Jermaine Jackson - Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone Lyrics

Why do I seem to be
Caught up inside a dream all my life
It's always been my shadow and me
Over my shoulder
There's always a voice somewhere
Saying I never should try to set my heart free

I wish that love would come
And take me in her arms
Show me what I've never known
Where I could hold someone
And words like right and wrong
Would just fade away like yesterday

Lonely won't leave me alone
Lonely won't leave me alone
Why, tell me why
Won't even let me fall in love

Oh... ho...
Everywhere I go
Always by my side
Lonely won't let me fall in love, no

I try to say I love you
But the words won't come through
In my eyes see all the tears and sad memories
Why can't I start out new
And leave that old feeling too far behind

I guess that lonely needs company

Around each bend of road
I'm thinking that in time
There will be that rainbow's end
Or when I follow those
Self illusions I find
And it's only lonely and me again, ooh...

Lonely won't leave me alone
Lonely won't leave me alone
Why, tell me why
Lonely just keeps my heart out of touch

Oh... ho...
Everywhere I go
Always by my side
Lonely won't let me fall in love

(Lonely won't leave me alone) Won't leave me alone
(Lonely won't leave me alone) Oh, no
(Lonely) Won't even let me fall in love

(Lonely won't leave me alone) I wish that love would come
(Lonely won't leave me alone) Take me in her arms
(Lonely) Lonely won't let me fall in love

(Lonely won't leave me alone) Won't leave me alone
(Lonely won't leave me alone) Ooh, I know
(Lonely) Lonely won't let me fall in love, no

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Jermaine Jackson Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone Comments
  1. Fathurodhi

    January 2020, I'm still listening.

  2. Marvin Verdadero

    Indeed jermaine jackson is one of our greatest music artist...

  3. Odette Williams

    Love this song, 2020

  4. Lima Daniel

    Nice love song

  5. David Ofosu-Appiah

    #Timeless #Classic anthem by the #legend ,..last day of #November 30 2019 ,Blessed #December all

  6. David Ofosu-Appiah

    #Timeless anthem from a #legend

  7. karma tam

    Glen version is baritone
    Jermaine is in tenor

  8. monaliza calucin

    I love this song

  9. Rose Manuel

    2019 and still listening to old music like 30 yrs ago? makes me feel back in time , malungkot na masaya ..

  10. Gwendolyn Gemeniano


  11. Mei MayTube

    Love this song ❤🎵🎧

  12. Andik Laksana ST SKom

    Untuk sebuah nama yg pernah singgah

  13. barry Delisle

    Hello from New Zealand

  14. Allan Paul

    What kind of song is this beautiful it runs through my veins! :D

  15. Luthan Lam

    Hong Kong singer George Lam has also covered this in Cantonese!


    林子祥 ≪千億個夜晚≫。

  16. B 51 HTM

    any love song that has piano sound in its intro, guaranteed to be great love song

  17. mark daniel velasco

    I hear this song in the radio in manila i didnt know hes brother of michael jackson before i hear this then i hear her voice is familliar of daddys home in cassette tape

  18. Fuchsias Rose

    I love so this song. 💗💗💗💗

  19. Cardiffe Morgan

    I heard he wrote this song after he left his brothers cause he was really missing his brothers and he felt alone and the song just came to him. Jermaine is a very good song writer underrated imo

  20. padma salam

    Although the masses will disagree, I am sorry, but Jermaine is a much better singer than Michea was. There is something magical and appealing about his voice. Love it. By the way, Jermaine was quite a looker back in his younger years.. .....................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  21. Fedora McClaren

    I am not gonna lie...I thought Sanchez sang this

  22. Genevieve Hansen


  23. Genevieve Hansen

    I love this song, it wonderful lyrics, so under rated and over looked

  24. Irwan Risna

    I like this song much 🏅

  25. Edna Arthur

    Can't seem stop listening

  26. Sweet Rasta

    He owned this!!!!!

  27. ski Mask Hip Hop

    I didn't know Jermaine was the one who song this I love this song 🎶 ❤️❤️🔥🔥

    karma tam

    I just found out to
    Was trying to find glen mediros
    And I see a black dude
    I was like what is this remix
    Oh.its Jermaine Jackson

  28. Sam Mbabazi

    One of my favorite songs of all time, I first heard it as a 12 year old. Didn't know he was the one, oh wow!! So sweet, I love the Jackson family!!

  29. D. S.

    What a beautiful song ❤️❤️❤️

  30. John Ronga

    Ooh my God! I'm still here in 2019 almost 40yrs later, this song still more sense

    Jacko* Moonwalker

    You mean 30, not 40..

    Mikhaila kardashian

    @Jacko* Moonwalker it's been 33 years so yeah...almost 40

    Mymy Esguerra

    Wow great version of Jermaine Jackson

  31. Lima Daniel

    Love this song

  32. roshayne holness

    He should do a ballad with mariah carey

  33. Muid Tulapessy

    Greatest hits Jermaine Jackson all nice,..

  34. Muid Tulapessy

    Wow, stay to song nice youtube,..

  35. Adriana Tragante

    Música lindaaa💖💖

  36. Talal Albalawi

    Greetings from Saudi Arabia, true art..

  37. Greg Booth

    My brother

  38. Odette Williams

    2019 love this song

  39. Fräulein Woof

    2019!! whos still there?

  40. Tuan Adam

    Please! I want sub 🤧🤧

  41. E. Renard Jackson

    2019 still listening.

