Jennings, Mason - Witches Dream Lyrics

House in the country by a witch’s stream
Where the clouds meet the mountains in an endless dream
Come little rider let your dress fall back
Into the hours of abandon where the sky turns black
Up in the morning with the sound of wolves
Got me running on the bottom of your empty pools
With my mind on your waist under your lilac gown
While light comes streaming from your open mouth
Hand in the beauty, got a foot in the grave
Got a feeling for the future that can only be brave
Wedding bells ringing and a fearless fall
From the depths of the devil to an angel’s call

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Jennings, Mason Witches Dream Comments
  1. docko84

    I love Mason Jennings music but damnn do his Music Videos all suck. Mason Jennings if you are reading this i am a film/creative writing student and i would love to make your music videos for free as a University project.

    Morbid Possum

    I understand why you'd say that, but I like them. I hate the mass over-production of most music videos, and I don't think bending to that aesthetic would suit his music at all. Of course, that doesn't mean you couldn't made a kick-ass video that might be more cinematic AND still perfectly reflect and uphold the music. Still, while I understand his video-recorder/basic edit/mash-up aesthetic is definitely not *technically* as 'good' as what you're hoping the case were... I do really like 'em; they feel home-made and don't try to 'sell' the song. I'm so happy that he's never 'gone commercial.' Plenty of bands use the video medium to get there. It can be an easy 'in' - when anything can go "viral" if the intent is there.

  2. Jae Jacksonshields

    great feel to this and love the woven artist music find for me today...great stuff man xx

  3. ClaytonTheBrave

    the melody sort of sounds like Hash Pipe by Weezer

  4. Thom Stockton

    Far Out!

  5. schhnee

    Short & sweet - I love this song. It really rounds out the new album.