Jennings, Waylon - Sweet Music Man Lyrics

She said sing a song sweet music man
'Cause I won't be there to hold your hand like I used to
I'm through with you
You're a hell of a singer and powerful man
But you surround yourself with people who
Demand so little of you.

You touched my soul with your beautiful song
Even had me singin' along right with you you said I need you
Then you changed the words and added harmony
Sang the song you had written for me to someone new.

Nobody sings love songs quite like you do
Nobody else can make me sing along
Nobody else can make me feel the things are right
When I know they're wrong
Nobody sings love songs quite like you.

Sing your song sweet music man
Travel the world with a six piece band that does for you
What you ask me to
And you try to stay young but the songs are sung
To so many people who've all begun came back on you.

Sing your song sad music man
Makin' your living doing one night stands
They're through with you they don't need you
You're still a hell of a singer but a broken man.

But you'll keep on lookin' for one last fan to sing to
Nobody sings a love song quite like you do
Nobody else can make me sing along
Nobody else can make me feel the things are right
When they're wrong with a song
Nobody sings a love song quite like you.

She said, sing your song sweet music man I believe in you...

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Jennings, Waylon Sweet Music Man Comments
  1. Beth Beerens

    I love Waylon so much that I named my baby after him. my Waylon will be 23 in 2020.

  2. Dan Mcclellan

    I’m gonna take Waylon because he’s my favorite singer of all time 🤙🏻Kenny Rogers is pretty good though ✌🏻

  3. Linda Martin

    Great beautiful lovely Music🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🙏⭐️⭐️🌟🙏RIP my friend🙏

  4. Linda Martin

    Beautiful Waylon you’re the best RIP🙏🙏🌟🌟⭐️⭐️🌟🙏😪thank you for leaving us you’re
    Great music🙏🙏🙏🌟🌟🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🙏🙏🙏

  5. rob desjarlais

    Anyone listening in 2019?

  6. Serenity Folkner

    I miss my girl

  7. Wayne Starkey

    Fantastic song, real country music the Waylon way🥳

  8. Lisa Rayner

    Sure do miss this man, a true country artist that no one will ever hold a candle to. Miss you Waylon, you were the best of the best!

  9. Dallis B

    Waylon is good on sooooo many songs. This is good as well. But I like Kenny Rogers version a little more.

  10. Violet Newcomb

    Waylon is my sweet music man too ,always love .mynumber one is on the other page o

  11. Bonnie Dunlap Dunlap

    BONNIE Dunlap

  12. Jeremy Lewis

    Believe it or not this song was Written by Kenny Rodgers from a conversation he had with Waylon’s Wife Jessi Coulter, while on an Airplane flight about Waylon!

  13. Charlie's Models

    RIP Waylon And Elvis my two favorite singers

  14. Keith Wicks

    The King !!!!

  15. RAMSAY Guitar Man Prine

    For u ashe

  16. Jim Gould

    Waylon is good but nobody does this classic better than Kenny Rogers

  17. artbeau

    Nobody else can make me sing along... Adieu to a bygone era or music and America.

  18. Mervyn Higgs

    Waylon sang songs from his soul

  19. Mervyn Higgs

    He dragged country music into the 20th and 21st century we’ll never see the like again RIP Ol Waylon the best that ever was or ever will be !!!


    Fr he forced country to progress by mixing it with rock and blues

  20. Martine SANTHOIRE

    What a voice ! Wonderful , many artists sung this one , but Waylon is by far the best !

  21. Skid Louie

    A true wordsmaster

  22. donfpizza

    Waylon was one of the all-time greats. Miss this man so much but his music will live on in eternity.:)

  23. Ramsay Prine

    I think my wife of 11 years would say this one is for Ramsay. Guitar man!! I wrote her first song in 2008. Emmie there still easy to write when its about you!! Real love

  24. Billy Ray Martin

    The way I see it is you don't have to listen to what you don't like. Retards of whom put rude comments and dislike videos oughta have learned by now us real people who bypass songs or singers or genres of music don't give a damn what they think. #WaymoreForever

  25. Fax Faxon

    En av de bästa !

  26. Neil Ladd

    That's what he was with any song. Sing on mr. music man. R.I.P.

  27. richard jones

    could sing any song and make it better

  28. Linda Leake

    First time hearing Waylon singing this song,Awesome!!

  29. Bill Cassidy

    Kenny Rogers wrote this song for Jesse colter as a tribute to Waylon Jennings

  30. Joachim Brand

    What a song,one of the best.

  31. Cesar Lopez

  32. Lisa Robichaud

    This song was written about the late,great Elvis Presley <3

  33. Brian Nash

    The great Waylon!......left us a legacy of his musical genius! R I P

  34. Keith Andrew

    Watson is the baddest mf ever to strap on a geetar. He had it all: the looks, the voice, the attitude.

    Keith Andrew


  35. Squirtle The Turtle

    country cant be the same

  36. M Welch

    damn good song Waylon

  37. Serzh Qesteri

    I asked myself many times how it is possible that the late Waylon could perfectly sing all kinds of country music!

