Jerk - I Hate People Like That Lyrics

Don't you want me? To like you more if you could save me but I forget the reason why you think I
should care. It's not my
problem I'll call you when I want some but, I forget the reason why you think I should care I
hate people like that 'cause people
like that treat you like that I hate people like that cause people like that treat you like that
when they want something it's
like you're psycho I tried to talk about it but no you wouldn't listen when I said it was all
gets better it's time to let it go
you're only breathing 'cause I say so and I can tell you that it still won't get much better I
hate people like that 'cause
people like that treat you like that when they want something I hate people like that 'cause
people like that treat you like that
when you've got something I hate people like that when people like that treat you like that
you've got to put your fist in and
now you're frozen caught in the headlights of the chosen but I'll still be here baby when it all
gets better hey man that's way
cool face down in your success pool now all the bitches in the world wont make you better I hate
people like that 'cause people
like that treat you like that when you've got something I hate people like that when people like
that treat you like that you've
got to put your fist in they say life's what you make it they say life's what you make it they
say life's what you make it

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Jerk I Hate People Like That Comments
  1. Stacey Lyn

    Omg memories

  2. Gacha Midnight

    I just found this band out and i got to have the album,this band rules!

  3. Scott I'Anson

    Jerk was my first ever mosh pit

  4. GaRyan R

    best BAND ever

  5. Ruzica aka Rose

    I saw them live and met them in the mid 2000's sometime in a town called diamond creek \m/(>_<)\m/ wow what a memory!

  6. GaRyan R

    best music EVER ...Yes to truth

  7. MegaMm76


  8. ChillyB

    How did they only have one album :<

  9. Francis Stevens

    He looks creepy...

  10. Jackson B

    Can't find them on Spotify which is really dissapointing. Love this band, first heard them on NFS sucked in is a great song. Such a shame they only released one album.

  11. Declan Forrest

    Best Australian industrial rock band... although that's a pretty shallow pool.

  12. Ryan Jackson-Saw

    GG Allins pretty cousin

  13. fullblooded64445

    Story of my life

  14. Mike Nolan

    isaw em live with this song @the arena (brizz vegas) opening for ICP . mad kuntz


    Me too but in Melbourne

  15. Killer Kevill

    After years of not hearing this song, it randomly ran through my head at work a few weeks ago and I've come here to listen to it here or there... All these years, it's still in my head. They did something right.

  16. sizknac mc

    Cant believe I found this after so long....I still crank Jerk all the time..their album goes down as one of the greatest!!!! Sydney Metal \m/

  17. The Stinky Dwarf

    the singer looks like a vampire extra from a Blade movie :)

    saw them support Disturbed back in the early 2000s and they were awesome live - that show convinced me to buy their album the next day!


    funny thing is he was the drummer in Lestat's band in the Queen of the Damned movie.


    Same here I was at that gig haha 🤘🤘

  18. Andrew Heil

    reminds me so much of Static-X

  19. chris myers

    These guys were nuts live

  20. BroWTF

    When I listen to this song I think about rich snobby people that turn their nose up at working class people like me.


    TBH his vocals sounds like the Queen of the damned fusion of Korn and Marilyn Manson.. Not a bad thing.. but I hear the influence

    Wizard of Aus

    These guys were out way before korn were out so maybe they influenced korn?


    he was the drummer in Lestat's band in Queen of the damned weirdly enough.

    Jacob Clark

    @Wizard of Aus korn formed In 93 and jerk formed in 98.. so I doubt it

  22. Lewis Bush

    linkin park sping to mind cause the singer don't know his name looks like chester bennington

  23. MeAndMyself

    the song of my teenager years... :)))

  24. johnetsio

    they say lifes what you make it

  25. CHAFFY6

    good shit 

  26. Darkmoon0999

    I love the singers voice, great band, too bad theyve broken up :(

  27. raven23445

    check out melody black it is the band he created after INK

    Blake Morris

    He also had a stint as the vandolls singer, every band he's been in has rocked.

