Jermaine Jackson - If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful Lyrics

If you say my eyes are beautiful
It's because they're looking at you
And if you could only see yourself
You'd feel the same way too
You could say that I am a dreamer
Who's had a dream come true
If you say my eyes are beautiful
It's because they're looking at you

If you wonder why I'm smiling
It's because I'm happy with you
And the warm sensations, touch my heart
And fill me through and through
I could hold you close forever
And never let you go
If you say my eyes are beautiful
It's because I just love you so

Now my heart is an open door
Won't you come inside for more?
You can love so sweetly now
Take my love, take me completely now
If you say my eyes are beautiful
It's because they're looking at you
And my eyes are just the window, oh
For my feelings to come through
And by far, you are more beautiful
Than anything, I ever know
If you say my eyes are beautiful
If you say my eyes are beautiful
If you say my eyes, my eyes are beautiful
It's because
It's because
They're looking at you

(What a beautiful song!)

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Jermaine Jackson If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful Comments
  1. Ericka Minus

    It's 2020 who is still listening

  2. Kari Foster

    It's almost 2020 and I cry when I see her picture like the one at the end and I hear of this song. Rest in peace beautiful angel.

  3. Moddie Seven

    During the production of this song back in the day, Jermaine and a young and virtually unknown Whitney Houston were having a romance aka Affair. Jermaine was married to Hazel Gordy his first wife and daughter of Barry Gordy from Motown. Rumor has it that in the Video to the song "Saving all my love for you", the male interest was about and reminiscent of Jermaine Jackson.

  4. Jesse Douglas

    Yes Whitney Your Eyes Are Beautiful And A Beautiful Heart And God Never Took His Eyes Off His Little Sparrow.

  5. Kirstie Wright

    Beautiful song 😍😍

  6. April Sinclair

    I'm so crazy about you my gorgeous man.If you only knew how much you mean to me God bless you and I love you.

  7. Afisha Hill

    Sunday vibes in Trinidad

  8. Sam Mbabazi

    Whitney Houston's voice was like a perfect instrument! Definitely one of my best duets ever, and Jermaine Jackson is underrated. His voice is sweet too. Glad to have grown up in the 1990's!! RIP Whitney.

  9. Betty Arcos

    Love this song.... 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  10. Roberto P

    beautiful song l like music

  11. Aim Rymes

    November 2019 am still enjoying this beautiful song .like it if u do still love it

  12. Rhonda Chappelle

    That Voice still give me chills. I love me some WHITNEY!

  13. Valdir Firmino da Silva

    2 Feras!

  14. Pusheen Plushycutie

    This was my moms funeral song

  15. Kyla Small

    I'm here cuz they used to be lovers

  16. Cynthia Brown

    Beautiful song Jermaine and Whit.

  17. soultree serenade

    Maaaaaaaaan..this is my SONG . Whitney had them hits..lover for life is fire too..and take good care of my heart. Etc etc!!

  18. רוברט ויינגר

    I used to listen to compilations of ballads by whitney Houston at work in my office and people enter my room and heard the voice of whitney so they asked me how a man is listening to female singer? so I answered that I really love good female singers and she had great passion in her vocals, I had only 2 compilations of her ballads and i was listening to them for one month, day after day, her songs really lift me up and I felt that i'm having a ton of energies, those were good days in the office

  19. joohsay

    Whitney straight murked the fucked out of this song. Vocals are sick as hell.

  20. gang wang

    She is the Love of God and her voice is so inspiring.

  21. Donald Casey

    the first time saw White Houston, was and episode on As The World Turns I've been loyal ever since.

    The Velvet Whisperer ASMR

    Donald Casey 🙌🏾

  22. Carrie Lipsey

    My husband dedication to me,I love this song,I fall deeper in love with him everyday.

  23. Charlie Powell

    You will always be missed

  24. fatma fatma

    I am crazy for this song

  25. Shawn Cobbs

    Beautiful song

  26. Wykeisha Craft

    It's 2019 and I'm still listening to this music


    So beautiful this duet...such a great unnecessary loss... forever the Queen in our hearts💖

  28. Cristina Ribeiro Mendonça

    Lindos ❤

  29. Aloe Antinous Aquila

    🎼these songs are like a rare flower that bloom in mind 🎶♥️✨

  30. Nicky Jenkins

    OMG 😍❤️❤️❤️

  31. Evourn Lightbourne

    Wow that effortless range Whitney,Jermain sounds so much like Michael,just beautiful.

  32. Sam Mbabazi

    Two great voices, particularly Whitney had a perfect voice!! Definitely one of the best recorded love song ever!! Miss u Whitney.

  33. Isabella Lopez

    This song is beautiful 😍

  34. rickw1100

    This song along with the Duet with Teddy Pendergast were the reason Whitney was shut out of the best "NEW" artist category at the Grammys when she had a major entrance onto the music stage with the mega hit Whitney Houston album in the 80s.

  35. Hithere

    Beautiful thank you

  36. Jakeilah Young

    One of the best duets Whitney has done. 👏🏽

  37. Vic Mwansa

    Whitney Houston The Greatest Ever! So many smooth layers of her vocals 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🕺🏽☝️💪🎺🎺🎺🎺🎷🎷🎷👊

  38. Christina Pollock

    What a beautiful voice, good job guys, amazing 👌

  39. marcelo pereira

    oh the dx7 keyboard is badass

  40. Reno Federighi

    Thank you Carla for coming back into my life

  41. alvin medina

    pristine vocals!

