Jermaine Jackson - I Think It's Love Lyrics

I'm a greedy lover for lovin'
Only for you
I'm a choosy lover
'Cause only your love will do
Not like one who finds true lovin'
Yet searches for more lovin'
Their whole life through

Not me because I'm an easy take
When love is here to make like this
I'll tell you that I'm a kissin' fool
When under the magic of your kiss
Ooh, not like one who finds the sweetest
But cannot believe that the best will do
I tell you I know nobody else but you
Can do for me what you do, baby

I think it's love, darling
I really do
I think you feel, darling
The same way, too

I'm a woman lover
Whenever it's you with me
I'm your sweet surrender
If you'll stay in love eternally

Ooh, I've no time for vacillating
Asking me if I am a happy man
I tell you, I know, I know I am
I got love, we've got love
In the palm of our hands

I think it's love, darling
I really do
I think you feel, darling
The same way, too

I know it's real, darling
I really do
I think you feel, darling
The same way, too

Ooh, I've no time for vacillating
Asking me if I am a happy man
I tell you, I know, I know I am
I got love, we've got love
In the palm of our hands

I think it's love, darling
I really do
I think you feel, darling
The same way, too

I know it's real darling
I really do
I think you feel darling
The same way too

I think it's love, darling
I really do
I think you feel, darling
The same way, too

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Jermaine Jackson I Think It's Love Comments
  1. Keisha Nicole

    Hallelujah 💕♥️🎼🎸 love me some Jermaine

  2. Sonny12681

    Sadly MTV or VH1 did not show Jermaine Jackson music videos that much. It was a rare occasion that Jermaine's music was on television.

  3. Let The Dew Drops Fall 1,000,000,000

    First time I heard this song, I love it!

  4. Let The Dew Drops Fall 1,000,000,000

    First time I heard this song, I love it!

  5. damarion price


  6. Rodrick Colbert

    I had always felt that the Jacksons' contribution to popular music was music that made the masses feel happy.

  7. LCD D

    I love this song!!

  8. deSOL Media

    when songs mattered musically

  9. Cleiton Santos Costa

    Jermaine Jackson - I Think It's Love 2019?

  10. Elmer Divinagracia Sr.

    This is so underrated

  11. Shazzy Fez

    he has a fabulous voice.better than Michaels.


    Better than Michael? no

  12. D ghazd

    Jacksons = Pure Talent!

  13. Buchanan Jeneen

    I remember this song growing up... Love the 80s!!!🤗😎🤩😉

  14. Arael4

    jermaine made sweet music

  15. Cleiton Santos Costa

    Jermaine Jackson - I Think It's Love 2019?

  16. Keith Witcher

    Jermaine Jackson's I Think It's Love song and music video is a classic. [email protected]'s hair and purple suit. I see a black woman on stage playing a guitar. She's a actress because she was music rapper Master P's woman in I Got The Hook Up movie. She also was in Trois movie with Gary Dourdan and Kenya Moore. She had sex with Gary and Kenya at the same time LOL. I don't know her name. Jermaine Jackson's Precious Moments album is a classic. I like the album pictures. I love Jermaine Jackson.

  17. Eric C. Souza

    People simply could stop comparing him to Mj and see the great singer Jermaine was

  18. Richard Redic

    total crap

  19. branco44444444

    C'era una volta la Musica con la M maiuscola ... e le emozioni si moltiplicavano ad ogni nota fino a farti volare. Che nostalgia ...

  20. Kelvin Jones

    That horn section at bridge

  21. Randy Barnett

    This is my favorite jermaine song, 2nd is tell me I'm not dreaming 👍☺☺☺

  22. Flyy Girl

    Jermaine has somehow gotten into my blood stream & he does things to my body lolll 🌚🥰 & I like it

  23. Terrie Bartlett

    My love for you is Real Jermaine Jackson.

  24. thomas bridges

    He look like Michael Jackson is he related to Michael Jackson due to his last name?


    Him and Michael jackson are brothers. You must be young not knowing who The Jackson 5 are.

