Jennings, Waylon - Rock, Salt And Nails Lyrics

By the banks of the river where the willows grow cold
Wild birds warble the strange soundin' song
By the banks of the river where the waters run cold
Well that's where I first listened the lies that she told.

He lays there each night all alone and he weeps
Nothing ain't worse than a night without sleep
The letters she wrote him they were written in vain
But I know that her conscience still echoes my name.

If the ladies were blackbirds and the ladies were fishes
I'd lay there for hours in the cold rainy matches
If the ladies were squirrels yeah with a big bushy tail
I'd fill up my shotgun with a rock salt and nails.

We'd fill up our shotgun with a rock salt and nails...

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Jennings, Waylon Rock, Salt And Nails Comments
  1. Thin Blue91

    Tyler childers did it better

    Lynn Warden

    Walyon did it first that's what matters

    Kristy Joplin

    Way better!! @tylerchilders


    Fuck you. Nobody does it better than Waylon.

    Isaac Osgood

    He didn't have the melody this one does
    That's just ridiculous

    Ryan Ralph

    Tyler did it pretty damn good. I like both but I prefer Tyler's version because it has more pain

  2. Tyler Leech

    I think waylon Jennings said steve young was the second greatest country singer ever, behind George jones. I dont agree but that is high, high praise. While I think people will always listen to the popular country singers of the 60s and 70s, I'm afraid people are already forgetting people like steve young, townes van Zandt, guy clark, Mickey newberry, rodney crowell and many, many more talented songwriters

  3. Kory Taylor

    Happy birthday Waylon. Thanks for everything

  4. Ben S Hammonds

    love this old ballad, here he has Lee Hazlewood singing with him I believe

    Ben S Hammonds

    Okay, thank you :)

    Travis Adams

    i did some research and consulted my dad who is a huge waylon fan and you were right it is lee hazelwood it was another song i was thinking of sorry

    Ben S Hammonds

    I thought it sounded like Lee, but I was not at all sure :) thank you friend

    Travis Adams

    somebody who i respect told me the information and after i did some research i had to eat my words , my dad is a huge waylon fan with almost every album he ever made and he corrected me next time i will check my facts first

    Ben S Hammonds

    :) I sure understand, I too have been a Waylon fan all my life, my folks had some of his first albums when I was small and would often play them, hooking me for life

  5. Cary Patterson

    Thanks for what you left us all. Love your voice