Jermaine Jackson - Do You Remember Me? Lyrics

Don't judge by what you see
There's a softer part of me
Girl, my life has been so cold
There were times I needed you so

Do you remember me
I'm the one who loved you long ago
Do you remember me
From the days when our hearts were young

Look deep into my eyes
There's a glow you'll recognize
Girl, I can't change the wrong that I've done
Time can't erease the love that we know

Do you remember me
I was the one
I was the one who loved you long ago
Do you remember me
From the days when our hearts were young
Do you remember me
I'm not a stranger, girl
More than just a member
Do you remember me

I was the one who was wrong no doubt about it
I was the one who broke all our dreams in two
I was the one who could lnever forget about you

Do you remember me
I was the one
I was the one who loved you long ago
Do you remember me
From the days when our hearts were young
Do you remember me
I'm not a stranger, girl
More than just a member
Do you remember me

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Jermaine Jackson Do You Remember Me? Comments
  1. Cleiton Santos Costa

    Jermanie Jackson - Do you remember me? September 2019?

  2. Ivan Carvalho

    THE best

  3. Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

    WOW......Totally forgot about this song. I had this way back then. #MEMORIES.

  4. The World's Greatest Person

    Maximum Potential brought me here.



  5. Lawrence Blue

    I remember your brother went for broke.

  6. Marcus Rob

    How on EARTH could this awesome jam only have peaked at #71 (Billboard Hot 100) and #40 (R&B) is beyond me. This must have received poor airplay and poor promotion from the label.

  7. Gabriel Heilmann

    Muito legal !

  8. jermaineidole

    it's not the album version! :) but i love it !!! <3

    dr troy turner

    It sounds like the exact version from the CD Precious Moments. me.

    Javier Prado

    +dr troy turner It's only slightly different but it's overall the same

  9. AyoCaay

    Jackson State brought me here


    +Brandon Michael Shipp me too

    Ken Ken Williams

    me too lol


    Me too lol


    Jackson State play "Do you remember Me" remix version it's on YouTube

  10. DANIEL H

    génial !!!!! depuis le temps que je la cherche !!!!

  11. Jerome Lange

    Jermaine Jackson is one of the most UNDERRATED Vocalists&Musicians EVER...

    Manuel Buccarella

    +Jerome Lange it's really! It's only the Truth!

    Javier Prado

    Yeah it's really sad. He deserves way more recognition

    Lain Warisa


    John Jackson

    Javier Prado ::So true JERMAINE very talented..

  12. Nana

    Very good song! :D

  13. 1wharfboy

    Mr Jermaine Jackson was the approachable side of Michael Jackson. Both were lead vocalists of The Jackson Five.

  14. ThePoacherz

    That ain't the half of it girlfriend! This guy put up with Michael attempting to hit on Whitney Houston. She put a quick stop to it!

  15. ThePoacherz

    Now Peskied you're not ignorant! Remember this is the hater LMP we're talking about. This is the lady who brought her ex husband on their honeymoon! I don't care what type of man you are!,You ain't gonna let a hoochiemamma bring her man to your party and let her live with you! I don't know who this Lorna Is she's got to be the biggest box of rocks on the planet! LMP not only didn't sleep in the same bed as Michael, He wouldn't let her stupid behind in the house!

  16. TBAKC

    @Nickleby2 Well I think the whole family's talented. I love all them,but I do love Michael more, he's been my favorite singer since I was in first grade.

  17. Nickleby2

    @TBAKC it is called brainwashing. We are told that only Mj was talented so we believe it. Even if the facts steer us in the face we are too blind and deaf to see or hear it. I have always loved Jermaine's voice and I love his music and I will not listen to the pack. I have all of MJ's music, only 2 jermaine's albums but the first time I heard jermaine I knew I loved him more. I like his style.

  18. TBAKC

    I dont understand why ppl dont give the other Jacksons a listen too. Michael will always be the best (he's the king) but all the Jackson family are so blessed with talent, that it's unreal. They all can blow me away. Did you guy's forget that The Jackson family is the royal family of music.

  19. MikesMyThrillerGuy

    my fav jermaine song!!

  20. StabbingKnifes

    No I don't.

  21. Wara Vilte Kirner

    i love you Jermaine!!!! i'm a fan!!!!!!