  28. GamerDares Wins

    What ever happened to these guys?


    The band broke up in 2004 :(

    GamerDares Wins

    Really? They lasted that long.


    @Steven Pounsett Devoy had a band called Melody Black though but from what I've heard he recently got kicked out of it over childish issues

    GamerDares Wins

    @Archimedes Eyre I never even saw that movie..

  29. Repent In Reprise

    Their whole album "Pure is Defiled" Which is brought to you by You tuber xxFireofPainxx is fantastic! Starting with "Just What You Need" (:

  30. Franck Payen

    Heil the peasants!

  31. PacosTacosPendejo

    Oh hell fucking yeah! Why haven't I heard of this band? Now I got a reason to throw beer bottles! I don't care if you dumbfucks repost this negativity cause I hate people like that too!

  32. sirbadass1234

    Well, that was fucking metal

  33. thunder1soldier

    Saw them open for Manson on the Grotesque Burlesque tour yeeeears ago.

  34. Megan Raber

    Its 3:15 am when my neighbors come home making all kinds of noise. They then proceed to speak loudly for the next 20 minutes and then it happens....... I snapped. So I played a special song for them at a rather high volume (the loudest my speakers could go actually) They are now quite as church mice.

  35. Archaosthegemfish

    Same here!! I hate people like that!!

  36. Deeana

    OH EMM GEE!!! My Name Is Deeana And I LOOOVVVEEE This Band!!!

  37. Jay Mcgrath

    John and Leeno are now in a band with members of Ink Called Melody Black check it out guys!

  38. 71KfordED

    the singer Jonathan along with two other members of Jerk are now in the band INK, progressive rock check em out on youtube :)

  39. TheDanCarr

    Does anyone know I can buy or download this this album

  40. mrgordonplaysdrums

    This is pretty lame.

  41. Hedphelym

    i hate people in suits too.

  42. MadPrince567

    @raven23445 lol clever

  43. MissQueenVee

    This is such an awesome song. Pity there isn't much around like this now.

  44. Lynel Simpson

    wow i havent heard this in years and i didnt even know they were aussies (Y)

  45. raven23445

    i hate people like that to jerk

  46. gene parra

    this yes is music.........

  47. Nfinety8

    2:16 singer turns ninja.

  48. pandorasghost999

    I liked them because they didn't sound mainstream. Not to me at least. Its one of those that u have to listen to as loud as u can. Don't Hate.

  49. WomanMassive

    I hate bands like this

  50. ThePraetorian82

    These guys are fuckin insane live. Id love to see them play again.

  51. melinoz1

    these guys were awesome live so all the fuckers that have bad things to say should go and fuck themselves. Theres never been a band so brilliant live, fuckyou all.

  52. lani ghilotti

    i haven't heard this song for years...
    wish i didn't get rid of their album...

  53. LikeAnR6

    I just hate people..

  54. DJxOCEANx

    The lead vocalist reminds me of Devin Townsend.

  55. Lord Hagar

    Saw Melody Black a few days back -- quite a worthy show -- Devoy sounds very different to his days in Jerk

  56. MesoAsian

    The drummer from Queen of the Damned??? Just kidding.

  57. Levin Street LP

    like and fav :) because i hate people like that too

  58. MasamuneShinto

    @darkrealm666 Damn straight it's a shame. The best parts of NIN and Marilyn Manson all rolled into one. It's a crying shame.

  59. Davina Italiano

    @Celphirio I'm sure it does...But seriously, we don't want to hear about your private life... O.k, you can go & stick it back in now,lol...

  60. Davina Italiano

    @haryPSP Ha! Yeah, I'll go up & say, er, hey "Jerk"?lol...

    I'll look like such a try hard fan,lol...