  25. John Kemet Shabazz El


  26. Nedra Berry

    Southern University of Baton Rouge marching band brought me here after watching a clip from the bayou classic

  27. Greg Dodson

    I hear this in the grocery store all the time now lol. Memories

  28. Eric Melendez Battle

    Jermaine could been the king of pop


    Jeremaine was more contemporary r&b. He did mostly romantically adult music like Babyface, Marvin Gaye and Ronald Isley did.

  29. حنانه سادات حمیدی

    Jermaine Jackson 😚😙😚😙😚😙😚😙😚😙😚😙😚😙😚😙.....

  30. Angus Jones

    This song makes me really happy. It just has a slight euphoric tone to it I guess. In the first line when he does his "woo-oo-oo-oo" thing, in my head I think something like "Go on Jermaine".

  31. Angus Jones

    Jermaine's music is massively underrated isn't it.

  32. Fatimah Lee


  33. TheRantingCabby

    If you've ever wondered just how big hair can get, just look back at the 80's.

  34. Shyann1

    F*** I loved this song too !!!! Hottt

  35. annie Golden

    I love him-his voice is so calm and soothing and he look so fine!!!

  36. Ozlem Yildirim

    He is not singing live.

  37. VCR Time Machine

    This was a great song, but videos could make or break your success in the mid-80s and this video may have been a little too cheesy

  38. Michael wiselka

    really love this song, I was hearing it in the springtime that year it was released. And it will always remind me of this time of year

  39. Janice Mayo

    This song. takes me way back OMG love it

  40. G GG58

    Oh WOW.............. So 80s FAB!

  41. Brandi Webster

    i love you jermaine jackson

  42. Ravel Shaffer

    SU Human Jukebox brought me here!

  43. Robert Cummings

    I THINK/KNOW IT'S LOVE, Jermaine!

  44. Regi Moonk

    being sexy must be ilegal, boy! JERMAINE IS HOT!!

  45. James Meredith III

    I have to say.... This Jermaine Jackson song is one of my favorites. They just don't make songs like this anymore. And that's a DAMN SHAME.

  46. Reginald Dove

    I remember dancing with a girl to this song at the sadie hawkins dance in 1986...I got that kiss!!!

  47. memyself4ever1

    I haven't seen this video in over 30 years since the early days of BET. Nostalgia!

  48. Linda Wash

    This song is hot!

  49. Holly Kinkade

    I haven't seen this video since I was a kid.

  50. Jeffrey Lyons

    My favorite hit song by him.

  51. bvito 2020

    I loved this one the moment I heard it when it came out. Still do

  52. Troy Crane

    This is a great upbeat tune!

  53. The Black Knight

    This is a happy song :-) for sure

  54. Kate Thomas

    Im still listening 2 jermine an the jacksons till this day

  55. m mm girl الله لطيف بعباده

    Is Michael still alive?


  56. MrInnervisionz

    If I have said it once, I've said it a million times, Jermaine Jackson, Rick James & El DeBarge are the 3 most underrated singers, songwriters, producers & multi-instrumentalist in the history of the music business!  There is absolutely no damn reason why, Rick James, & Jermaine Jackson shouldn't be in the R&RHOF .  You can add Teena Marie & El DeBarge as well !

    DJ Gary

    Jermaine is in there as a member Of J5 and wait Rick not in there? WTF

    Paul Hue

    DJ Gary His point is that Jermaine belongs I the R&RHoF on his own. The biggest omission is Rick James, followed close behind by Teena Marie, then El DeBarge. Michael was one of the first singers who never learned to play an instrument. In previous generations Frank Sinatra and perhaps Dean Martin also were singers-only. What a dreadful shame popular “music” has become (I won’t even call it music).

    Paul Hue

    I list Teena higher than Jermaine, and endorse your advocacy of El. You may have convinced me that Jermaine belongs in R&RHoF on his own, but surely Lady T is right behind Rick. I really hate that Dave Chapel joke pretty much transformed Rick James into a joke, and quite unfairly. Rick for a few years competed with Prince, and Prince even took some concepts from Rick.

  57. Bennett BB

    The Drummer is Lezlie Mogell, Solid Gold Dancer during seasons 4-5 on Solid Gold!!!

