Jennings, Waylon - Just To Satisfy You Lyrics

Someone's gonna get hurt before you're through
Someone's gonna pay for the things you do
How many hearts must break how many it's gonna take
To satisfy you just to satisfy you.

Another love another fool to play your game
Another love another fool they're all the same
Someone's gonna get hurt before you're through
Someone's gonna pay for the things you do.

You're gonna find when it's too late
Heart that just won't break
Just to satisfy you
Just to satisfy you.


How many hearts must break
How many will it take
To satisfy you
Just to satisfy you.

Just to satisfy you
Satisfy you
Just to satisfy you.

Someone's gonna get hurt before you're through
Someone's gonna pay for the things you do
You're gonna find when it's too late
Heart that just won't break.

Just to satisfy you.
Just to satisfy you.
Just to satisfy you.
Satisfy you.
Just to satisfy you...

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Jennings, Waylon Just To Satisfy You Comments
  1. Tango Bango

    LUV Waylon & Willie for sure!!

  2. dkmi

    The guitar playing in this song is supreme. It's a fun adventure of a song, and even more so when you listen to that guitar all through the song. To hear these guys jam this song live would have been amazing.

  3. Larry Jackson

    Nothing like outlaw country

  4. Quint Streich

    It doesn't get any better!

  5. T.A. Martin

    Waylon: the patron saint of natural baritones everywhere.

  6. Josiah Quincy

    someone please explain that sustained lost chord

  7. C W Englert

    The "outlaws" of country music from back in the 70's and 80's were the first one's to truly break down the cross over walls.

    boston bault

    Hell yea bruh, mixed rock and roll and blues into country

  8. Nick Hartman

    THIS is America.


    Real America

  9. upload boardo

    Have you heard the shit they play on radio stations the past decade or two?



    Go big Orange

    upload boardo actually I haven’t heard it, cause it’s all shit an I don’t listen 👍✌️

  10. Page Ribe

    Waylon Lives! It doesn't get any better than Waylon!


    Yeah it does billy Holly

  11. Pablo Smith

    Highway and trucks, cups of joe, dust and fields of wheat, this unique duo is oozing America all the way.

  12. Adrian Tomlin

    I live this old stuff. it is what my dad listened to. I remember hearing it on the old am crackle radio stations back in the day. My dad was an oilfield truck driver a d I would ride with him listening to this old country music. Good memories with my old man!!! I miss him alot!!

  13. Mark Demoreuille

    It just doesn't get better than Willie and Waylon!

    Jacob Merchand

    Mark Demoreuille it only gets better when you add Johnny and Kris in

    Jake Gallagher

    Waylon and willie and the boys

  14. Tamara Bossler

    My dad always said : Willie - Waylon and Johnny cash

    Kristy Williams

    That's what i say!

    Go big Orange

    Tamara Bossler your dad was a smart man 👍😎✌️

    Josiah Quincy

    your dad summed it up

  15. Nick R

    Two great voices

    Rust Ed Nailz

    Nick R well said brother

  16. Laurie G Collins

    I like this version this best....faster pace....awesome those voices.....and picking....

  17. Aron Babb

    I love real Country and like Hick Hop. #Hatepopcountry

  18. Laurie G Collins Waylon's voice but a duet with Willie is amazing.....

  19. Nick Young

    Just to satisfy you

  20. Devon Knight

    a great two stepper!!!
    Great beat, rhythm, relatable!

  21. Josiah Quincy

    I'd want this tune on when tired and making up miles on a highway.

  22. Josiah Quincy

    Damn Is that the "lost chord"?

    boston bault

    What do u mean

  23. Kelly Byrd

    perfect melody. perfect song.

  24. C. Michael

    A toast to Waylon. He did it *his* way, win or lose. Nashville is *still* screwing up country music. Southern pop trash.

  25. Sunshine Peterman


  26. itsaguinness

    brad Pitt listening to this because of his breakup...


    Haha....that story led me here too...

    pork soda

    itsaguinness Same here

    Grand pa

    itsaguinness me too hahaha

    Lemmy Cash

    Brad Pitt never heard of her

    Castlevania Skeletor

    Who’s brad Pitt?

  27. Grace Bourke-Melin'

    every time I listen to this man I think of my baby brother <3

  28. Brockenflabel

    Check out my Waylon Jennings Playlist!

  29. mkl62

    A #1 hit for Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson on the Country & Western charts. It was the 606th #1 C&W song of the Rock Era.

  30. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard April 3, 1982..reached #52 reached #1 on Country chart

  31. instructme

    I guessed this song correctly at !

  32. leftlanecharlie

    amen yall Waylon rules even in the afterlife

  33. jerry3355

    I think I just met this lady. Here we go again. !!

  34. Lorraine Dalu

    If this isn't one of the greatest country songs ever, then I give up listening to country.

    C. Michael

    A nice gesture away from never being. He gave up his seat to Buddy Holly on the airplane that crashed killing all onboard including Richie Vallens and Big Bopper.

    John Oman

    I agree