Jerry Lee Lewis - You Win Again Lyrics

The news is out all over town
That you've been seen out runnin' around
I know that I should leave, but then
I just can't go,
You win again

This heart of mine could never see
What everybody knows but me
Just trusting in you was my great sin
What can I do?
You Win Again

Yes this heart of mine could never see
What everybody knows but me
Just trusting you was my great sin
What can I do?
You Win Again

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Jerry Lee Lewis You Win Again Comments
  1. YanaYakusya

    No doubt, he's the best. I'm Russian, I knew him recently. My yourth in SU was poor without him.

  2. paulvmunix

    That piano sounds awesome

  3. Alan Scott

    The Man is an Entertainer

  4. Pete Turner

    IMHO, Jerry Lee is the BEST interpreter of Hank Williams Music I have ever heard

  5. Linda Martin

    Great Video takes .isten💯❤️🌹🔥🔥🔥💋🌺🧸♥️💋🔥💥☄️🍓🍇🍷🍷🥃

  6. Linda Martin

    Love the Killer🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😆💯💯💯💯💯💯💋♥️



  8. Bryce Walton's Photography

    The Killer Rocks on..

  9. Trooper Bias

    What under rated talent this man has especially on the piano. Years back had a fellow trooper stop a motor vehicle for a traffic infraction and discovered one of the back passengers happen to be Jerry Lee Lewis. He managed to get an autograph of which is hanging in the lobby of the detachment. He told of what a super nice experience it ended being. No summons were issued

  10. Billy Linebarger


  11. Daniel Stetin


  12. prplepwr1995

    Play that shit Ol Killa!!

  13. Nadine Jackson

    A peak moment in his career. Music runs in the family - Cousins Mickey Gilley & Jimmy Swaggert all play piano.

  14. Lionel Ducote

    I gave it away, so I didn't have to it to lose.

  15. Lionel Ducote

    I gave it away. So I didn't have to lose it. You know it felt better being generous than taken and end up in the same place.

  16. packingten

    Act IV corner of screen outlaw channel.around 1998??



  18. Audrey King

    Good singer

  19. John Jackson

    Thnks jerry said you only needed three songwriters&performers Hank/Jimmy Rodgers&Al Jolson forget the rest!

  20. Jeff o

    You mean he Killed it Ha Ha

  21. Jeff o

    He is one of the masters

  22. Jeff o

    Some good Rocka billy

  23. Shawn Mollett aka TWELVEPOLES


  24. Joe Scott

    He's such a natural. "Playing" is such an appropriate word for what he's doing with that piano. Like Victor Borge, he plays with a sense of humor and, like Billy Joel, he's got the music in his hands.

  25. Hayward Smith

    What a God given talent and knew how to entertain his audiences  from start to finish. Very  very  talented singer

  26. Robert M. Trolinder

    Wow,it's been 40 years already? The time just goes by way too fast!❤

  27. GS Sheriff

    Great original rock and country voice, the killer

  28. Robert Rainey

    Cigarettes, whiskey and Jerry Lee life is good.

  29. Lee Lawson

    Jimmy s. Better

  30. patsnation# 12

    I love it how he says his name in all the songs he sings...

  31. Andre Burdyn

    Jerry Lee Got er done!! period

  32. Shawn Jones

    Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (1977 to say 1983 or so) I took piano lessons. Never did do much lol but always wanted to learn to play like Jerry Lee and his cousin Mickey Gilley. Those two can flat out bring it. I watch them and think they must have two extra fingers on each hand or something. Lordy. I love to watch them play.

  33. bluenote824 jones

    The greatest piano but check out piano red

  34. Vikki Tucker

    Love his music

  35. ROY bean

    hillbilly to the bone no sound like it, Jerry Lee original

  36. Marlon von Ratibor

    Jerry Lee made a masterpiece out of this song! He is in the top five greatest icons in entertainment history!

  37. bluenote824 jones

    Great piano but check out piano red

  38. Robert Watts

    Happy Birthday killer, 84 and still rocking.

  39. D D

    What fantastic piano playing just excellent killer

  40. vvv vvv

    THE Killer - Ol Jerry Lee.

