Jermaine Jackson - Do What You Do Lyrics

I don't mind

Why don't you do what you do
When you did what you did to me?
Love was so good that it filled up all my needs

I was crazy for you
You were crazy for me
How could something so right go so wrong
My love, sweet love

Why don't you say what you say
When you say what you said anymore?
Your eyes couldn't lie
So long goodbye, close the door

I was crazy for you
You were crazy for me
How could something so right go so wrong
My love, sweet love

Tell me something I didn't do
Why did someone else have to pull you through?
Did they steal you away like a thief in the night?
Love like this must take flight

Why don't they play what they played
On the nights you danced with me?
Remember the one we made love to endlessly

I was crazy for you
You were crazy for me
And how could something so right go so wrong
My love, sweet love

Why don't you do what you do
When you did what you did to me?
Do what you do when you did what you did to me
Do what you do when you did what you did to me
Do what you do when you did what you did to me

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Jermaine Jackson Do What You Do Comments
  1. Leidenschart Passion

    Could anyone refer to me the version that has the Asian string or something like that?

  2. Sapphirejewals

    What a Clapback!

  3. 657BIueArmy

    So are we meant to think Jackson is the gangster boss, or is it the short bloke who has a great gangster boss look about him? I can't work out the hierarchy here.

  4. 657BIueArmy

    What is it about birds from that part of the world, having such bulbous foreheads as 1man or whatever she's called? I swear I can spot a Somalian from 100 paces just because they remind me of a long stick with a 150 watt light bulb on top. No offense.

  5. hello kitty


  6. John Ashley

    One of my favorite videos from the 80's. Mini Godfather movie.

  7. sylvester quast

    What a strange video.

  8. Bobby Martin

    I love this song

  9. Octavia Wilson

    He was sexy as hell😍😍😍

  10. Farshad Fouladi

    Always loved Iman. She was so hot.

  11. Kristal Price

    You should keep are real it painted on. There with a sharpe

  12. Kristal Price

    Such a good song dec 30 2019 monday 🙄🙄🙄😩😀😀😀😀😗😗😗😗

  13. alvin Sabbagg

    Hey Johnny C, U 4got also the oldest sister Rebbie was ruling the airwaves wit Centapeed 1984. Go check out the vid bruuh😁😁

  14. Cynthia B

    Back when you leave a grease stain where ever you sit or lay.💯😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. alvin Sabbagg

    Lol, i believe her. They did force her. She wouldn't lie.😜

  16. Lovely Givan

    His voice is GORGEOUS

  17. Michelle 68

    Iman 😍 oh man before michael video 😅

  18. B Morgan

    Y'all give it up for RANDY WATSON!!!! This was a good song, & video though. 😁👍🏾👌🏾

  19. Sista Scrap

    This is such a smooth, beautiful love song. I haven’t heard this in so long OMG. Damn Jermaine looks so sexy.

  20. Erik S

    Jermaine was too much in these lovesong like things...
    ... he should have taken more inspiration from his brother, focussing on more up pace music and streetdancing

  21. mariza garcia

    There’s a hole in the story. How jermain found out she was been a traidor. How come he don’t look sad

  22. mariza garcia

    IMAN. Was to skinny.

  23. Beatrice Nkundwa

    Wonderful party song.

  24. Renee Harris

    Iman is SO beautiful

  25. Sarah Martinez

    This brings me back to my record days this song and Kenny Roger's "Lady", Heatwave's "Always and Forever" were my song's!

  26. Josiah Shade

    This song isn’t good
    He’s trying a bit too hard
    He needs something natural


    I did not even know, he song this song. i thought a real popular white boy, with a nice voice, song this...MTV. i had no idea it was Jermaine

  27. Noj Rpaico

    The Usher of the 80s

  28. Odus Aiguobs

    Nice song ever green watching 25/12/2019 odus from China 🇨🇳

  29. Vincent Williams

    Before he started using fish grease on his head

  30. Madison Bleu

    I forgot how fyne Jermaine was! Definitely underrated as an artist.

  31. Chelsea Bella Gallo

    When videos were extra long.
    I used to love this song..

  32. Canadian Awareness

    My top 3 fav song of all time. I kid you not, every time i have a heartbreak, i play this.. hits into my DNA..

  33. jesse soares

    Brasil 2019

  34. Reinaldo Leopoldino

    Alguém também curtindo esse clássico, dezembro de 2019.

  35. Cindi Gonzalez

    This is one of those songs that makes me think about someone I never even got the chance to love.

  36. bklyn 2Miami

    I’m looking for tai Kwon doe

  37. dre52370

    WOW i havent seen this video in YEARS!!!!
    Darryl In DC

  38. Pharow Smith

    Mike had a twisted fantasy of his whole family

  39. Alexandre Rossado

    Lindona música linda

  40. Marci Hill

    Why don’t you do what you did to meeeeee...

  41. Alexander Junger

    Canta bem mais igual ao irmão jamais michael Jackson e único tanto que depois dos Jackson Five o único a fazer Carreira solo que fez sucesso

  42. Emerson Alves


  43. Tina

    Looks and talent 🎥

  44. Gorgeous Lady

    You can't even get a person
    To reply back on a dating
    Website!. You will never
    Have instant attraction
    And you move in with
    A person the same day
    You met them!.
    Not in 2019!.