  42. sherry grant

    Diana Ross sounds like a Chipmunk compared to Whitney.

  43. Babyayu Achadian


  44. Adam Kaczanowski


  45. Slicebread1000

    sad that we cant song like this in 2019 , Thanks for the upload

  46. Mary Martinez

    wow! I have no words to say, all the comments said it all.

  47. QUEEN A

    Whitney sounds like a Disney princess.
    Also you the realist if you listening to this in 2019

  48. romer hernandez

    Very great beautiful song,my favorite

  49. Jennae Jones

    Firsttime I have ever heard this. Can't stop listening to this. Why isn't music like this today. I was mad at my man now after listening to this, I'm remembering why I love him so much😀👍

  50. Harvey S

    Can't get enough of this song. Well done by Jermaine and Whitney, but how about credit to the songwriter Elliot Willensky? The lyrics are brilliant.

  51. Nadine McKenzie

    I love this so much ,what can i say they stop making these love song

  52. Malusi Ntsele

    They actually dated

  53. rosmarie gisin

    Wonderful Song

  54. zakaria rachmaninoff

    Dear Whitney

  55. Jennifer Baxter

    Beautiful love song. Two wonderful singers. They sing soooooo good together.

  56. brianbearco

    omg this song makes me cry

  57. Roberto Cabbatambatali

    Great song with a duo of a legendary artist of all time!

  58. Maria Ferrell

    Classic duet absolutely beautiful😇🥰💐🌸

  59. barbara revalee

    This song is heart warming. Beautiful!!!

  60. W. Love

    354 people have never been told that their eyes are beautiful.

  61. simply kendy

    Beautiful 2019 first time I'm hereing this

  62. Malika Chatterji

    Such beautiful words and of course what voices. I dedicate this song to my dog, my most loyal and loving friend of all, for whom all these words are true.

  63. Glenn Changtin

    love this song!!!!

  64. marcelo pontes

    Espetacular !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 ótimos cantores !!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Aaron Williams

    Whitney's voice on here is so pure and smooth...She was known for her power and range through her career, but when she sang so soft and sweet like that, it was like honey.

  66. Women Of GOD

    If you are still enjoying this Beautiful duet in 2019 Please like 💞🥰🙋🏽‍♀️

  67. Natalie Hall

    One of my faves x

  68. Paul Distant

    Still listening a masterpiece in 2019

  69. j pugh

    i dedicate this song to my partenr

  70. j pugh

    they are so good together

  71. ThezeEyez7

    So beautiful! This was one I played over and over again In my college dorm room when it came out. #Timeless

  72. Sally Stewart

    Beautiful song, great artists legends of all time

  73. padma salam

    I believe Jermaine is a better singer than Micheal. I know the masses doesn’t think so, but I do........xxxxxxxxxx

  74. padma salam

    Whitney should have marry Jermaine, because there was chemistry between them, but unfortunately, the Jackson boys are into African American women. Oh well! It’s too late for regrets now........xxxxxxxxx

    Celia Smith

    She was an African American women, what's your point? They were not in love so why should she have married him. He was also married at the time.

  75. Tawanda Davison

    Rumored they once dated and was in love but he was married. So the relationship ended.

  76. Sam Mbabazi

    One of those beautifully written and produced sweet ballads, what a duet done by two of the purest voices at the time!! Whitney's voice was everything angelic, so sad she left us early!!

  77. Geraldo Barbosa

    Nice "duet".

  78. Claudia Laylor

    This song made me cry! Eyes are the soul to the heart

  79. Roshonda Cary

    My eyes are just a words.

  80. Raymond Kunkel

    This is such a beautiful duet jermaine and Whitney sound great together I dedicate this song to my amazing fiancee Sean I love you so much baby

  81. Lainey Maxwell

    a song I could listen to forever

  82. Lainey Maxwell

    this song is so wonderful....could listen to it forever !!!

    Joona Jormanainen

    When I first heard it, I had to listen to it five times in row 😄 It is just so amazing song!

  83. Trina Martin

    Beautiful voice still listing 2019

  84. Calvin Brown

    Love this song

  85. Dawn Maraki

    I love this song my favorite of all time

  86. booyah2u 2

    To those who have lost their loved one and this was their wedding song. My condolences and I hope that upon hearing this song playing again brings back wonderful memories of you and your loved one. What a beautiful song that you chose for your wedding. 🙏

  87. Lala Ghana-Love

    Jermaine is a vocal beast. Whitney is a vocal beast.

    This song could only have been powerful.

  88. ידע עוגה

    amazing collaboration

  89. Eric Melendez Battle

    Jermaine and Whitney the black couple what if

  90. Al The C

    One of my top ten of all time. Jermaine sang even better than Michael Jackson and it was I feel her very best song. I also like The Greatest Love of All.

  91. Brooke Washington

    Jermaine and Michael sound nothing alike two different tones chill tf.out

  92. Aaron Williams

    Imagine anyone who discovers Whitney for the first time, as we all have, at some point.....Her voice is a revelation. A powerful, sweet and timeless instrument that God has imparted to us through our earth angel Nippy. He needed her back to sing on His choir for His ultimate glory. I miss her.

  93. Jana Nurjanah

    Still hear this romantic song in 2019....

  94. Jana Nurjanah

    Nice duet..beautiful...

  95. 88Katiem

    Jermaine is seriously over looked. Such a warm strong voice.

  96. Eliane Antunes

    2019 ❤❤❤❤❤ Linda música Saudades 🇧🇷 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 Brasil aqui agora

    Ed Westervelt