  38. Nicodemus Soria

    love ya Waylon, R.I.P

  39. Jon Wingfieldhill

    some of his family try capitalising on his name but none hold a candle to the man himself

  40. Skid Louie

    A words MASTER

  41. wambui37

    Kenny Rogers has written the song and his version is for me, along with the version of Millie Jackson, by far the best !!!!
    "for me" !!

  42. Mel Rauch

    You better grab on to these songs while we can, Because there not coming back :(  ...........

  43. idisagree61

    Waylon's version of this much better than Kenny Roger's version in my opinion!


    Funny because Kenny wrote it about Waylon 😏

    Robin Householder

    amen my friend...way better...

  44. Woffy Bryan

    Waylon was a one of a kind & the world is a better place since he left his mark on it... you're greatly missed 'Ol Waylon!!! Signed Woffy Bryan

  45. Donna Bledsoe

    He is the sweet music man! My fav. Will always love him.

  46. Marilee Denr

    one of the nicest person . played baseball with him and his band when I was a child.I met many nice people

  47. Skip Williams

    This version is good, I personally like Kenny Roger's version. You might also want to check out Dolly Parton and Alison Kruass version It is hot. I don't know who wrote this great song, however Kenny Rogeers is getting the credit.

  48. Nonnie Pitzer


  49. James Reynolds

    We need more country music like this

  50. Darla B

    I sure do miss him...

  51. craig haddock

    awesome a

  52. Cullen Pressley

    I love idiots who love Waylon I'm king of idiots

    Jovina Herrera

    Cullen Pressley 😂😀😁

  53. Ed McDaniel

    Jessie inspired this song

  54. wild stallion

    hello again idiots,i'm an idiot,were all idiots.

  55. Vytautas Burinskas

    24 idiots

  56. chuck chapman

    This is true country music! Waylon is a legend!

    Sigurd Hetland

    chuck chapman :

    Ken 1706

    Too right. Waylon was the best!

    terri cochrane

    Heart and soul is waylon and i wish to have the chance to sit down and talk with jesie an waymore in person good people 4 shure how about that idear folks mike cochrane resptectfuley

  57. CherokeeTwilight

    Now 17 idiots

  58. Jesse Kahl

    WAYLON !!! (:

  59. Paul Gordon

    either or kenny or this verson sounds very good would u people leave kenny alone hes a very good singer

    Luis Barrera

    Kenny rogers did a show in cape Girardeau missouri for like a benifit for a kids organization. The children came with bouquets of flowers to the stage. When the show was over and the ppl left kenny showed his colors about the flowers. Granted he couldnt take them all. But say nasty mean things about it. Wrong. Then an ex of mine mived to nashiville. Went to a kenny show. She and friends had backstage passes. Kenny didnt say hello. Go to hell. Nothing. Jumped in a limo and was gone. I understand this and ppl are who there going to be. But mr. Rogers. No sir. Not a nice soul.

  60. Newton Jackson

    When Waylon died, half of me died also. Love his music forever.

  61. Pansye Gibbs

    12 now waymoreblues... Not bad Hoss... Strays... Awesome song!!!

  62. Mitchy Kramer

    there ain't no one tht can top George Jones from high to he got it

    kelly aiken

    WAYLON had the first platinum and quadruple platinum on his wall in country..


    Waylon got me into Possum!

  63. patricia donald-mcveigh

    Thank you .. a very favourite by my darling Waylon !!

  64. KeeStone47

    Nobody but Waylon

  65. tamuir1

    Noone sings it like Waylon

  66. Lisa Boiter

    but Waylon is the best at any song ......

  67. Lisa Boiter

    Kenny Rogers wrote this for jessi about Waylon they were talking while travling on a plane in the 1970 s but jessi never recorded it

  68. ryan Armstrong Armstrong

    Waylon's version blows Kenny's out of the water, same with "Lucille"

    Patricia Gilliam

    Gillian Brutzki um, and it was written about Waylon.. Jessi Colter conversation with Kenny, resulted in this song. I think it's awesome that he not only sing it, but it helped him pull his head out and start doing what's right with his family. Great people, great hearts, great music.


    same with jumbalaya in my opinion

    Richard Moore

    Your thinking of another song, sorry!!!

    Richard Moore

    There is two Lucille songs

    Ryan Armstrong

    Fine time to leave me Lucille.

  69. Dan Mcclellan

    Best ever ! Period this is when country was raw and real :-)

    carrie jackson

    Dan Mcclellan true that

    Timothy Roberson

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  70. Dencil Dean

    Yes he was great one of my favorites ( A COUPLE MORE YEARS ) LOVE THIS SONG .

  71. 0011peace

    Kenny Rogers and Millie Jackson sing this song better.  This is a song but the tune and style is to upbeat


    @Robin Householder
    I respect your opinion.But, I feel the pain in the song when Kenny sings it  The song is sad song from a low time Kenny's life when he was basically phoning it in.

    Eric Melovich Sr

    This song was written by kenny about Waylon. Its a Waylon song through and through.