  45. perivaldo junior Oliveira

    Qualidade pura

  46. perivaldo junior Oliveira

    Suingueira e balanço ! Muinto boa música

  47. Barbara The Queen

    I was so in love with Jermaine. He was so fine. I use to have dreams about Jermaine.

  48. Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi

    He gone leave your ass for a white girl

  49. Linda Massey

    Better music.....then this music wat has been played on radio aloud ov crap now says 😋

  50. No1 No1

    This video was the $#!+ back in '84 --- and I must admit that I was rockin' a wife beater with suspenders. And Jermaine's album of the same name was kickin'. And all I knew was that Iman was a fine azz black women . . . never knew she was Somali . . . back then, we didn't care! Such a beautiful and intimate song --- and time. #Bringemback

  51. Lisa Sands

    I miss my love

  52. Emmanuel King

    Iman 🔥
    Jermaine's vocal on this track 👌
    Song ❤


    Lyrics says it All

  54. cgtalk !

    Now we have mumble rap. Lol. Pharmacies have rot the brains.

  55. Não vivo de hipocrisia ponto

    Ainda bem que nasci entre o século 20 e 21 amiguinhos


    "Peccato.magari la prossima volta"

    still ringing in 2019

  57. Gwendolyn Small

    Omg , I didn't know he sung this ...i love dis..i thought Lionel Richie did this ....GREAT JOB . MR JACKSON

  58. Jeremiah Daniel

    He looked better than Michael

  59. Sheila Garrett

    I wonder was he singing this to Whitney...they dated

  60. Khaotic Kool Breeze

    THIS song WILL NEVER get old no matter how many life times have passed. Jermaine got some real mad singing skills under his belt.

  61. Sandra Young

    This is the kind of song you can sing word for word

  62. Sandra Young

    Damn wish I had the cd this would stay on repeat in my truck,I got the cassette but cant figure out how the heck to turn on the cassette/cd/radio.I lost the booklet

  63. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    This is such a good song

  64. ray turner

    Where did the time go? I grew up on this MUSIC and I was a little boy when MTV first came out!!!!! The music they play now in 2019 sounds like crap.

  65. Sharon Rook

    Jermaine's needs to make more music.. that's was great!

  66. Joe Jones

    This is one of jermaine Jackson's greatest songs...I used to slow dance to this song, and fell in love with my wife, for 36 years and counting...All Right...

  67. Amina Ali

    What a good looking man

  68. Dionne Lowe

    Tis is forever my jam. I love this song. Jermaine is everything 🙌🏾❤

  69. JaguarBlack

    I didn't understand this when I was young but now that I'm so older than I was I know now that they're about to throw that bitch over the bridge

  70. Thundercat

    Shoot...maybe we need to bring Jheri curls back... sigh

  71. Alan Mendonca

    Kkkkk esse é um Michael Jackson de outra galáxia...

  72. Benita Rayner

    Back when Jermaine was cute before his face got all those craters and he got that plastic hairdo!

    Dee Eley




    Diamond Unicorn




  73. Aesthetically Unique

    Classic! In the past this song made me think that Jermaine had the vocal ability to go Solo too.

  74. Billy Times

    One beautiful song still listening in 2019


    So true

    Thelovely One


    Velvet Rose

    Those who appreciate GOOD, Meaningful music....... will still listen to this in 2029.
    They know the difference between GOOD and Popular at the time.....
    think I'm lying?
    Without Googling it.....When was Do What You Do...... released?
    Also without Googling it.....Name ONE "GOOD/Meaningful" song from 2018, you will still listen to in 2029.......I'll wait?

    Alan Homobono

    *Songs truly great are always remembered.*

  75. Puddie Simms

    I use to sing this all the time .




    KOY OWENS and don’t take it personal was the shit

  77. Ruben Dario


  78. Letavia Bryant

    This is my first time listening to this

  79. Orlando Carrero Lopéz

    It just hits un My ❤️

  80. Stephanie Bellars

    wow back when Jermaine used soul glow now he uses sharpies lol

    Shemeika Perry



    Unfortunately the hairline doesn’t stay forever

    lawrence carr


    Simply Keyia


    Edu Blaktone

    Soul glow o😅😅😅 oh u bad😂😂😂😂

  81. Claudia Santos. Soares

    Epoca boa que não volta mais. Tempo que se ouvia músicas maravilhosas. Hoje só se escuta merda.

  82. crazyleg2006

    Used to love this one...

  83. London Wells

    Happy birthday to the talented Jermaine Jackson!

  84. daveyork0

    Gotta have guns going off and being flashed around to make things appeal to Americans

  85. Justin Unsworth

    Wow. Sounds like a man version of Michael!!!!

  86. TheWhereyouare

    He used to be fiiiiiine.

  87. Dani T

    Is emmitt stussy stole his looks or he is the first one? Their style looks similar.

  88. kittens

    My God, i forgot how incredibly SEXY the rest of the Jackson boys are😍 (Mike being #1)

  89. Hector Sandoval

    Back when music was bitchin

  90. burst k. elio

    I Love this music ❤

  91. Erika Rodrigues

    Um musicão desses,bicho...
    É viciante!

  92. Shunda Golston

    2019 still jamming it

  93. Kazo Alhaji

    The only Mike's album I love is off the Wall album and may be a few songs from the Thriller album. l prefer Jermaine's music and voice to Mike's. Real RnB, not too much a fan of Pop!

  94. pamela melo

    why did she try to kill him?

  95. brunobelz

    I would die without knowing Michael’s brother sang This...

    Thelovely One