Jennings, Waylon - I May Be Used (But Baby I Ain't Used Up) Lyrics

Well my baby you're a looker and I know what you're looking for
You've been looking over, every man at the bar
Honey, I know I've got a few years on you
But if you're shopping around let me tell you a thing or two

Well I look a little rough and I got a few miles on me
My body needs work and my style ain't what it used to be
And honey I'll admit there's places where I'm wearing thin
But I ain't broke down, I'm just gettin' broken in.

Well I may be worn, but baby I ain't worn out
Let me take you for a ride and I'll show you what I'm talking about
I guarantee, there's a lot of me left to love
Well I may be used but baby I ain't used up

I've been wrecked a few times and honey it shows I guess
There's been once or twice that you could say that I was repossesed
There's one little thing that I think ought to be understood
It ain't how you look, it's what you got under your hood

Well I may be worn, but baby I ain't worn out
Let me take you for a ride and I'll show you what I'm talking about
I guarantee, there's a lot of me left to love
Well I may be used but baby I ain't used up

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Jennings, Waylon I May Be Used (But Baby I Ain't Used Up) Comments
  1. Waylon Beegle

    The one and only



  3. Clay Cameron

    Just absolutely simply the best

  4. Lionel Ducote

    Gone but not forgotten, Could live forever in the memories of people like jesus does. Eternal LIfe is in the memory of in the world of those who you have helped.

  5. LesbianVampireLover

    "It ain't how you look, it's what you got under the hood!" Priceless.

  6. Karen Osolin

    Ahhhhhhh Waylon!

  7. Curt Ekstrom

    And standing off to Waylon's right is Jennifer Eddy (Jessi Colter and Duane Eddy's daughter).

  8. Conway Tubb

    God dam I miss you Waylon n Ernest tubb country music will never be same because u all did it your own dam way the real bad asses !!!!! The only way.

  9. Lyndsay Briggs

    What a man, what a voice!!

  10. Criss Merino


  11. greg tharrington

    The REAL Outlaw!!!!

  12. greg tharrington


  13. Josh Scott

    I miss this type of country music.

  14. Lori Kirchoff

    I garontee there's a lot of me left to love!

  15. R. Gilmore

    RIP real country music

  16. Keith Wicks

    The King !!!!

  17. Amy Fisher

    Hopefully him made it to heaven. In The name of Texas.

  18. R. Gilmore

    RIP Good Country Music

  19. lyle miller

    Sho Bud steel is the best sounding all around steel.......

  20. lyle miller

    Yea Buddy....Ralph and the SHO Bud...great steel....

  21. Edgar Daniels

    Goddamn the way he strikes that guitar!

  22. Donna Mutter

    I listen to Waylon every night before I go to bed hoping I’ll dream of him and Jessi. Love ❤️ them both.

  23. Angela Jordan

    ♡♡♡ THAT'S RIGHT ♡♡♡

  24. Tracey E

    Love Waylon

  25. Missy D

    Play it Moon...........Waylon was still some great eye candy!!! Phew.......Lord have mercy...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Missy D

    What a great video......Waylon at his best!!! Love him!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



  28. Balanced Investing

    Ralph Moon shredding on da steel

  29. American Reaper

    Hell yeah! Waylon's voice makes this gal shudder on the inside!

  30. Adrumpf Twittler

    Sure don't make em like this anymore.

  31. Sheila Barron

    Waylon Jennings you look pretty Fine to me✌💙

    Steve Smith

    Sheila Barron I maybe used but baby I ain't used up.... ahhemm.

  32. Mary Mcwright

    This man could pick a guitar like no one else. Rest in peace Hoss

  33. Todd Browning

    Real outlaw country. Ralph moon on the steel. Ohhhh maybe you young pop country lovers don't know what a steel is. That's ok, you don't know real,country music either.

    don prater

    amen brother

    Tommy Moncrief

    Tell them Todd

    Bruse Williams

    He all ways made us happy and you can't ask more than that. We we're wild as hell back in the 70s but we all ways mixed out law country with rock and roll. I miss those wild times

  34. Pat Copeland

    lets get this to 1 million views!!! let me show you what I am talking about - love this Waylon~

    Andrew Doolittle

    This definitely rocks..

  35. Lionel Ducote

    Back to stock carburation instead of three duces.

  36. Tim Wilson

    What a sound!

  37. TroubadourJuggernaut

    now for EVERY new country "pop" crap artist today ... THIS is how to write and perform a country song.

    American Reaper

    TroubadourJuggernaut amen to that!

  38. sorrell ridge

    sexiest man ever!

    Linda tuttamore

    sorrell ridge Yes he was!!!! Omg I am young enough to be his daughter, but hot damn I sure love to look at Waylon. Waylon was the full package!!!