  58. Terrell Washington

    Jermaine Jackson came up with a really smokin' ass white-hot hit song with I THINK IT'S LOVE. This came from the 1986 album, PRECIOUS MEMORIES. Ironically, this was the last album that was out with Hazel as his wife.

  59. film królowa

    I love this song

  60. Tammy Terrell

    I LOVE ALL MY JACKSONS>>>From Rebbie all the way down to Janet......


    Tammy Terrell me too !!!

    Myscathycandoit 1

    Me three. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  61. jr an kk Robinson

    love this song jermaine has made nice music

  62. TheMichaelJacksonBlogDE

    I love it ! This video looks like a mix of a Prince and a James Brown Concert ...

    Lewis Pope

    hi babe it is that mean piggy back

  63. Perla Jimarez

    nice song! i love it XD+

  64. Anoushka Rei

    Awesome!!!!Long live the 80s!!!!🙆

  65. Emma Poulmarch

    oh my god <3

  66. Don't Sleep!

    Always loved this by him.....nice!

  67. Lisa Cunningham

    Wow, this is awesome! And Robert Palmer thought he had the best backup band!


    Alexander O'neal Did. #Criticize lol.

    DJ Gary

    Lisa Cunningham Robert had robot's 😃

  68. Jim B.

    My favorite Jermaine Jackson song....

    Jim Thompson

    Another forgotten 80s gem that's definitely going into my iTunes music collection.

    Javier Prado

    +Jim Thompson A lot of his music is unfortunately forgotten. Even many of his bigger hits.

    Jim Thompson

    Thanks for reading my comment.

    Javier Prado

    @Jim Thompson no problem

    Stangboy Jones

    Love the Afro Sheen hair.

  69. sammie smith

    Was a classic in my estimation back in 1986.

    Terry G

    Yeah, Brings back some memories at TSU in Houston. Good ole days.

  70. 1018miamidrive

    "I think its love darling, I really do" I use to love this song as a kid. Had no idea what I was singing but, the music and rhythm i loved and knew all the words.

    Idalee Plater

    I've always loved this song. It definently makes you dance and feel good.

  71. T Martin

    This is one of the those top HBCU Marching band cuts. Easy to do drills to. Lots of horns, arrangement was killer


    you hit the nail on the head with that one. agreed.

    Freddy Williams

    LOVE those horns......You don't see or hear that anymore


    I've only heard THEE Southern University Human Jukebox play this cut. We make it fit just right.

  72. Marcio jackson

    a love you Michael Jackson


    +Marcio jackson it's Jermaine Jackson here

    Damien Lomax

    yo is so rude and ignorance and also disrespectful like really thought y'all Michael fans from 1987-2009 need stay on Michael Jackson videos pages y'all hate his brothers so much that y'all go on they videos site and compare and say dumb stuff where does Michael come in or have anything to do with Jermaines video most people that are on hear are supporting him and giving him good reviews and comments your the only eyeball who is say I love you Michael Jackson go to a Michael Jackson video you don't see no say they love Jackie Tito Jermaine Marlon or Randy and you never will its all Michael there no Jackson 5 no Jacksons maybe a little Janet here and there but it's all about Michael enjoy cause you don't belong on here cause this is not about Michael


    Marcio jackson that is disrespectful though Stop comparing michael to his brothers

    John Jackson

    Damien Lomax ..Agree 100% them Michael fan's can be very disrespectful to the rest of his brothers and sisters. JERMAINE. Randy very talented and very musically talented..jackie .tito .Marlon talented also. this is Jermaine youtube station. if them mj fan's don't like Jermaine or the other Jacksons GET OFF their video station in find mj music. stop being so disrespectful. negative when it comes to the other Jacksons. Michael wasn't the only talent Jacksons and Randy very very musically gifted.Randy can play all types of instruments.people never want to give the other Jacksons credit for nothing if it's not mj..forreal it was only mj dancing that caught people eye..JERMAINE has had #1hits he wrote alot of people music debarge.stephanie mills.whitney Houston her early years etc. and they became #1hits.. JERMAINE made alot good music.folks just didn't take the time and listen to JERMAINE. Jackie. Marlon. tito .randy. all talent.mj wasn't the only one...

