Jennings, Waylon - So You Want To Be A Cowboy Singer Lyrics

City light are shining like diamonds
Coming from the southwestern lows
Big jet engines screaming like ten thousand horses
Another town, another show.

I don't talk about the women that I've known from time to time
You know that I just can't be alone
You know there's no one waiting for me anywhere
That I love, like I love the one at home, love the one at home.

So you want to be a cowboy singer
It can make you rich or make you poor
Just turn it loose, let it out, and hook em' down the road
There's always room for one more.

[Waylon & Tony:]
Sometimes when I look into the mirror
I can see that I've been crazy now and then
The lines on my face won't tell you where I'm going
But it sure as hell can tell you where I've been.

So you want to be a cowboy singer
Pick them ol' guitars every night
If you're ever down around Corpus Christi Texas
Be sure to tell them all, I said, ''Hi.''
"tell 'em me an' ol' Waylon said hi.''...

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Jennings, Waylon So You Want To Be A Cowboy Singer Comments
  1. moosetruck66

    You really can't get any better than that . RIP O'l Waylon and. T. Joe

  2. Mark Yelavich

    Sorry to hear about TJW passing this year.

  3. Clinical Educator1

    HOSS and the SWAMP FOX!! It don't get any better than THIS!!!

  4. mrjodel

    R.I.P. Tony Joe White.

  5. William M Heller

    This is One Great Kick Ass Song with Waylon, Tony Joe, Awesome Drummer Richie Albright Keeping that Kick ass Beat moving. As of today 10-25-18 Tony Joe are now singing together once again in Heaven... God shared them with us long enough... Thank God for Sharing them with us to enjoy.

  6. Lawrence Smith

    So You Want To Be A Cowboy Singer Waylon Jennings and Tony Joe White is a classic song Waylon maybe gone bit not forgotten.
    R.I.P. Hoss

  7. Lawrence Smith

    Waylon and Tony great song

  8. firethorn


  9. Connor M. Music & more

    Tony Joe White plays a guitar in a few of Waylons albums

  10. kaeden crites

    Love it

  11. jimeire1

    Great song two of the best brings it all out. Thanks for sharing jessi

  12. wildthundachicken

    Great duet by two of the best. Thanks for posting this rare gem

  13. Roberto Maludrottu

    Bella musica

    JoAnn Hughey

    Roberto Maludrottu g

  14. lighting ryder

    Hey are you married lonesome ???

  15. okiefiddlegrl

    Love the beat, great dance music LOL I have not heard this song before and I love it. Thanks for posting.

  16. chris pressnell

    This song hits a it...

  17. onlycountry1955


  18. mkt926

    I've not heard this before. It's great! But I don't guess I've ever heard anything by either of them that wasn't great.

  19. mike hanson

    Waylon and Tony where great together in this song. Thanks for posting....