    Ivy's Cauldron

    Linda tuttamore I completely agree he was sexy and talented as heck!!

    Lora Tucker

    I so agree!! This man was talented and freaking sexy!!

    American Reaper

    Linda tuttamore you can say that again! His voice, those brown eyes!

    Stephen Bates

    Actually i am. HAHA.

  39. Lionel Ducote

    State it for all of us in that situation!!

  40. Dixie Hendricks

    I love Waylon Jenning music! It makes me feel good!

    American Reaper

    Dixie Hendricks same!

    American Reaper

    Makes me feel alive!

  41. Pamela Van Rensburg

    i love i love i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve

  42. Harry Williamson

    Ralph Mooney

  43. Girl Jacinta

    I'd hit that ;)

    Shanna D.

    +Girl Jacinta Hell yeah, and I'd let it come back and hit me!

    Linda tuttamore

    Girl Jacinta Me 2, you know how ppl always say they just want night with so and so. I always said I wanted at least 3 nights with Waylon, and with his boots on. cuz if your in to bigger hurry to take ur boots off, I know I am going get it good!!!

    American Reaper

    Girl Jacinta lol me too.

    Missy D

    Me three.....I’d hit it again, and again, and again!!! Lord have mercy!! What a sexy man!!M ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Tony Cole

    Missy D  me too

  44. anthony diodati

    what a man, and what a band, those were the days!! Ralph Moon on the steel.
    Who is that other lead player? he is very good too!
    Ant the piano player is awesome, he is even better than me on Piano........LOL
    Wonder if Ain't Living Long Like This is on here from that same concert, I would like to hear that piano player on that one.


    +anthony diodati Jerry Bridges on Lead Guitar

    Carlos Vieira

    Ain't living long like this would be perfect for sure....
    Great tune too buddy.

  45. Seguismundo Valle

    es uno de mi favoritos del cauntry 


    I love Waylon Jennings songs

  47. Tracie Felton

    he is so great love he's song stop the world I wanna get off

  48. Tommy Petersen

    Its amazing how much healthier waylon looked the longer he was away from the drugs. When he did Austin city in 85 he just quit and still looked a bit rough. Here he looks great and is much more at ease. An amazing man

    Tommy Petersen

    @Glen I am in total agreement with you. I love Cash but I think his greatness lies in how unique his voice was, he was not a crooner, his voice had years of living the "life" all through it. Waylon also could sound world weary (listen to Gyspy Woman) but he also had that cool rolling timbre to it.

    Tommy Petersen

    @Glen Sorry, I got cut off mid thought. I also go through the Waylon or Cash battle in my noggin. For me they both exude sincerity, decency, and friendship. The album Heroes really showcases that. Both men were giants and I miss them. Good to find another Waylon/Cash fan.


    @Tommy Petersen they were both very flawed and yet so - well yes I suppose decent and sincere at heart that it shows - and their work will stand.  Glad to find another fan!

    William Millard

    Waylon , man you passed on too early, but you enjoyed life. Good on you.

    Andrew Doolittle

    He can barely hold back the tears no doubt..

  49. roberto nonnis

    Fantastic !!!

  50. bearhouse34

    The best of all time. I wish I would have seen the chance to see him live.


    @bearhouse34 Me too

    Michael McKenzie

    It was fantastic

  51. David Franks

    don't let the bieb see this or he'll say ol Waylon would've been a fan of his

  52. Carl Heineck

    Waylon, Merle, Willie, and George... four of the best with only two left.

  53. 5stringbass

    damn I miss Waylon, wished we still had this kind of country music, todays country artist don't know shit about country music.

  54. Stephen John Tyler

    Great comment!

  55. oldesttimer

    WAYLON, WAYLON , WAYLON ! We miss you man ! .....I only wish you were alive to see the audience you have now on youtube the hits only shows how much you are still loved ......God Bless , and R.I.P. .... I will be jammin with you soon !

  56. mosrite60

    Ralph Mooney surely made the signature Waylon sound. Probably the greatest steel player ever.

  57. Betty Baker

    you are so right dollydim1969 saw him many times i miss those shows he was the best JOHNNY 99

  58. Doreen M

    God I love this man!! Always have...He can NEVER be replaced..

  59. Chad Perkins

    Waylon was a legend, but Ralph Mooney was a legend too! Also to the nine people that pressed the unlike button, I guess you were looking for Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber! Sorry this is country music!

    American Reaper

    Chad Perkins you can say that again!

  60. flatroofer


  61. dassieland

    Jessi's daughter by her first husband Duane Eddy. The daughter's name is Jennifer.

  62. dassieland

    That is Jessi's daughter from Duane Eddy her first marriage. I believe her name is Jennifer.

