Jerk - Just What You Need Lyrics

Don't believe in love, don't believe in hate
Don't believe in destiny or in fate
Don't believe in the future, don't believe in the past
'Cause I know that nothing lasts
I can't take that mask away
It changes every day
And everything you want from me I will take
I feel the way you need in struggling to breathe
As simple as it seems, it's just what you need
Don't believe in the drugs, I don't believe in this place
Don't believe that it's ending, don't believe your face
Don't believe that it's easy, don't pretend that it's hard
Don't believe that you loved me, don't believe who you are (don't believe who you are)
Don't believe in you, don't believe in me
Don't believe in loved, don't believe in fuck

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Jerk Just What You Need Comments
  1. PeR0kEn

    Bebep The "Ultimate" <3


    Still didn't forget him. <3333333333 I FUCKIN LOVE WOTLK FIRE MAGE WITH THE REFLECT SKILL

  2. Repent In Reprise

    I'm also very sorry I took so long responding to your comment. I didn't mean to give you a thought that I was ignoring you. I wanted to give you what I came upon, and I wasn't going to bullshit you with it, so here I worked on searching for them (:. Once again Umiami.... dude, like listen to their song "Entertained" Holy shit that tripped me out and make me shudder and shiver.... Jerk is completely original and awesome in their originality! Entertained is one of the darkest songs I've heard.

  3. Repent In Reprise

    You know what... I think I MAY of found the other video I was talking about... look up, or once again in my favorites playlist, "Side Of My Body - Fuckers Down" The third youtube comment down is saying that they're ripping of a KoRn riff. THESE TWO EXAMPLES, Umiami.. AHEM -COUGH- Is what unoriginal bands like these two do TO RIP OFF other bands, including the creators and most original KoRn! KoRn does NOT deserve to be ripped off, and Jerk has done a good respecting their space! Leave jerk alone

  4. Repent In Reprise

    Well, I'm not sure if this video that I just found recently is the original video I found, but this one should nonetheless suffice... I also came across this by just searching around on related videos on the right hand side, like I did the one I was telling you about. So, according to people in the comments section of this one, they're ripping off a riff and chord. Either look in my "Favorites #3!!!" or type in "KoRn" - My Fold (KoRn Ripoff band).

  5. Repent In Reprise

    Totally true. Obviously this person has no idea about the concept of influence and origins of music. There was this one song that ripped off KoRn's riff of "Somebody Someone" and it was just... mindblowing when I had heard the riff... I was like What the fuck..... Now THAT is ripping off a band! If I find it, I'm going to give you the link and title and time they start the riff.

  6. Isaac Nelson

    ripping off other bands would be using some or all lyrics or using similar or the same guitar chords drums etc what you are listening to is a band that was likely influenced by those bands and by the way korn manson rob zombie was influenced by other bands don't speak if you don't know what the fuck your saying this band is underground for a reason and yes i love all those mentioned above this is not in any way copying

  7. U Miami

    Living Dead Girl theft. This band just rips off Zombie, Korn, Manson and expects to get away with it?