  41. Tony Hawkes

    The King...

  42. Brenda Lance

    Act 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  43. Thomas Hall

    Last man standing who withstood it all...

  44. Suzi Wil

    Only Jerry Lee could pull this off. RICKIN..

  45. Lutian Murphy

    The Killer...enough said !!

  46. Doug Wilsin

    Watched this episode of pop goes the country when I was ,6 years old

  47. Robert Nieten

    What a beautiful song and a great lesson. You can't make someone love you if they don't ,no matter how sweet you are to them. I know of no greater pain in life than loving someone that doesn't love you.

  48. B. W. Starkey

    Elvis is still ALIVE !!

    That was NOT Elvis in that casket ! It was a Wax Dummy !
    That is what was in the 900 lb Copper Casket along with a
    portable AC unit to keep the Wax from melting.
    Everyone that observed the '' body '' in the coffin noticed that the forehead had '' beads of moisture ''
    Gene Smith, Elvis's 1st cousin, said that the Sideburns had been glued on and kept coming loose! And Gene also stated that one could feel the ''chilled air'' all around the casket that was coming from a cooling unit within the coffin. When Gene asked Vernon where Elvis was , Vernon replied , '' He's safe, Don't worry ,He's Upstairs. We had to put something on display for the fans ! '' ELVIS did NOT Die on August 16, 1977 ! NO ONE is actually buried there at the Meditation Garden in back of the Mansion. That's just for the Fans and the Tourists. All of Elvis' family members that have done passed on are buried somewhere else in a undisclosed Private Cemetery and ELVIS IS Very Much STILL ALIVE ! He never really stopped making his music ! He has been recording and making music all this time . He just can''t release any of his songs using his real name anymore because of EPE,Inc . He has been using different alias ever since . Elvis Aron Presley is sometimes Jon Burrows and several other various ''alias''. He staged and faked his death with the help and knowledge of Col. Tom Parker, Dr. '' Nick '' , Joe Esposito , and the FBI by doing a '' Body Swap '' with a Terminal Bone Cancer patient Roscoe Scott Holloway of Germantown, TN

    of whom Dr. Nichopolous had located. After some minor cosmetic surgery they made Roscoe Scott Holloway look like Elvis,
    a ''double'' which fooled the Paramedics , the hospital personnel and most family members. Elvis, aka Jon Burrows, was a U.S. Special Federal Agent that worked undercover in various '' sting operations '' against known members of the SDS Weathermen Underground Terrorist Group. The SDS Weather Underground Terrorist Group was responsible for numerous multiple bombings of Police Departments ,

    Federal and State Court Houses and other public buildings during the 1960's and 1970's.
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    Elvis Presley ….. Is Alive!!!

  49. Lonnie Beavers

    Amen !!

  50. David Doyle

    Most people don't know the many sides of Jerry Lee's talent,, including his study and interpretation of Hank Williams music,,,,Jerry Lee was a "disciple" of Williams music,,Jerry Lee was not just some mad man banging on a "pianer" ,,,Jerry was and is a MUSICIAN and a scholar of American Popular Music ,,,new and old.

  51. Roland0554

    Keith... youtube. com/watch?v=Zrn-OAl3tos

  52. Roland0554

    A Stones version.... youtube. com/watch?v=SAO_nN-kDIw

  53. Wayne Foss

    Jerry Lee...that is all.

  54. Diana Lynn

    Love the Killer!!🎹🎙❤ This ol heart of mine😙

  55. Ronald Pevahouse

    My teddy bears can see them they said theres about a hundred new freinds this block

  56. Ronald Pevahouse

    I think very powerful and important

  57. Ronald Pevahouse

    The gap between the roll of sevens was almost 45 minutes

  58. Roxane Mathis

    Could, should, would have been the VERY BEST ever, but for his promiscuous life. Could out Elvis any day......And being a Memphis girl, I LOVE Elvis, but talent is what talent does?!?!?!

  59. sarahstacy81

    The Killer strikes. He slayed it. He out Hanked Hank Williams Senior. That's why Jerry Lee is "The Killer".