    @Eric Melovich Sr
    This song wasn't about Waylon it was about Kenny, himself

    Eric Melovich Sr

    No sir you are wrong. Kenny was on a flight with Jesse and she was talking about waylon which inspired kenny to write sweet music man.


    Sometimes certain songs belong to certain voices. And while I'd probably not cross the street to see a Kenny Rogers' performance and I'd sell my wife and farm to see Waylon perform just one more time again, this is one of those songs. Rogers' version sounds better to my ears than Waylon's version. Sometimes it's the first version you've ever heard that sticks with you!

  72. Ellie Lageveen

    Waylon Jennings by far the best artist in country music ever to come out of Texas.they do  not come any better.he is my husband favorite.


    I agree and he is missed but left us with his greatness !!

    John Suttles

    I named my youngest son after him

  73. Vernon Stidham

    I honestly thought NO ONE could do this song but Kenny Rogers. Boy was I mistaken! Waylon does an awesome job on this song written BY Kenny Rogers, ABOUT Waylon, after Kenny had a conversation on a plane with Jesse!

    Howard Olson

    that's not true-Rogers wrote this song when he was with the first editions, long before he went "country"

    Bret Van Voorhis

    @Howard Olson , sorry, but you are wrong. Kenny Rogers said himself that he wrote this song about Waylon after having a conversation with Jesse.

    Lane West

    @Howard Olson Why do you assume this song is "country," and that Kenny did not write it years before it was released? Happens sometimes. Music people travel in the same circles for decades.

    joe moniz

    @Howard Olson rogers said it was about jennings bret van voorhis stands correct he said it on carson

  74. verimadmags vMM

    First tme I'm really listening to this, and man, every song I hear Walon sing just hits it where it feels most. RIP and thank you for all the pleasure you gave us, Walon.

  75. Dennis Burton

    Reba does it better


    Hahaha. Get outta here....


    Then get off of here and go listen to Reba..........

    Andrea Cooler


    Charlie's Models

    Oh Hell No

  76. waymoreblues

    27 idiots saw this video!! And a small handful that don't get the joke did too! 😜

    James Gegner

    It's up to 18 idiots now.

    Matt McCorkel

    24 kids weren't raised right.

    James Gegner

    Nope. I gave this song a thumbs up, not a thumbs down. Only people such as yourself who obviously hate country music would call those of us who do appreciate good music "idiots."

    carrie jackson

    Add another idiot lol

    D Vartakas

    Waylon always

  77. dewey dodo

    well Kenny and Waylon both sing it pretty good

  78. bahe2010utube
    It says Kenny Rogers wrote/recorded it.

    Evy's Dad6302

    yes he sure did

  79. Malcolm Chatellier

    This is the Best !!

  80. D-W Fox

    This song was written by Glen Cambell, people give the wrong man credit. He wrote it specifically for Waylon and presented it to Jessi for Waylons review, he, Waylon, recorded it in Canada first. Like Leather and Lace, written specifically for Waylon and Jessi!! Awesome!!

    Ed McDaniel

    you are right

    Howard Olson

    rogers wrote this song when he was with The First Editions --long before he even knew who Waylon Jennings was-Rogers said he wrote about Waylon just to build his own ego up.

    Dorothy Cunningham

    Kenny Rogers wrote Sweet Music Man bout Elvis Presley, do some research on this
    and you will find this is correct.

    kelly aiken

    @Dorothy Cunningham that isn't true ...I have and do my homework thoroughly and Kenny wrote it about WAYLON and Reba and Hank Jr..talked about it on award night in NASHVILLE...Just like most people don't know WAYLON didn't drink alcohol..

    Mark Bryant

  81. Ira Couch

    thank you  for a great song 

  82. Jim Duff

    Waylon Jennings will never die."

    Angie hunt

    Waylon Had a voice ,he lived in his songs.

  83. Joann Taylor

    Happy Waylon Wednesday everyone have a great day.

  84. david gross

    im 40 and some of my earliest memories have a waylon song in the background he set a standard that most of them CMT bands wish they could meet! WMFJ FOREVER!

  85. Jonathon Fausett

    I grew up listening to Waylon with my dad I m 26 and he is still my favorite singer

  86. My Linh Miles

    Miss you, Waylon. Grew up with you and will grow old with you.

  87. tomato6999

    thank you i will

  88. tomato6999

    so sad i only discovered waylon around two years back. god what have i been missing. this great country singer i am trying to make up for lost years i listen to him every day. just sad that i wont see him live on stage. well not in this world anyway. god bless you waylon.

    y. o.

    be happy you have heard him.

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  90. Stop WhiteGenocide

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  91. Len Wood

    How could anyone give this a thumbs down???

  92. Brenley Forrester

    Watasha could make any song sound cool.

  93. Andy Fox

    I agree.

  94. tamuir1

    I echo hudare46b's commeny - bring on more waylon songs!

  95. geo wells

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  98. TheChief1313

    No old Hoss n Cash are my favorites.Kennys version was pop.Kenny was more country with the edition.

  99. Roger Beshears

    Kenny Rogers does not belong in the same sentence with Hoss