Jermaine Jackson - Oh Mother Lyrics

Have I told you, you are my river
That never stops for rest
Have I thanked you for letting me come out of you
And giving me all of your best

Have I thanked yo for having our family
Without them I wouldn't be here
Have I told you no matter how far I may go
All of you always are near

Oh mother you've given everything to me
Oh mother you've never asked for anything
Oh mother I'm sorry for all those times I hurt you so
When all along it was really me
Scared of letting go
So afraid to grow

Have I told you I'll love you forever
Have I told you I'll love you always
Have I told you the difference you make in my life
You make it your own special way

Oh mother you've given everything to me
Oh mother you've never asked for anything
Oh mother you've given everything to me
Have I told you, you never asked for anything
That I love you
Have I told you today

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Jermaine Jackson Oh Mother Comments
  1. stephen bynum

    It's for my Dad's mother💙❤👼😇🌹💚

  2. Franciaca Oduwa

    Beautiful song.

  3. Kim Sayles

    Wow 😮 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. SkunkLungs

    2:59 ;)

  5. Edite Amador

    This is the best song I have ever heard now there is the bad songs for the kids now why do they let them listen 👂 to these best song I swear

    Edite Amador

    ❤️ love ❤️ ❤️ this song it made me think back to my mother and say sorry for every thing I said back to her or called her something it made me cry 😭 in front of my mom look 👀 how sad 😢 his voice is the best thing I ever In my life heard

  6. stephen bynum

    Memories for my mother and my grandmother

  7. stephen bynum

    Oh 👍

  8. Ernê D


  9. Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Jan 16, 2014

  10. Eric Melendez Battle

    Mother's day theme

  11. Nolan Davis 11

    I almost cryed listingto this its its butiful

    Nolan Davis 11

    nevermind I am crying

  12. James M

    I can't help myself that teardrops from my eyes because it always make me think of my mother...
    Now she is too old n having hard time with sickness..i hope and pray she get well soon and live a long life...

  13. High Pope Brun

    This is such a sellout song considering his 'mom' let his father punch all of her kids in the face _every day_ ...

    - I thought we knew this guys

  14. Hanni Basczok

    Dieses Lied ist der schönste "Liebesbeweis" an eine Mutter💞💞💞

  15. Hanni Basczok

    Ein sehr schönes und gefühlvolles Lied.Die "Liebe"zu einer Mutter bleibt ein Leben lang und noch länger bestehen.Wenn ich dieses Lied höre,denke ich sofort an meine Mama,und werde sehr traurig😢😢😢,weil sie nicht mehr lebt.Da merkt man erst,wie wichtig eine Mutter für ein Kind ist.❤💞❤💞

  16. Trevor Ross

    rumours of this song was Michael wrote this song

  17. MegaTammy777

    i still to this day miss my mommy its been 4 yrs 5 months today i still cry over her i sung this song to her when i was young child she cried hearing this from me now i cry hearing this song i played it at her funeral i miss her so much she was my life we took care of each other thats how its suppose to taake your parents when they are sick she died with me there with her holding her i miss her

    Anthony Corbin

    So sorry for your loss.

  18. Tammy Terrell

    One of my faves. I so love my Jacksons...ALL of them....

  19. Alton Washington

    wonderful song . can"t play it enough to understand what your mother go through for you however I love you Mother .   and thank you , Jermaine Jackson for writing such a beautiful song

  20. Evangelist Sabrina McCraley

    hi jermaine. i love that song Oh Mother. that song should be sung for Mother's. made me cry.

  21. Demetrius Houser

    beautiful song

  22. TDB

    such a beautiful song Jermaine

  23. Tammy Leigh

    i played this at my mom's funeral I cry every time I hear it I sung it to her when I was a child letting her know how sorry I was for being bad I loved her so much this song means a lot to me

  24. Mary Jackson

    Every Mother have a great gift !

  25. Rebecca Jean

    Beautiful song . I never heard it before

  26. djdef991

    9th Wonder brung me here..2:58-3:02

    jorgen jen

    I loved it too

  27. Ugurbeats

    9th wonder sampled this on rhytm roulette

    jorgen jen

    Yep !!! What a great sample !! I loved it !

    Lew Matic

    MrUgur97 yeah man..his flip was fucking amazing

    Edite Amador

    👍 love ❤️ it

  28. abdullah nasher forEVER

    this is the call_

  29. jermaineidole

    Jermaine is the most
    man forever <3
    we love forever Jerm <3
    you're always in my heart <3

  30. ronald antoine


  31. Vernostonus

    Back when sweet music came straight out of the heart and soul of great talented artists expressing their love through their heavenly gift. What has this world become, especially the music industry? Shame on all record companies for selling us bullshit nowadays and thinking we would not smell the difference.

