Jennings, Waylon - Mental Revenge Lyrics

I hope that the friend
You've thrown yourself with
He gets drunk and loses his job
And every road that you travel on
Is dusty, rocky and hard
I couldn't make you love me
You only made me blue
So all in all, if the curtain should fall
Lord, I hope that it falls on you.

I will have sweet, sweet, sweet mental revenge.
I will have sweet, sweet, sweet mental revenge.


Well, I hope that the train
From Caribou Maine
Runs over your new love affair
You walk the floor
From door to door
And pull out your peroxide hair.

You never was my woman
'Cause you were never true
So all in all if the curtain should fall
Lord, I hope that it falls on you.

I will have sweet, sweet, sweet mental revenge.
I will have sweet, sweet, sweet mental revenge.

I will have sweetm sweet, sweet mental revenge...

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Jennings, Waylon Mental Revenge Comments
  1. Loretta Burnell


  2. M M

    Written by Mel Tillis..RIP

  3. rocky mullins

    Give me a Miller High Life while I smoke a Winston. Real country!!

    James V.

    rocky mullins haha I also smoke Winston give me e&j and a rc cola tho. My pops used to listen to this stuff. Country is dope

  4. Tiffany Shahan

    love this man mental revenge!!! is sweet....

  5. Matthew Lapham

    my favorite song by waylon jennings

  6. David S.

    What a nice voice......and the lyrics crack me up.


    How awesome was buddy Holley waylon was his lead guitarist.

    Shane Wright

    He was Holly's bass player. actually. He gave up his seat so the Big Bopper, who had flu, could get to his hotel earlier and get some rest.

  8. Matt Yust

    Play this song at my funeral!

  9. Olivia Grace O.

    Waylon Jennings is my hero


    Olivia Grace O. You are super hot!

    Colby Powell

    every song hits right to home

    Janitor Bill

    Waylon Jennings is the fucking GOAT

    David Aston

    And anyone who loves Waylon Jennings is a friend of mine :)

  10. William Sollenberger

    Great song .Their will never be another Waylon Jennings .Today's country music musicians can't compete against Waylon.Who are the 5 who dislikes this

  11. stacyblue1980

    Just wanna stop in and thank you all for appreciating my vids. ( yes this is me from my other channel, I cant get back into my channel (NoRoses) because of the google crap!! ..ugh...but i can thank ya all for being here. Means a lot- as always. And I love ya and PEACE. ~"Jenny"

  12. Deltoidicus

    "Revelation" is one of my personal favs of Waylon's, even though he pretty much disowned the entire "Ladies Love Outlaws" album

  13. NoRosesForMe

    Thank you and I will certainly try to post more when i can. I will definitely keep you in mind! Ill sub ya and remember ya. Or,,,you can do the same. Up to you but - this stuff should be more available for our earsss! hehe,,,ok i gotta sleep, Just home from workin 12 hours n ,,,,ill tty when i can and when i get a better PC- i will definitely get back to my posting. bless ya and have a great week dear~"Jen"

  14. NoRosesForMe

    sorry for the late reply. Youre most welcome. I thank ya for listening. I too ADORE his early stuff. Keep searchin for those records. Look in thrift shops. Goodwill. Youll find em. I have a hard time finding stuff these days too and one reason is- people are buying all the records from cheaper stores- like Goodwill for example- and then theyre selling them for high prices or just snatchin em up and keeping them and Id bet they never even listen to em. By the way-Ebay prices are NOT legitimate

  15. NoRosesForMe

    a song for my ex boyfriend....if thats what ya wanna call him hehe! Thanks for listening & have a good'un

  16. aliceintime

    A song for my ex-girlfriend.

  17. Bryon Willis

    Wow. The perfect ex-wife song.

  18. Daniel Cain

    Thanks so much for posting this. The audio quality is great. I love all of Waylon's music, but the early material is my favorite. Its very special and sentimental to me. Its very rare and hard to find as well. I have looked on amazon and tried to buy some of Waylon's albums from early in his career, but they are almost impossible to find.


    youre very welcome

  19. mike stratocaster

    Great audio quality! This is REAL Country.....