to strike
The future's too on, yeah the future's too bright
We're about to set it off, bitch, call it dynamite

They put us out of sight, yeah, and then they dilute the truth
I've been feeling really lost since my last baby tooth
The two bloodlines, (ooh), get your shit confused
I've been tryna run away since I could tie my shoes

Ears stay to the streets, feeling hungry, gotta eat
But the food that they've been feeding us is the start of our defeat
I woke up from my sleep; they've got chains up on our feet
We're all slaves to the system, that's no matter how discreet

I push on for my people, I'm a pillar, I'm not feeble
And you cannot kill my spirit, flying free, I am an eagle
Equal- I don't know? Man this shit subliminal
Had me feeling criminal, had me feeling pitiful

I ain't never been the same, no I ain't your typical
But I'm here and proud me, and well that's the miracle
I keep climbing past these lyrics, climbing to the pinnacle
But I'm here and proud me, and well that's the miracle

We set it off on em, yeah we bout to set it off
We set it off on em, yeah we bout to set it off
We going hard on em, nah we never going soft
We set it off on em, yeah we bout to set it off

Now I'm on my journey and I walk my A-Z
And I cannot change your mind, but at least my mind is free
Running laps like it ain't nothing, I'm a cold MC
I wear my story everyday - they're just all wannabes

I wipe these tears up for my sister, can you see?
We been gold, our souls glimmer, now I told you, can you see?
Melanin runs deep, now I'm just hoping you can see
That there's a queen up in the mirror, getting clearer, can you see?

Now tell me, what you wanna do?
We a product of the man, but how you act is on you
If you wanna run with me, get in formation - 1, 2
We gonna keep knocking on doors until we finally push through

Yeah, that my tried and true, we just tryna rendezvous
I'm jut tryna follow through, live my dreams like déjà vu
And I told you I was cold, I am the shit, this overdue
And if you cannot see by now, well then you better change your view!

We set it off on em, yeah we bout to set it off
We set it off on em, yeah we bout to set it off
We going hard on em, nah we never going soft
We set it off on em, yeah we bout to set it off

We set it off on em, yeah we bout to set it off
We set it off on em, yeah we bout to set it off
We going hard on em, nah we never going soft
We set it off on em, yeah we bout to set it off

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JessB Set It Off Comments
  1. roz marlz

    Fuck yeh
    #2019 + ❤️

  2. West Side

    not tha tranny/man in a dress & makeup in tha video ones 🤮 mad talent tho jesse b, u go hard

  3. Teba

    Is the person with pink hair a boy

  4. Joanne Tolson

    ✌🏿️Li can flow

  5. Felicia Johnson

    😍😍😍😍 This song!

  6. Temba Mutalala


  7. mp mc

    She look aboriginal Australian daam..

  8. 林映萱


  9. grilly mcbillz

    that was my intermediate school royal oak

  10. Roberta Awhikau

    JessB if fir...... DAMN

  11. Qwick Vids


  12. DJstickyfingazNZ

    I fax with this ish!!!

  13. Gaby Manu

    MY HOUSE IS FAMOUS!! Its in the background omg WHAT

  14. Lady Delicious

    This is my jam right now!

  15. BOLTZ 2015

    I am her cuzon


    Watching VMA awards. You're what is missing in New Zealand music. Set it off beat and flow was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 SOLIIID!!!

  17. Jerry Kaukau


  18. fuck you

    Please listen to this version of this song.

  19. SDubHiteer R

    Mean song, mean clip. Needs more exposure, CMON NZ MUSIC SPONSERSHIP!!!!

  20. Tommy Gun

    Trash asf, jes moi b tryna sound like a man. Almost puked at those disturbing tranniez, stay on k rd bridge with the rest of the tranniez wea uz belong

  21. AK DOV

    Where the Sza feature @ ??? 🖒😅

  22. Moji Delano


  23. Lisa Waldner

    Yes! so much yes!

