Jerk - Entertained Lyrics

He remembers when you broke him in
Took away his chance to live
Kill that little boy to set him free
'Cause he had nothing to give
This filthy black and horrid bug
Crawled inside through the eyes
Nerve endings cracked
And see-through now
There is no why
Too late to save.
He hates this place
I hate this place
I hate this place

Did everything but fuck him
But hurt him all the same
Funny how it seemed to fade
Hope you were entertained.

If I stop now
I still don't sleep
When the worm turns
I still can't sleep.

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Jerk Entertained Comments
  1. joope zixzixzix

    Impeccable production and energy on this record, sad these guys never got their due. Red harvest are another band of similar quality/style if you guys wanna check em out.

  2. Repent In Reprise

    It reminds me of Coal Chambers "Apparition". I also happened to find another band... "Gazzoleen - Pornomag; No Stories To Tell." This band with these songs do this creepy eerie style. And also, "Captor - Me, Myself, And Them." Unfortunately, you can't find Captor's song on YouTube. Hopefully the guy I asked to upload it will do it soon. For now, you find a sample (unless you want to download the album if you like what you hear) on Iomoio. No worries, it's safe. I've downloaded the album myself.

  3. Repent In Reprise

    I know right!? OMFG if only more Nu-Metal bands could do this creepy ass style! :D