  42. Flyy Girl

    Jermaine is my fantasy bc in my mind, he’s my man loll 🥰💍 w/ his fine ass 🤴🏾

  43. leonard franciscus

    oh my memory

  44. Soni Iswara

    akhirnya ketemu jg

  45. Ria Norma Sari

    2018 still listening

  46. Abu Gray

    2018 here....

  47. Wiliandro Barbosa

    Parabéns Brasil

  48. JeFRi zAIn

    more better than glen medeiros

  49. Valdirene Fonseca

    Felicidades Jermaine♥♥

  50. yaukin ang

    i miss you,,,mai mai

  51. Valdirene Fonseca

    i love you♥Jermaine

  52. Kathy Lovingshimer

    I love his music ❤❤

  53. CRM

    Sighs he tho smh

  54. Mufti Abdillah

    Love this song

  55. Myscathycandoit 1


  56. emir faisal

    2018 still listening

  57. helene chamfort



    wow..youre a beauty!!

  58. WigWamaniac

    Still such an awesome one :D

  59. Lolita Pegon

    one of my favorite song since high school way back 80's, still love this until now

  60. rockaz12

    long time fave. BIG TUNE !!!

  61. marcos zanetti

    balada muito linda

  62. Dion Indarto

    This is Excellent Song..

  63. Warren Nicholas

    The Great David Foster co writes this beauty ......Awesome singing by Jermaine!

  64. Latoya.D J

    beautiful song Jermaine.

  65. Fitzroy Guthrie

    beautiful song

  66. Watson Satot

    Medeiros version was also a beautiful piece..

    mea walyu

    But I like Glenn's version more

    Zohara Shabtay

    Jermaine Jackson - a great singer ! Beautiful, soft , relaxing song.,

  67. G GG58

    I have to say the Glen Medeiros version is better!

  68. Matthew Vincent Stevenson

    I'm the 2000's boy and i really love this great song!!! Greeting from Indonesia <3

  69. 林容成

    may reference to George Lam's cantonese version - 千亿个夜晚

  70. Victor Morris

    2017 February I'm still listening are you?

    Peter Petrov

    January 2019!!!

    john leong

    Nineteen January in 2019

    M.M Bin Hassan

    Feb 2019

    Claire Daniels

    May 2019

    Louis Omason

    Feb 2023 still listening

  71. Dica Jr.

    Written by Jermaine Jackson, David Foster & Tom Keane. #WooDinTheMachine!

    Veronica Topor


  72. Mark Lowery

    this song take my all the back to countless hours of yugioh research and duels

  73. Hazel Tan

    love this song

    Dorothy Jones

    Very soothing song as far as I'm concerned, I like it a lot.

  74. norashikin tahir

    love this song till now :)

  75. John Jackson

    what a beautiful song. Jermaine Jackson

  76. Arcade Emulator

    love this song

  77. Farouk Yahya

    still one of the best ballad singers

  78. Andre Gray

    Sanchez made this song 20 times better!

    Rozay Rose

    Andre Uncut stop it no he didnt but he sounded good though.

    Andre Gray

    Lol anyone is better than Jermaine

  79. BotsConsandJedis

    Very Michael Like--But Jermaine was better at singing love ballad than his younger brother.

    Gerard Jones

    better then michael,dream on

    padma salam

    BotsConsandJedis That’s what I have always said, but the masses disagrees with me. Jermaine’s voice in pure gold, whilst singing love songs. Micheal is an authentic pop singer.

    padma salam

    Gerard Jones Yes, Jermaine is a better singer than Micheal was. Unfortunately, he is underrated and didn’t get his fair dues. Bad luck I suppose.......................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    ABC 123

    Most underrated singer.

    Nicky Jenkins

    Toni Braxton and Mariah Carey doing this as a duet would be great

  80. Indra WB

    this was really me, and still i am, .........ah, i love this song

    Warren Morris

    The reggae vibe made it better

  81. Rizki Kiky

    nice song

  82. Adi Setiawan

    i always remembered this song 80

  83. Felecito Jr Dublar

    such a talented man.....and this song really one of my favorite ,one in my list for life...

  84. Emma Poulmarch

    very sweet song , and Jermaine is so cute <3 thank you , and god bless you Jermaine <3

  85. jermaineidole

    wonderful song... i love you so Jermaine <3<3<3 i love this song so much!

    Kesha Swaby

    Love the song

  86. Clara Smart

    The lyrics of lonely is moving

  87. sandinyourshoes

    A classic  ballad!  Classic 80s!  Classic Jermaine!

  88. Emmie

    so sweet song<3

  89. Emmie

    oh my god love it sooooo much!! love Jerm <3

  90. Melanie Biggins


  91. Pricella Murimur

    I like this song thank you JJ

  92. ahsia adalasne

    love this song so much i searched the title of the song for how many years since i was a kid now i got it and im so happy...

  93. Edward BURGOS TAMA

    la mejor interpretación, la de medeiros no es mala pero la de jermanie es superior

  94. Luciansunset S

    Still beautiful after all these years

  95. v10 f1

    love this since i'm a kid

  96. Mayett C.A.

    Wow, I didn't know Jermaine wrote this. It's one of my favorite song.

  97. Edison Pescador

    No sabia que germain la canto tambien se escucha bien

  98. delroy harry

    my favo

  99. Nana

    That's exactly what I was thinking.. So sad. :/