Jennings, Waylon - Breakin' Down Lyrics

I've been a fool, fool, such a fool
I've been a fool, fool, such a fool

Thinking you'll return my love to me
Thinking life would be what I want it to be
I lay awake at night and I roam around
I've been a fool I'm breakin' down

I've been lost, baby so lost
I've been down, baby so low

Being so lonely so hard on a man
Baby, I know you just must understand
I've been trying hard as any man can
To be your man I'm breakin' down

I love you, baby I do
Take my heart and my soul, they all belong to you

Stay with me, please baby please
My heart's in your hands and my mind's between your knees
You know what to do, that could put it all at ease
Just look at me, I'm breakin' down

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Jennings, Waylon Breakin' Down Comments
  1. Mike Wilkins

    "my heart's in your hand and my mind's between your knees" - great line

  2. Joris van Hees

    So Waylon, so good. Great to listen to and makes me feel happy.

  3. Missy D

    Love this!!! Tysm for sharing......❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Linda Marks

    Such a soulful voice and looks to match

  5. Crow Shorting

    damn...i like this song so much....

  6. Sheldon Humphreys

    best picker and singer

  7. Susie Q Bleeker

    WOW!This guy steals my heart everytime....

    Lionel Ducote

    You could do worse, Enjoy yourself sweetie.

    Travis Adams

    Susie Q Bleeker this guy stole the worlds heart!

    Missy D

    Travis Adams Could not agree with you more!!! Phew......chills always!! Love him!! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Steven Davis

    thanks for this very important song.

  9. david gregory

    Okay, who are the two turkeys who didn't like this video!!!!! I'm a Texan, like Waymore, and we don't like it when somebody steps on one of our gods. Try listening again. I'm sure you'll like it the second time around. It's like good tequila, grows on you.

    the taker

    i will propose tar and feathers

  10. Josh Mobery

    im 21 and i was raised on this!!!!!

  11. kiki dian santosa

    i like his style... :D
    looks better than new stlye in this era... :D
    anyway... he's good singer !!!

  12. rubbersole

    Classic Waylon sound.....hard driving tempo, great lyrics, nice pickin', it still just kicks the shit out of anything else out there and always will.

  13. johnny wooden

    never he was great

  14. Jens Munk

    Drinking and the song....great song from old Hoss

  15. Jens Munk

    Hey there...The song you´re looking fore is "Drinking and Dreaming".......Everybody´s looking for some way in, I´m looking for some way out.....regards from Jens in Denmark

  16. jamie spooks

    damn what a song life for a nail drivin man

  17. morris fudge

    im going to buy me a poster size of waylon with his fender tele guitar and black hat and get it framed and put it up in my garage so everyone can she what a true music legend looks like amen .just love hoss and miss the sound of his fender tele so very much amen

  18. Carlena LeMieux

    Great!!!Keep up the good work!!!1
    He was a Giant.

  19. vclubamp

    Waylon was just cool to the bone and Jesse was (is) as waylon put it, "cuter than a truckload of baby ducks."

  20. waymoreblues

    No problem. I never heard this up until they released in on the Nashville Rebel box that came out last year or maybe the year before.

  21. sugarray17

    nice 1. keep em comin waymore, seen a lot of ur waylon vids, big fan. we once had this covered for a live show but did white lightning instead, and still do, it's one of our best covers, normaly gets played twice by demand, of course no one knows where it comes from so they asume my dad invented the stuff lol. how did u get such a good quality recording of it on youtube? i've only got it on LP, never seen it on cd?