Jerk - Wrong Lyrics

You think that it's easy
You think that it hurts me
You think you can hurt me
I'd love you to try
And if you can find me
And if you can see me
And if you can show me
I'd live you to try
You're fucking wrong

Its burning inside you
And then you can't argue
It tears you apart
And I can't help you
When beauty is painful
Your own eyes will burn you
And they'll always find you
Hide you

You're so fucking wrong.

I don't believe you
When all you have
Is all you know

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Jerk Wrong Comments
  1. Paweł

    This band is the best!

    Jimmy Rose

    Paweł thanks. But aw man that sucks.


    Sorry, but who is this aw ?

    Jimmy Rose

    Paweł I was saying aw man, like I was disappointed... Like "awww man"


    Ok i understand.Thanks for You answer.

  2. Nue Houjuu

    I would die for a hardcopy of their album, but it's like fucking 100€+ ...

  3. Adam Rowles 666

    I'd fucking love you to try and stop me playing this album, your so fucking wrong.

  4. baddok1

    Its because the singer was fired due to drug problems, and it just fell out the ass since then.

  5. Joseph Miranda

    Fuck yeah, long live Jerk.

  6. melinoz1

    because people didn't see or didn't appreciate.. and it's sad because they could have been the next big thing... wow.