  61. Jason Settle

    Not sure of the singers ability but it could maybe be mainstream(obviously not what some of u die hards want), just change the lyrics/attitude... "pyschos" on the shirt, that means ur pyscho btw... lol

  62. Davina Italiano

    I swear I see this guy all the time in Newtown, He's hot... :0)

    I know they're australian....So it's probably him...

  63. TalonsCage

    Jerk has somewhat reformed and are now called "Ink". They have some utube vids up so check them out. "Beautiful Weakness" is my fave :D John and Leeno are also in Melody Black who have started touring a little. Enjoy :)

  64. תשובה


  65. GravemindLFX

    what the fuck is this?!!? Its Fukken Uber Awesome


  66. andthependulum

    fuck; i miss jerk, fave song by them nxt to disintegrating

  67. Anne McLaren

    <3 GRRRrrrrr Love it!

  68. drievy

    I was just having an arguement with some idiotic little girls and thought that I need to listen to something that fits my mood. I clicked YouTube on and it suggested this song to me. GREAT! Absolutely! Saved my day! \m/

  69. OGRAP

    i dun fukin lisn to fuckin this genre ,but i can fukin feel dis shit right here !!!

  70. Rc-Nerd

    Dont give a FUCK what they are or ARENT but when you are in a skyline hitting 125 mph fuck me its heavy

  71. urine soda

    ahaha this is not 'industrial', 'hardcore', 'punk' or 'metal'

  72. antifolkhero

    I bet this guy sings showtunes in the bathroom in a pink tutu when no one is around.

  73. Chucky Ammirati

    this song is like a punk metal. fucking sick lol i just heard of them 2day. so far i love the song "just what you need"

  74. pantaloons666

    Check out a band called INK, its the band they created when this one split up. And a giant thumbs up for this dammm song

  75. Tyler Summerville

    Its a shame that all the good bands back in this time have gone less mainstream, i miss the time when rock was rock and not just any music with guitar in it.

  76. Carrion29

    @AnGeLWiNgS93 that's because they're a different musical genre than MM :)

  77. Gaz Morgan

    good tune

  78. TheFactoryOfLight

    Do one.

  79. TheFactoryOfLight

    And so?

  80. Brain1ndustry

    Why would they kick out their singer then rejoin him in Ink?? I heard he left Jerk. I'm saying your info is false, I guess its like a divorce, always two sides of the story.

  81. digydigdogdead

    @PANCON3 damn right

  82. Andrei Pancu

    a freack af nature

  83. Andrei Pancu

    you're such a freack...:O

  84. Joelsv300

    yeah ink are ok, i like them, but they just arent what jerk was....

  85. Jack oo

    great melbourne aussie band they wernt around for long

  86. Carlos Ganjabang

    This song is fucking amazingness, anyone who say's different needs to take there thumb out of there ass and turn it up!

  87. Snoogle

    too bad they broke up years ago :(
    got to see them live once, and they fucking kicked arse!

  88. luis ruben reyes flores

    this is amazing

  89. TALIM

    il est excellent ce groupe, vraiment dommage qu'il se soit arrêté:(!

  90. lesliewoodson

    what genre would you call this band?

  91. tranquilflames

    Saw them at the Troccadero in Surfer's, not bad, shame they didn't last long.

  92. brokenboy07

    bit harsh, ink not bad live but after meeting the bassist in Utopia they've gotta be nearly 50.

  93. xNethysx

    Way to get dropped from your label, pack of losers. Hahaha. Have fun in that shitty band called Ink. Good one kicking that other douche though.

  94. Sabrina Motease

    He's so creepy, i love it

  95. Natasha Ahmed

    The vocalist is sooooooooooooo HOT.

  96. Ronalds Apple


  97. bashdkmgt

    type into google - "jerk when pure is defiled + rapidshare" then search through the results till you find a link that works. i waited for about a year to find an actual copy of the cd but lost my patience

  98. Hedphelym

    I hate WANKING like that cause WANKING like that FUCKS you like that.

  99. Fridge83

    Anyone see the irony of that statement?