Jermaine Jackson - Take Good Care Of My Heart Lyrics

Time can pass so slowly when you feel so all alone
Love can strike like lightning when you find your heart at home
I've seen it in the movies, read about it in a book
I never thought I'd feel it
But your touch was all it took

Take good care of my heart
Take good care of my heart
Baby you're the first to take it
I love you more than I should
But it keeps me feelin' so good
I've waited for your love forever
You're the one that take good care of my heart

Come and make your magic, till you have me hypnotized
If we get closer, I'll be drowning in your eyes
You're the one I needed most when my love was on the line
I'm so glad you gave me yours, when I gave you mine

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Jermaine Jackson Take Good Care Of My Heart Comments
  1. 伊藤昭美


  2. LR 3

    A great song from a great album , Whitney’s best

  3. Valarie Ford

    I love this song

  4. Cush

    Goodness this is horrible. Could Jermaine not come up with a less generic song and some better lyrics?

  5. A L E Y N A

    Who is listening on christmas 2019?

    Donna Hill

    Merry Xmas Happy New Yr . I am and they both sound lovely together. Oh how I miss her so much.

  6. Daniella de groote

    stumbled on this.............origanal.germaine jackson and jaki graham..

  7. Moisés Macedo de Araújo


  8. schoolshow94

    I got up this morning and this song pop up inside my head !

  9. Joe Jones

    I had forgotten about this one...Two amazing artists....Jermaine J. and Whitney H...

  10. Alejandra Correa ramos

    Que voces tan hermosas.

  11. Erica Brown

    I love this song even still in 2019!!!

    Daniella de groote

    hell E ja..rec is 20y old.. although.. new cover version (europa) called .....le Flex, XX

    Hector Lalalala

    It’s almost 2020

  12. branco44444444

    A marvelous gem!!!!!

  13. Alibaba MAMADOU

    I just love it ! Makes me want to cry, every time I hear this song by Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston. Reminds me of so many happy and unhappy memories...

    Family Times

    I was just thinking I'm going to cry. My heart is so heavy right now. Chills

  14. angela135899

    amazing song ...luving it!!!!

  15. Susan Niblack


  16. metalbond


  17. Ruben Dario

    Greats voices CLÁSIC FOREVER.

  18. Ruben Dario

    Excelente dúo musical y voces armoniosas que dan vida a esta hermosa canción.

  19. Alexis Rhinehart

    I like Jermaine Jackson.

  20. David Ofosu-Appiah

    song of yesteryears ,..great duo

  21. MarlonMax

    Amazing voices . Golden years

  22. Sanj Mo

    You people kidding about Jermaine right ? If it wasn’t for Mike we would have never heard of him lol

  23. Liu Rodriguez

    I always love this duet and this song! Wow one of my favorites!

  24. 指田経彦


  25. Moisés Macedo de Araújo


  26. Debbie Williams

    I hear you Whitney R.I.P

  27. lovexlove 1998

    Jermaine had solo pop chart hits in the UK that year 84

  28. lovexlove 1998

    Jermine sounds better than Whitney on this song

  29. Rebecca McConnell

    My name is Becky and I agree with you! After listening to Jermaine's music, I think he was better than Michael!

  30. Natasha Crook

    Munchie to who & mata to none.......muncha to known resources..........xx

  31. Natasha Crook

    Looking for a producer........xx

  32. Daniella de groote

    1 ......voice ya..................jakie graham

    Daniella de groote

    always loved jakie graham and alisson moyet

  33. Анжела Боброва

    Таких, как онв больше нет! Талант от Бога! Пусть земля ей будет пухом!

  34. PERDS

    I owned this album and still love it😛

  35. yvonne Finch

    This a Bad Mother track! still play this

  36. yvonne Finch

    Classic Always:

  37. cariocabassa

    That's that jam!!

  38. Jack Lyons

    Duet of all duets 😍😍😍😍😍

  39. Jack Lyons

    Historical 😍😍😍😍

  40. Jack Lyons

    Timeless 😍😍😍😍😍

  41. Antoine Townsend

    Rip Whitney Houston Feat Jermaine Jackson Take Good Care Of My Heart

  42. dellwhis

    They Should RE- RELEASE THIS SONG.

  43. Sebrina Lee Payne-Biscardi


  44. Thierry Percevault

    J 'iame cette période quand 'est sorti cet album hum beautefuf I love 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  45. Tony Williams

    Jermaine was underrated he was a good singer love this duet!!!.

  46. Елена Гончарова

    Классное исполнение просто прелесть

  47. kyra Selene

    whitney houston you had so much love to give so much life to live love yourself above anyone else take good care of your heart love is alway's alive in you.

  48. Felix Solis

    una música formidable de aquellos años stgo Chile

  49. angela135899

    OMG what a fab song, so forgotten but so amazing!! luv luv luv!

  50. UberDurable

    Just lovely! Doesn't get played enough though, makes me appreciate the stations that do play it.