  24. Martz King

    Real✊ S.A

  25. Mabel

    but Madeline Sami as a netball coach 😂😂😂😂😂 im all for it

  26. Mabel

    ayyyyyy royal oak intermediate

    AK DOV

    Mabel 😂😂

  27. KraceeSteez

    Chick with the dreads fine doe....don’t mind me 😂☺️

  28. Teresa Reams

    Meant to say I just heard this on Basketball Wives & I f'kn love it. New fan, New sub

    Teresa Reams

    To add to this, I'm sorry the middle of watching BBW but stopped when this song came on so I can see who wrote/sing this HIT!!! Haven't finished watching BBW yet.

  29. Teresa Reams

    Love the different styles of dancing, especially the Vogue.😘😘

  30. Unapologetic Melanin

    Just heard this on basketball wives #InstantFan

    Toussaint Lewis

    Unapologetic Melanin same lol

  31. James Brownlee

    You a bad ass ❤️

  32. Tiffany Haami-Jones

    You're dope JessB!

    Layla Rodriguez

    Hi im cousins with jess b we are 3rd cousins

  33. Tim Kruse

    fuck me.. this is fire!!

  34. Cluupsy

    Honestly lame an nasty

  35. Cluupsy

    Wtf how disgusting

  36. Amiria H

    snatch my fucking wig kotiro, this is a fucking bop!!

  37. 21fatdrops

    This is so original! Fire!!!! Puttin us back n the MAP #NZ

  38. Erroll Kauwhata

    Damn. I am listening.

  39. marlena heti

    Yesss fkn love this

  40. Taipari Waaka

    Wahine Toa. Love it #respect

  41. S.F.T


  42. Moana-Lee Solomon

    I'm late but YASSSSS SET IT OFFF WĀHINE MĀ 🔥🔥🔥

  43. Pia Davis

    I'm absolutely here for CHLOE SWARBRICK 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  44. Stacececey

    Came for kris foxuah 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Bridget Acton

    Kris Foxuah

  46. carolina


  47. AT5

    Kris Fox 😍❤️

  48. Reina Sutton

    Big ups to the sis, JessB!! Fucking o 4 Awesome <3

    Layla Rodriguez

    Hi jessB Is my 3rd cousin

  49. Miff


  50. Jade Elizabeth

    Obsessed with this 💗

  51. Natalie Maria

    Ohhhh yupppp this is the stuff.

  52. Metals07

    Leah & Kris, yaaassss!

  53. Leilani Laupua

    fuck yes 😧🙌

  54. Giulia Romanó

    this is also very very good. well done! I will recommend it to my friends. -g n g

  55. Rebecca Ryan

    Damnnn, what beautiful creative minds. I am literally speechless. This has just set the standard so high for NZ music. So much love.

    AK DOV

    Rebecca Ryan a great song 🖒

    jonathan wise

    Rebecca 😂😂😂😂 fuck outta here with that bullshit comment, high standard my arse

  56. Ella Parker

    This video made my day, and the song is about to make my weekend ✨

  57. fairmandem


  58. Jessica Skellern

    YASSS so bloody good!

  59. Jessica Skellern

    YASSS so bloody good!

  60. Aho Jordan

    I love this!!! Peep Chloe Swarbrick hehe the female politicians of this generation are slaying. All the queens in here are slaying!

  61. Rei Music

    Ok that pink short haired person KILLED it! Dope mahi Jess 👊🏽

  62. Dominique Curtis

    Absolutely love the video.

  63. Sean BARnes


  64. Atina Poloie


  65. Tia Sagapolutele

    WE DID THAT!!!! UP THE WAHINE. so proud of you sis! 😍😍😍😍

    Layla Rodriguez

    Hi I'm Cousions with jess b she's my 3rd cousion

  66. Danielle Wanoa

    Ugh 🔥

  67. Richard Anderson

    cool vid :)

  68. Karla Moon

    Set Friday off with this EPIC Jam QUEEN!! yusssssssss...

  69. Hannah Williams


  70. Louise Chandler

    absolutely amazing! I can't stop watching. hell yes jess b!!!

  71. Kris Fox


  72. Danielle Pearce


  73. Ending HIV NZ

    This is incredible! <3

  74. Cherhys Aipolani-Williams

    Wahine toa!