Jennifer Rush - Tears In The Rain Lyrics

It's a rainy night and it's over
Tears are gonna fall any minute now
And I know that it's you
I gotta get over, I know I do
But don't know how
I pretend that I'm in control now
I won't fall apart 'till I walk away
And I say to myself you're gonna be stronger
I tell myself it's better this way
Wo, wo

You can't see tears in the rain
No matter how hard you try
You can't see anything
Only the rain in my eyes
You can't see tears in the rain
So as we're sayin' goodbye
Guess I'll bee cryin' in vain
Cause you can't see tears in the rain

The time has come, I'm letting go now
I put it all behind me
And just turn the page
And I'll make you believe that it don't matter
You'll never see it's all a charade
Wo, wo'

You can't see tears in the rain
No matter how hard you try
You can't see anything
Only the rain in my eyes
You can't see tears in the rain
So as we're sayin' goodbye
Guess I'll bee cryin' in vain
Cause you can't see tears in the rain
Tears in the rain oh no, oh who

You ain't never gonna see no tears in the rain
Cause the rain's gonna fall
And you won't see my pain at all
And the rain comes down, I don't wanna go
I see the memories flash before my eyes like a ghost
I fantasize that there's a glimmer of hope
But it's over, I'll never be the same

You can't see tears in the rain
No matter how hard you try
You can't see anything
Only the rain in my eyes
You can't see tears in the rain
So as we're sayin' goodbye
Guess I'll bee cryin' in vain
Cause you can't see tears in the rain
Tears in the rain oh no, oh who

You ain't never gonna see no tears in the rain
Cause the rain's gonna fall baby

You can't see tears in the rain
No matter how hard you try
You can't see anything
Only the rain in my eyes
You can't see tears in the rain
So as we're sayin' goodbye
Guess I'll bee cryin' in vain
Cause you can't see tears in the rain

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Jennifer Rush Tears In The Rain Comments
  1. Hans-Jürgen Mücke

    a dream of a song, i am alway thrilled

  2. Lars Günther

    Sie haut mich sowas von weg!

  3. Thomas Armbruster

    Sounds so easy when she does it. Outstanding voice,

    Gilles Thibault

    Both her parents were opera singers, so she had good teachers...

  4. LUPR

    Production of contemporary music cannot even come close to its quality


    That's right baby , so true !

  6. HandOfMud

    This voice! She's the queen!

  7. eddyvideostar

    To Rush: This is a very good song, well written and performed. What position is this in the various world's charts, as the Billboard, US, the BBC or Luxembourg, etc? I love music, but I don't like to write nor build songs due to apprehension that they may not move -- akin to building dog houses that cannot be sold.

  8. Sandra Kampo

    Ein Song zum Träumen und Genießen wow 😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  9. Sonja Eidher

    Ich liebe diesen Song !! The best !!!

  10. T. William Marshall

    Long before her birth, Mozart described Jenny's voice best when he wrote Tamino's aria for Die Zauberflöte: "Dies [Stimme] ist bezaubernd schön, wie noch kein [Ohr] je [gehört]. Ich fühl' es, ich fühl' es, wie dies' [himmlische Klang] mein Herz mit neuer Regung füllt...mein Herz mit neuer Regung füllt!"

  11. Diosa Delmaiz


  12. med amine

    yes ilove jennifer rush great song

  13. Aina G

    Loves Loves ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Marta Jestem

    I love this song

  15. Łukasz Nowakowski

    So much emotional song.
    Beautiful lyrics and unique voice.

  16. Сара Мустафинаашшщщ7дгш9

    Very strong and beautiful voice ever

  17. stefan guido

    Jennifer, eine der besten Stimmen, die die Evolution hervorgebracht hat.

  18. Ted Tom

    Jennifer what have you done to your lips.

    Miquel Morano

    It was a fad - silly - lips are as they were now:) wanna kiss?

    T. William Marshall

    She still looks great. And I applaud her bravery, since labial augmentation can be rather painful at first after the anesthetic procaine wears off.

  19. Paco Diaz

    Joder eres una. CANTANTE ENORME..

    Miquel Morano

    En verdad - ella es una latina - una Reina total- 58 anós - en 2019 - mas canciones !!

  20. Donna Ks

    A gorgeous lady and with a powerful voice!

  21. Michael Volder

    Love you Jennifer ,

  22. Ray Banks

    a powerful song a truly powerful singer

  23. Moses Kibukamusoke

    I remember the time i was falling in love for the very first time! Jennifer Rush is the best female voice i ever heard! still rocking 2018!