  73. Nicacio Varotto

    Um Jackson já diz tudo !!

  74. T. Nina Jackson

    I LOVE this song, co-written with the great Stevie Wonder and newcomer and up and rising star.... Whitney Houston on background vocals

    Brian Sullivan

    +T. Nina Jackson I guess you could call her an up-and-comer, but by the time this song hit the charts in February 1986 Whitney had already charted two #1 songs and another go to #3.


    @Brian Sullivan Don't be an asshole.

  75. RM Wilson

    His best tune, should have been a top 10.

    Arthur Seymore Jr.

    @RM Wilson I agree RM, this song should've been a top 10 hit , in my book a number 1. I love the production . i remember playing it over and over when i bought the album back in the mid eighties.

    Javier Prado

    +Arthur Seymore Jr. Well at least it was a top 20. Better than nothing

    Gregory Baluti

    @Javier Prado

    Alex Arai

    I agree with you too RM Wilson. It's a shame that such a great song was overlooked.

  76. jermaineidole

    this song make me dance !!!! <3 i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3<3

    Steve Kuo

    +jermaineidole Hello Jermain, it's DJ Steve Kuo from AM1300 Radio here

    Javier Prado

    +Steve Kuo That's not the real Jermaine lol

  77. Ronnie Perdue

    The boy skipping dont he Perdue Ronnie

  78. ronald antoine


  79. Emmie

    he is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  80. jerbojones

    This song is very catchy! Has a feel good vibe.

  81. Ronnie Perdu

    My boy JJ back I. The day per du

  82. Staci Scott

    I forgot about This Song and I don't Know Why I Love It and the Video Jermaine Jackson is the Sexiest I Love It....Lol Fan4Life.....

  83. SUMPhiB08

    Southern University Marching Band brought me here!!!

  84. Animator Devron Bliss

    This is such a catchy song, neither do I believe it's so underrated.

    Javier Prado

    Was a top 20 hit but I agree. All his music and him as an artist are underrated.

  85. Melanie Biggins

    Jermaine is the cutest Jackson brother.


    +Melanie Biggins in fact!! ;D

    7th Heaven


  86. Getrealpeeps


  87. Alexis Ewing

    The only songs I like by jermaine is: do what you do,tell me I'm not dreaming,dynamite & I think it's love.😍

    RM Wilson

    @Alexis Ewing Great songs.

    Alexis Ewing

    But eventually I discovered more of his songs. So now it's 11 songs that I like by him😊

    RM Wilson

    The songs you mentioned take me back to high school.  I felt his songs should have been top ten. :)


    +Alexis Ewing i actually know 257 songs of him... haha!! all of his songs , by counting the rare songs and unrealized songs !! :D it's been 10 months that i am a fan of him! :D

    keuangan monitoring

    how about next to you?

  88. eidil morra

    Ouuhhhhh... such a throwback.. really miss this time.. this is we called music n beat..

  89. tressy92

    Used to love this.

  90. James O

    I'm in total agreement with RestlessRick.  This song/video has a great beat and some really smokin' hot babes.  IME, Jermaine had just about as much talent as Michael.  Of all the musical era's, the 80's produced the best dance tunes by far. 

  91. RestlessRick

    I'm surprised at the low number of views and comments for this song/video.  I guess those of us who grew up listening to music like this are the only ones who appreciate this.  People are missing out because this is some great music, jmo.

    chelsea wood

    @Saifyyah Ali i agree because michael jackson and madonna are way better than miley cyrus and justin beiber :)

    Helene McNeill

    I agree


    RestlessRick hey hey my LIFE is Soul and Funk !!!

    Noor Bjurstrom

    RestlessRick, I was born in 2003 and love those songs.
    From France, love you Jermaine !


    This was a fantastic album tight production and all the songs were awesome

  92. lepoetress

    I forgot about this one!!! They played the hell outta this back in the day!! LOVE this joint right here!!

  93. Dave Wollenberg

    That brunette model mimin' trombone is the prettiest! Jermaine hit #16 in Billboard, 4-26-86. 

  94. Ray Brown

    Great feel good summer time love song...

  95. Chloe Miller

    Such old (but cool) music. :)