  60. Mohamed salem Salec mohamed

    Tio eres simplemente la hostia

  61. Roger Anderson

    I am so tired of the lying democrats. Just tel

  62. Roger Anderson

    Schumer quit hating Trump because he kicked their ass.

  63. Roger Anderson

    I just watched Schumer doesn't he ever get tried of lying. He and the.demos keep saying they will do what Trump has already done.

  64. Jason Waller

    Simply Amazing piano skills are incredible

  65. Rick Arden


  66. Mike Clontz

    Can you stop listen damn Jerry you win again

  67. marti


  68. Atti Malambri 001

    I think i'm the most fanatic fan and lover of Jerry Lee and i'm proud to say that video (gem) has reached 2 milions of! We love you sweet Killah!!

  69. violet buchanan

    The super Mr Lewis folks

  70. Denyse Phenix

    he has wig, does'nt he*I

  71. Tony Fortuna

    One of the greatest piano players and entertainers of all time

  72. Eli The King of Rock & Roll Harmonica

    Great job..Perfect...simply...beautiful. This Song can be played on your harmonica in the key of "G"… I will be making a cover of this very song video streamed from "YouTube"...but....with me playing my harmonica in it...then I will upload it back up to YouTube. Now check out my Elvis harmonica song and be sure to "SUBSCRIBE & bell it":

  73. Sandra Miller

    I always wished Elvis Presley would had recorded this song Elvis Presley could sing anything a make it his song.

    Margaret Ross

    Can't imagine anything better than this.

  74. Roxane Mathis

    Adds a little blues to the melody. Jerry you always win!

  75. Roxane Mathis

    Would have made it soooo much more sucessful, but as his style suggest he could & would NOT be tamed!

  76. Thomas Blair

    Elvis was always a lap behind Jerry Lee.

  77. Lion Bear

    One of the greats, listening to makes me sad in a good way.

  78. Hans Bouwens

    A great talent ,he deserved more.

  79. Eugene Horner

    After 46 years, she ask me, why did we break up. I told her , she was running around on me!!

  80. Kenny guitar Allen

    legend love it

  81. hayesman76

    Along with Merle Haggard, my all-time favorite country singer.

  82. jailbreak74

    So they allow him to play his music after that indecent with his cousin .

  83. William Hutcheson

    This is blasphemy but this just might be better than Hank's.

    Feiko Temme1

    William Hutcheson It IS.

  84. Jim Allen

    Jerry Lee sang this one from the heart.

  85. Betty Perkins

    Jerry Lee one of the greatest entertainers. But, "The greatest piano player."

  86. Aaron Karr

    "The Killer"I play your music loud and proud although I am in my 40's your music and presents is still felt,thank you Mr Jerry Lee Lewis .

  87. Denis Roberts

    It’s so so good , there’s no one better.

  88. violet buchanan

    You are watching and listening to the supremo who will be listened to forever.

  89. Mohit chhillar

    The news is out all over town
    That you've been seen out runnin' around
    I know that I should leave, but then 
    I just can't go, 
    You win again

    This heart of mine could never see
    What everybody knows but me
    Just trusting in you was my great sin
    What can I do?
    You Win Again

    Yes this heart of mine could never see
    What everybody knows but me
    Just trusting you was my great sin
    What can I do?
    You Win Again

  90. Gerard Sauvage

    TRÈS grande star...Excellent...pianiste... il était très doué...un musicien extraordinaire...❤🤗🤗🤗

  91. Amanda Vanmeter

    He could sing the phonebook and play piano beautifully

  92. Jonathan Stagg

    WOW that is all

  93. Linda Martin

    The Killer is king of Rock Roll💓💖🌹💞🔥🔥🔥🔥💜💙💚💗

  94. Ronnie Marlow

    Wow just a great song

  95. diego consafo

    According to his sister, at age 8, Jerry sat down on a piano bench and started playing just like that. No lessons, no music teachers or how to play books. Just pure born with it talent.

  96. tabbygail7

    God given talent

  97. Linda Brock

    Jerry you are the best ..there will never be no one that can play the piano like you..Love you Jerry

  98. marti

    Who is the greatest? You win again, jerry Lee!

  99. Sadie May Castellano

    Great Bar music 💖💖💖