Jermaine Jackson - Come To Me (One Way Or Another) Lyrics

You smiled at me
It was instant ecstasy
And I know for sure
I'm not gonna let this feeling show
Then you slipped away
And left me dreamin' every day
How could this be
When love was all right there for me
Seems like your love's a melody
All this time it has haunted me

Girl you go to come to me
Come to me
You're gonna have to come to me
Come to me
One way or another
Come to me
Come to me
You're gonna have to come to me
There's no gettin' around
Gettin' around me
There's no gettin' around
Gettin' around me

Ooh you're in the air
Girl I feel you everywhere
I heard you call my name
Turning 'round and you're not there
Looks like love is just a memory
A memory is not enough for me

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Jermaine Jackson Come To Me (One Way Or Another) Comments
  1. I Hate Google

    There's no getting arou-ound!

  2. michelle S

    Very underrated tune!!!! Who's listening to this in Nov 2019 😁

    I Hate Google

    I cant stop playing it, this song is underrated af reminds me of my childhood

  3. Jayson Chatman

    This is my jam

  4. Daud Yussuf

    Njo kwangu Swahili language 2019

  5. Ally Kassim

    From swahili speaking country, Tanzania, so proud, NJOO KWANGU. Aug 2019

  6. Trust channel

    wasafi wamenileta hapa leo

  7. Rory Brewster

    Jermaine's at his best......

  8. salum said

    Aah it's impossible to reverse life,was a big song,remember my Daddy Boncity RIP

  9. Tommy Keith


  10. Linda Bishop

    🐝 N E C T A R 🐝

  11. Chellie Z.

    This song just randomly popped in my head and here I am!!! Love this song

  12. MJIB Michael Jackson In Black

    His very best

  13. Alec Duguid

    classic tune..... still playing this... 2018

  14. FlamesAt1000ft

    This was and still is my jam!!
    Kinda helped my mood swings since I reside in Asia...( ☝🏾and yes,..I know the track is African influenced!..)
    Nice tune from Jermaine!

  15. Alec Duguid

    such an underrated and under played track..... This is a BIG TUNE

  16. Darrell Sadler

    I still cherish the album this song derived from!

  17. s n a z z y h a n k.

    This one !!!!! Still digging this. I’m sure if there was any other African sounding influences, American music had not gotten hip to this...It was a major ear opening for me. I believe between this and most of Stevie Wonder’s The Secret Life of Plants got me interested in world music. I listened to this a looooot

  18. Alec Duguid

    Such an underrated tune.... BIG BIG TUNE

  19. sabri belagrouz

    Une des plus belles chansons que j ai entendu... one of the best song that i've ever heard

  20. Tarkeema Lewis

    my exhusband stole this CD

  21. Henry Luis


  22. Tammy Terrell

    One of his best albums

  23. Mortal Green

    God was looking for this tune for ages more than 15 years ,thanks for sharing it ,had lots memories with my sister who passed away in 1999 and used 2 sing it to her ,one of the best songs cheers thank you for sharing it.peace...

  24. Ms. Complexbeing4life

    Ive been looking for this song so long that i started to believe i imagined it in my mind.

    MusicLover P

    Tamisha Williams
    you are very welcome.☺
    I remember back in the days when they played this in the clubs great times

    MusicLover P

    Tamisha Williams Oh by the way have you heard songs from Tito Jackson album Tito Time? if not it's also on Spotify I'm sure you'll like them as well.☺

    Ms. Complexbeing4life

    I will litsen to it tomorrow. I just listened to the one song. You know how a song just comes to your mind for years and you can't catch the title. That's what happened with that song.

    MusicLover P

    lol I totally understand ☺


    Hi Tamisha seems like my work here is done Enjoy FN :-)

  25. crystal frierson

    LOVE, LOVE, Looooooooooooove this song.

  26. Brenda Edwards

    I love Jermaine songs

  27. Shawn Mcfadden

    There's a lady I met in Thailand I want to sing this to. I like her that much. I actually have this album, and came across this one by accident.

    Marys Line1969

    did you ever get your love from Thailand?


    Adoro essa música. apesar de ser o álbum mais premiado da carreira de Jermaine, infelizmente esta canção não foi muito executada nas rádios do Brasil . Mas valeu!!!

  29. Richard Tucker

    I wore this out back in the day! Highly underrated and underplayed in the clubs. Shoulda been a much bigger hit for him.


    Richard Tucker Bruh!!!! said it!..word!!...How did this track not do it for him as tunes did for Michael?...A good promo vid/short film should have done the trick!!...even MTV could have been down wit’ it due to the “Funky Oriental Vibe” it grooved!!...👍🏾👨🏾

    P.S...missing Michael.... plus the Jacksons performances everyday!
    Thanks to YouTube we can revisit those day though!...💐

    MusicLover P

    It wasn't underplayed in the clubs here in New York

  30. Irene Wynne

    Love xx

  31. Donna Star


  32. Dj Issar

    Njoo Kwangu Nija moja .. Swahili language .. Incase if you don't know !!!

    Dj Issar

    walter kibbs thanks kwa correction

  33. Emmie

    <3 Jermaine... i love you


    Impossible to sit still to this joint !!!

  35. Nazifi Ado

    Just like yesterday

  36. underyourskin

    One of his best..


    Quality stays..

    Telly's Muse

    yes childhood memories boy i tell ya. one of my faves❤❤❤❤👌🎤

    Uncle Rho

    Amazing song!!!

    Rory Brewster

    This was Jermaine's best work IMO.....was stationed overseas in the PHILIPPINES at the time.....great memories.....84-87.......

  37. Theodore Pendergrass

    Jermaine always had some decent albums.

  38. Jeffrey T'challah Johnson

    You Krazee $onn !!!! Hawt Track !!!!

  39. 1980Triumph

    My fav off the album, possibly more than Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin

  40. Delia Barker

    Damn fine piece of music. Classic, masterful, outstanding tuuuune!!!!!

  41. afroblack1000

    i love the beat

  42. joan rico

    i love this cd & it was the bomb & i found it on hastings .com

  43. Jeffrey T'challah Johnson

    I'm Baaaaack

  44. tara3870

    I love this song. I wore it out when I was 14. Great tune & still can't get enough of it. THANK YOU!!!

  45. Jeffrey T'challah Johnson

    The Funk Is Strong With This One . . . Jermaine Really Came With It . . Roots Rockin Vocals . . Majestics on The Lyrical . . . Extremely Well Performed ! "Shine On" Whoever Posted This Magic

  46. Titaan359

    I love this song....thanks for the post.

  47. afroblack1000

    @ishine845 . You're very welcome

  48. ishine845

    @afroblack1000 AWESOME ! ! ! THANK YOU ! !

  49. afroblack1000

    long time no hear, classic

  50. port2344chester

    FUNKNATION.. this is one underrated tune IMO..didnt get enough play! I sure do recall it.. a good friend of mine who was a local DJ in my town played this & many others. Thanksa for the flash backs.. keep em comin! Peace..Port!