  51. Estela Zahor

    La mejor voz de todos los tiempos....

  52. nekonoyuki

    Fantastic song

  53. Damari Molina

    realmente preciosa la cancion aunque no entienda ingles viva witney houston

  54. Rickey Engle

    if i only no who heart it is,,i would

  55. Bruce Baldwin

    I love this album and still play it all the time but didn't realize it was Jermaine singing with her!! He's amazing and was so over shadowed by Michael!

  56. yonas mihrteab

    What a nice music RIP whitney Houston

  57. sharon-ann marks

    Jeepers I loved this tune as a teenager, I had no idea Jermaine Jackson did this with Whitney Houston and I thought back then whoever this was had a lovely voice.

  58. j pugh

    they sound really good togwther

  59. Sista Naomi


  60. Luigi Bordini

    Canzone stupenda che adoro da quando l'ho sentita la prima volta, nel 1984, quando la grandissima Whitney era del tutto sconosciuta in Italia...fino a diventare una grandissima cantante, forse la migliore. E così sia.... RIP

  61. Myrna Ramos

    Por años busqué está canción y la encontré sabía que era Whitney pero no sabía con quien la cantaba😘😘😘😘

  62. carolina vasconez

    my first album of Whitney Houston when I came to this country 33 years ago.

  63. Latasha Chase

    Timeless 🔥🔥🔥

  64. wastin time

    Here's what I always wondered, is why no one in her family or the man taking the picture never told her to cover herself if she didn't get to [email protected]:10...u just gon let her take a pic like that... But other than that the pictures were beautiful

  65. Veronique Ogel

    I love whitney and great song with Germaine !!!!!

  66. MarlonMax

    masterpiece song . amazing singers .

  67. I love my man I love my man


  68. Fabrizio Moscelli

    My best time ever Whitney i miss you

  69. Niemand Rodriguez

    What a song...

  70. Fabrizio Moscelli

    The best yers of my life

  71. E.P. R. Bowe


  72. Ronald Elston


  73. José Blanco

    Genial maravillosa canción muchas gracias por compartir.
    Saludos desde Santiago de Chile.

  74. Ademar Amâncio

    Teve um fim tão triste,que pena - Não,ela não escolheu este caminho,como dizem.Se fosse simples assim ninguém sofreria no mundo.

  75. Ramesh M

    This song just made time travel possible for me..trip In nostalgia!

  76. Adrian B

    This is fucking brilliant

  77. jessejames1956

    They had a perfect blend as vocalists

  78. Lisa Marie Huddart

    Top son rip Whitney Houston best ever xxxx

  79. Walter Cardoso

    Uffffff....que buena canción...que buena voz la de Whitney!!!

  80. xxxDemonknightxxx

    Makes me wonder how great this track would have been if it had been MJ instead of Jermaine........hmmm.

  81. Antoine Townsend

    Rip Whiitey Houston And Jeremine Jackson Take Good Care My Heart

  82. nilza silva fabres

    Linda música linda linda

  83. Rebecca Spangler - SOES

    Oh my goodness....I’ve heard their duet “if you say my eyes are beautiful” & loved it! This one is just as great! ❤️💔

  84. keith mauldin

    So Sweet ; I love Heartfelt Older Pop . Whitney are Jermaine ; Timeless and Classy . not trashy

  85. Nostal Jack

    Fun fact: The songwriters actually wrote this tune specifically for Jermaine to record with Whitney. He was hurriedly looking for a song to sing as a duet and he called Steve Dorff for a song. He went through his stash, found this, and brought it to the studio in less than an hour so they could record it.

  86. Jose Walter Castaño Tellez

    Fabulosa canción, no hay como la música de los 80´S

  87. Hadryannah Dalla Colletta Botteon Ollyver

    Boas lembranças!

  88. Spazzoid Studio

    There are a LOT of songs that labels made the wrong decisions on.
    Case in point, this PERFECT duet with Whitney Houston was included on BOTH Jermain’s self titled LP from 1984, & Whitney’s debut the following year.
    At no point did Arista consider releasing this as a single?? What a shame!!

    I feel this song could have EASILY cracked the top 10....especially if it had a video.

    Gary Woollard

    Coz they were having affair would nt look good for the label.

  89. Danny Long

    This is one top tune and a top duet from two top singers.
    Jermaine, you have a great voice
    R. I. P Whitney.

  90. T S


  91. 安藤克明





    HEY curl?





  92. Roberto Andino

    Awesome song ladies, take good care of my heart, there r no longer any songs sang like this!!!!

  93. D.Y Kim


  94. Beverly Cowan

    If I remember correctly this was the last song on the cassette, I used to love it so much.

    Jim Townsend

    I'm pretty sure that Hold Me (with Teddy) was the last song. But, I am old, so maybe not.

  95. 安藤克明


  96. Knowing Nia Loving You

    I used to LOVE this song. Still can't believe she's gone....


    Oh my heart ❤️