Jennings, Waylon - Get Naked With Me Lyrics

I bring it up
You're quick to cover it all up again
Thought we were friends
What are friends for?
The old bones in your closet
Must really embarrass you
And so to save face
It's a locked place

I don't see why you don't get naked with me
Get all the little secrets out in the open air
'Cause we won't ever be
All that we could be

As long as you won't get naked with me
The future's gettin' shaky
From all this holdin' back
There's something in your past

That seems to haunt you
For better or for worse, I said
I meant it through and through
No one has ever loved you
More than I do

[Repeat Chorus]

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Jennings, Waylon Get Naked With Me Comments
  1. Thordan

    Eat Your Heart Out wheeler Walker


    Thordan Wheeler Walker Jr. ain’t shit.

  2. Appalachian American

    Ain't heard this 1 before,it's great

  3. Tanya Elliott

    this is sure some good song!
    I sure love it

  4. regina burt

    I love this man Waylon soooo much, he was soooo goodlooking and they voice well it’s undescrible and perfect

  5. Windy McGee

    Is this pre pubescent Waylon? Doesn't sound like him at all.

  6. Mary Mcwright

    Okay this man's music was full grown. I won't play this one around my children. It's however very interesting. No storytelling needed.

  7. regina burt

    I can't help listening to the range of Waylon's voice in this song, smoothest voice I've ever heard, right from the first lyrics it's pure solid gold voice in him, his range is totally the best ever. Anyone who listens to his golden voice in this song will know without a doubt he's the best ever, his voice is totally amazing, I'm in love with the voice and the man, what a gift to the world this man was and still is, he's unforgettable, thank you Waylon for letting us hear the purest voice I've ever heard, him and Elvis are the best there ever was and ever will be that's for sure.

  8. regina burt

    I love love Waylon's music, listen to him all the time, I love his smooth voice in this song, shows what a voice range he had

  9. Jerrod Cowan

    One catdaddy. RIP Waylon. We Luv u.

  10. Dixie Hendricks

    I love Waylon's music. He was the man, they don't make them like that anymore!

  11. beestonpoet

    classic song an chorus // i just uploaded an acoustic cover version of this song if anyone is interested

    regina burt

    beestonpoet I wish you put the acoustic version on iTunes please

  12. david gregory

    Wow! But I truly agree with you. Men today aren't even half what they were back in Waylon's day. That man had it going. I don't have a problem saying I loved that man!

  13. david gregory

    Shows you just how talented this man was!

  14. whb1965

    the original outlaw... r.i.p.

  15. Marilyn Brown

    Ha I imagined waylon naked back in the sixties when i a teenager, and boy in the early 70`s when he looked like an outlaw with his gorgeous hair, eyes and body,especially with the way his shirt was parcially opened,I thought of more than getting naked with him. even today i can go back in my dreams and think the same thing. I have always wished I could have met him before he met Jessie, cause I think i would have been one who worked for him just to be around him. RIP Waylon, Will always love you


    OMG...and it's definitely not gonna happen after you sent this lame ass song to me LOL... my X used to send me beautiful songs...This one will get you 3 snaps and you're gone! poof!

  17. Jennifer Buechner

    OF Course this is waylon. Im his #1 fan. I grew up on waylon and fell in love at a young age. Im still in love :)

  18. Oxbloodred too!

  19. sanjac1836

    That's one I've never heard before. Thanks for posting...been a Waylon fan for many a decade.

  20. guitarguy999

    Originally on "Black on Black". I think the only way to buy the album now is together with "Music Man" (Unless you can find it on ebay)

  21. teeger66

    There's something about this song that doesn't quite sound like Waylon Jennings. Are you sure it is???

    Judy Snyder

    teeger66 the accents off