  32. Aurelia Bessard

    I fell in love with this song the minute I heard it. Jermaine is such an awesome talent. His songwriting skills and smooth vocals are simply God-given. Beautiful...

  33. Alexis Ewing

    It's a beautiful song😢I was getting teary-eyed listening to it

  34. Linda Maspm

    This song is for my mother.  I will always love her for the rest of her and my life.

  35. Alex Williams


  36. I'm Moonwalker

    This song is soooo beautiful ! I really love it <3

  37. ann melvin

    so Beautiful ty

  38. MusicLover P

    The the person who uploaded the video and said I assume it was written for Katherine well guess what when you ASS/U/ME you make an ass out of you not me.Of course it was written for his mother you jackass.SMDFH

    Alex Williams

    I'm sorry for your mother death especially if it 9yrs and I know you miss her very much so my thing is just remember the good and bad times when you was a kid to your adulthood especially on Thanksgiving so keep your head up and stay away from the Chessecake.Lol

    MusicLover P

    @Alex Williams
    Thank you so much yes the holidays have been different since she's passed away but i'm dealing with it much better now than i was during the first two years after she got called to go home.Yes i always think of the great times and also the times when i was bad ass hardheaded kid always getting put on punishment or getting my little behind whupped with the belt.LOL
    Now as far as the cheesecake i'll pass on that one.LOL
    Thank you very much.


    I am certain Jermaine didn't write it but it is dedicated to her.

    Emma Poulmarch

    +1980Triumph why he couln't write it? he's composer too!


    @IDreamYouSaid - look up the notes.

  39. 80's kid

    Despite that one weird lyric (letting me come out of u) it's a beautiful ballad and fitting tribute to any mother.

    Daryl Parkin

    I get what you're saying but carrying and giving birth to a child is one of the greatest gifts to a child's life. I think it's fitting

  40. Rebecca Leddington

    Jermaine thanks Catherine so beautifully for being his mom. She is the perfect role model of what a true mom really is !

  41. Zoe Kanaris

    hahahahahahahahaha so disturbing

  42. Sean Serritella

    This is the worst song of all time. Have I thanked you for letting me come out of you?

  43. somekidnamedold

    Sometimes I think that this song, tell me I'm not dreaming, and Dynamite should have been on the victory album...?

  44. Cunca Lega

    very touching song

  45. cleder mendo

    The song us so sad that made me cry

  46. Thesupernova711

    RIP... Moms & Grandma...still missin' & luv your:((

  47. Reward Morrison Nangi

    "Jermaine Jackson sings for his dear mother." --Reward Morrison Nangi from Centre Cívic de La Teixonera, Barcelona-´Catalonia, Spain.



  49. B. Berya

    nice,,,very nice! I love u mother!

  50. Nickleby2

    The boys used to perform To make My father proud, at all their performances, also 2300 Jackson street was homage to both parents.

  51. liacashmere58

    @NJNetFan I know lol. Like what the hell? All these years I've been thinking it was just me. He should have changed the line and this song would be on point

  52. BillieJean126

    i love Jermaine, his vioce...theres so much emotions, he sings so honestly, as if he wanted to touch, hug or kiss her (no matter who), i love not surprised hes still loved, because even if he is miles apart his tender vioce tells me im not lonely, that it still worth to fight for better everything, no matter what it is...god bless you, have a nice day :-*

  53. Eric Reese

    This is one of the most wonderful songs ever written...

  54. Dianne Chilgren

    no...just differently.

  55. Muhammad Ali

    Rakastan sinua äiti... Hyvää äitienpäivää!

  56. nathan damaine

    @NJNetFan loooooooooooool

  57. Sean Serritella

    I don't care what any one says. This is, hands down, the worst song of all time. "Have I thanked you, for letting me come out of you?"???? It gets no worse than that.

    Stephanie Bruce

    Sean Serritella....RIP buddy

  58. youthchoir1

    Any songs that recognizes the important of our parents, I am on board. Well done Jermaine. Be Blessed.

  59. Jacinda V

    This song is soo amazing.:') Jermaine & MJ have been mommy boys.(: I think people try to bring down Jermaine so much but he can always go to katherine. He is amazing. <3

  60. TheBasileia

    @lindalovesmusic1 This is beautiful, Linda. What a sweet, touching song. What a wonderful voice. I love it. Katherine must have felt so honored and proud. XXOO

  61. Elshan

    beautiful voice