Jennings, Waylon - She Comes Running Lyrics

When loneliness is knocking at my mind
Happiness is something I can't find
Pleasure seem forty miles behind
She comes running.


If I stand in someone else's rain
Feelin' forty million miles of pain
She know just what and who's to blame
She comes running.


If my dreams all turn to seas
If my flowers turn to breeze
She knows exactly what I need
She comes running.


On the day the world puts me down
In some empty space in the ground
I'll bet if I make a sound
She'll come running...

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Jennings, Waylon She Comes Running Comments
  1. High Lonesome

    Just makes me want to get up and dance a jig! Every time! Damn!

  2. Mary Mcwright

    This man had such a timeless face and voice as well.


    Waylon being his Amazing self!

  4. tarn hughes

    I really love this song......thanks again =)