  63. Per Dahlen

    Jeah right ..Han kan det..

  64. Di Bicround

    Got this DVD a few years ago Christmas!!!!!! It's still one of the most requested at the bar when football is not playing........

  65. Darren Crispin

    no one will ever replace him

  66. Maggie Norris

    That's the one. Thanks so much.

  67. Maggie Norris

    Thank you so much.

  68. WhoresOfTijuana

    "It's Alright"

  69. vgustavo23

    Does anyone know, what's her name of that blonde baby girl on back ground singer????? She look a " BARBIE GIRL ". And Waylon Jennings is awesome!!!!!!! He is THE BEST COUNTRY SINGER.

  70. Maggie Norris

    "If we could all sing like we wanted to, we'd all sound like George Jones." This is part of the lyric of a Waylon song, but I can't remember the name of it. Who can help me out?

  71. GatorM

    Nothing like good ole' live country music! Gotta love it

  72. pkfireflies

    Love Waylon!

  73. Rick Barzanti

    I can relate to this song...

  74. Larry Petree

    Not a good song

  75. phildirt3

    what a cool guy, rip

  76. jerrysknob


  77. nilradem

    There are younger folks out there doing real country... Wayne Hancock, Elizabeth Cook, Justin Townes Earle (first album- some of his stuff leans more early rock/rockabilly), are some names to check out in addition to Hank III.

    More mainstream, Pistol Annies (new Miranda Lambert project) and Jamey Johnson don't stray too far from the tradition.

  78. matti lapinlampi

    thanks bigge0369,i did find good music from Highway men too,i will check out that too

  79. matti lapinlampi

    all good country singers dead,who is left to us old buddies or is there any real country music any more left

  80. Ronald Cid

    Mooney !

  81. Joanna Backman

    @xXvuduchildXx you are right, my friend, i grew up 20 miles south of Austin, TX, spent lots of time in little place hearing Waylon and Jerry Jeff, Ray Wiley, then, later, Steve there's Justin Townes Earle and the remarkable Joe's not dead, but country music overall has become too predictable and safe....we need Waylon back, he went way too early......God bless him and his family....

  82. alexpoz09

    RIP Waylon and Ralph keep playin in heaven. the best singer and the best steel player

  83. Scottish John

    @xXvuduchildXx Dale Watson came along and of course Trashville ignored him,shame on them. This garbage
    coming out of there now ought to be played in Iraq and Afghanistan the "terrrists" would come running out
    begging for mercy. R I P Waylon

  84. phildirt3

    it aint how you look its whats under your hood

    Mary Mcwright

    I can"t stop laughing at that last line. It would definitely get a face slapped.

  85. phildirt3

    @xXvuduchildXx you re right but dwight yoakums still around

  86. waylonfan123

    499 TO 6 Majority Rules NOW GO AWAY Deafmutes

  87. Randall Weaver

    will all ways love waylon,some things last

  88. bob tanner

    @xXvuduchildXx I think Jamey Johnson is well on his way to doing this.

  89. afuelrail

    Ol' Waylon, man could he put on a show!

  90. afuelrail

    Ol' Waylon, man could he put on a show!

  91. fmlytracer

    @airborneassasin Jamey is already doing it his way. Following in the steps of the greatest in country music!

  92. Justa Drumbum

    Jamey Johnson is on his way to being an outlaw. He reminds me a lot of Waylon.

  93. C.J. Benoit

    @xXvuduchildXx Exactly. Waylon would be proud of Shooter. Remembering his past while being cutting edge at the same time.

  94. Gabriel VonBargen

    @SwampDaddy7 You gotta like Shooter! Kickin' Nashville in the ass but, not riding on his dads fame, he's blazing his own trail!

  95. Gabriel VonBargen

    @lee102780 Sounds good! How about Willie for Vice President and Hank Jr in charge of the military?

  96. Gabriel VonBargen


  97. Gabriel VonBargen

    @zephyrseas Hmmmmmm...... Well, I'm glad I read this before I've had a few beers otherwise, I wouldn't known what the hell you were talkin' about! Lol! But I hear what you're saying, very well put!

  98. sanQ

    @texasno1rebel God definitely blessed Ole Waylon!!!

  99. C.J. Benoit

    @xXvuduchildXx You're drunk and right. Time to find some more outlaws, but guys like Shooter, Wayne the Train, Hank III and the rest of Nashville and Texas outlaw artists are doin' pretty well at tearin' it up.

  100. Gabriel VonBargen

    @flhtone Ya, you got that right! I'm a big Jamey Johnson fan! Can't wait for his new double album to come out. I posted this about a year ago, then Jamey Johnson came along. You have a good ear for country music!