  22. dennisherm

    i love the jacksons songs

  23. dennisherm

    i love the jacksons songs

  24. lorena4mj

    @youngstar165 how do you know that, were his wife or girlfriend, tell me about.

  25. eexot

    Sounds like an excellent 80's montage song.

  26. Miriuili

    Mmmm, beauty, beauuuuty!!!!

  27. Kirby Green

    JSU played this during the late 80's and we rocked it, thanks Jermaine.

  28. 999MOOON999

    can i get the link for the mp3 file...plz

  29. Metal Gear

    @lorena4mj not to successful... hes a fuckin screw up & deadbeat father

  30. lorena4mj

    @lorena4mj You are themost ignorant because MJ was not a faggot watch LMP interview to Oprah they did not sleep in separate beds, & if he had trouble sleeping was because he suffers from Insomnia your BIG IGNORAT COCHINA WHY DON'T JUMP FROM A BUILDING YOU ARE A FAGGOT

  31. lorena4mj

    @peskied Your are more ignorant than any body and not only that youu are racist too. MJ was a faggot he had a difficult going to sleep watch the LMP interview by Ophrah, she even said he had trouble sleeping. You don't suppost to judge people unless you know the facts.

  32. lorena4mj




  34. John Bevegård

    hi love this songs great johnnyb.

  35. Izabellitaa

    he was not I was* hahah sorry

  36. Izabellitaa

    yeaahhwhy are everybody dissing Jermaine I was smoookkkkkkking hot in that picture and he has a lovely voice he didn't sing like Michael bu t why should he?? he had his own style and I love his soft voice, pure dynamite..!! I love Michael to death but I love them both no need to compare them they were unique both of them! / Izabella

  37. aGwEENapple

    Jermaine has a really beautiful, strong voice. I love it.
    And he looks gorgeous on this cover. lol *blush* =D
    Nice arms!

  38. sean doucette

    Why would u ask me that?it just baffles me how Jermaine made so much crappy music.We know he could never been a star like Michael but man his music is just awful.Marlon's solo album was better than anything ive heard from Jermaine and so was Jackie's Just Cruising song.And you would think with Jermaine being a Jackson he could have blown up bigger than say Ralph T or Johnny G but his music just sucks!

  39. sean doucette

    Jermaine sucks and it is not cause he is no Michael but u would have thought he could have had a career similar to Ralph Tresvant or Johnny Gill but he is not even close to any of the guys from N.E. who went solo.

    John Jackson

    sean doucette ::lol lol lol you just don't know good said Ralph lol lol lol lol lol lol..please don't insult Jermaine like that..Ralph lol must young.bye

  40. Ros D Music

    good style Jermaine super song soul super soul style

  41. Jack Starr

    Jernaine sang rhytm and blues,not pop.

  42. Kirby Green

    Coming from JSU the "Sonic Boom of the South" use to rock this Thanks J.J.

  43. Carrie Hunter

    ...and they got on Michael for wearing makeup...LOL Just kidding, Jermaine! I love this song...takes me back to when I was a kid

  44. TheKingOfSting32

    I love this song!!!! I first heard it in Dolph Lundgren's workout video N had to find out what it was called N who it was by! Awesome!

  45. pablohabibe

    no talent

    John Jackson

    pablohabibe ::lol lol lol aye you watching Jermaine on TV. YouTube. videos making his$$$..Jermaine ain't watching you.

  46. Grasi11

    It's a B-Side Version of the 12" remixed by John 'Jellybean' Benitez. I don't find it at discogs. Maybe it's only released in Germany. A-Side (12 Inch MIx) 7.20, B1 4.37, B2 (Dub Version) 4.56

  47. cutedingo

    this version is different from the dynamite collection i got, the original album version?

  48. lakevilleaccord

    Great song!

  49. Alejandro González

    always heard it when I was a teen, I like this song so much..!!

  50. Nasser Jihadi

    never heard it before but love it.

  51. jimi08jam

    .....I remember seeing him perform this song live at Marriots Great America!....TimeX Social Club opened up and this song rocked ! ...Ha ha ! His back up dancers were so pretty!.....1986

  52. Li Qa

    oo man they are all great the jackson family louv jermaine and michael

  53. GraniVera

    i love this song