  24. Süleyman Altin

    Why Botox? Your Voice makes you dont Need.
    Come undone....................

    Miquel Morano

    Jennifer did not have botox - this rumor has been around for decades - he looks amazing now and has not Come Undone Süleyman

  25. Dimitri Stoupakis

    Great voice of the 80's. Can anyone please turn back the hands of time?

    Miquel Morano

    Dimitri this song is from the 1990's - Jennifer had as many successes in the 90's as 80's - good music for da soul friend -

    Dimitri Stoupakis

    Miquel, I'm well aware of that ... I love her music ever since 1983 I guess. But since the 80's have been THE time of my life I referred to her as great voice of the 80's 😉

  26. Dagmar Koutna


  27. Silvia George

    Unique voice

  28. Ray Banks

    just greater than great

  29. alan pagan

    Why does a once beautiful women want to do this to herself?

    T. William Marshall

    Relax, alan. She's still beautiful.

  30. Šárka Vodecká

    super za mě vzpomínka cca 30 let nazpět paráda

  31. nicolay varga

    👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌💖♥️💖♥️💖♥️. 😥😥😥 it’s a bit sad this song but she sing it beatufully👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌💖♥️💖♥️💖

  32. Tomáš Kučera

    Takový hlas hlas se dnes už jen tak neslyší...

  33. Osvaldo Olivares

    La gran voz de Jenifer hermosa cada oportunidad de estar sólo escucho sus canciones

    Miquel Morano

    Osvaldo: en verdad Jennifer es latina! para siempre sin final!:)

  34. Linda Pettersson

    👍👍👍👍Jennifer Ruch

  35. Marek Koralewski

    pięknie ...

  36. Gunter Beh

    Die Lippen aufspritzen hättest du nicht nötig gehabt, Jennifer, du hattest in den 80er deine beste Zeit!

    dietmar piebrock

    Obwohl dieser ong auch mega ist

    Miquel Morano

    Diese Titel stammt aus ende der 90iger - Jenny's Zeit ist ja immer noch now:) die Lippen waren eine fad - und sind jetzt wie sie mal wie die Änderung eine Haarfarbe - aber die STIMME VON Jenny ist noch besser geworden - Tanz und Sing Gunter

  37. AAJ Skyttä

    Love you <3

  38. Timo Herrmann

    I looove this song and her voice, good video, too.

  39. Andreas Baum

    Alle die bei diesem Lied " gefällt mir nicht " gedrückt haben, sind keine Kinder der 80´iger.....! Ich vergöttere diese Zeit ......meine Kindheit war geprägt von Jennifer Rush ....... auf Musikkasette........jeden Tag vor dem einschlafen........!!

    Karin Kaiser

    Kann ich nur bestätigen eine grandiose Zeit und eine unvergleichliche tolle Stimme, ganz selten geworden, leider.

    Alicia Agho

    Ich bin erst 1989geboren aber ich liebe es

    D J

    Alicia Agho ich liebe ihre Stimme auch sehr .

    Nicole Kießling

    Sie ist wunderschön und hat eine atemberaubende Stimme.

    karin Lanzellotti Lanzellotti

    Ich auch

  40. Wilhelm Kreft

    to melanie schlosser

  41. Martinus Oktobre

    i love this song!

    Sverker Myrhage

    Martinus Oktobre caterfamily

    Sverker Myrhage

    Jon cater

  42. Michel

    Why jennifer you were so beautiful before, damage
    Luckily your voice is
    I just love it

    Miquel Morano

    Jennifer's voice still in 2018 matches her heart! Damage can happen for many reasons - all "damage" is gone - what a lady Jenny is for not talking about it. She's in her late 50's and is performing....

    Miquel Morano

    Any human - a man or a woman -who talks about one's appearance is a jackass. her fad lip phase was over decades ago - don't lose humanity if you have any - fyi Jennifer also cowrote most of her songs - Damage/Blamage - any soul like Jennifer's is too strong to be "damaged" by such comments which she had received - in her teens. Enjoy her voice - I hope it inspires you. Otherwise keep your nasty comments to yourself.

    T. William Marshall

    Jeez, Michel. She's still a beauty even with augmented lips. Indeed she never needed them, but she still looks great with them.

  43. gorge. saap

    very beautifull song

  44. miklós vajda



    she's gorgeous Botox or not GORGEOUS.


    She (her lips) looks like this since way before Botox ever was invented....

    Miquel Morano

    Thank [email protected]

    T. William Marshall

    @hartmutcc63 She has always had full lips, but what you're saying about the invention of botox isn't true. Botulinum toxin Type A and B (aka Botox) has been around for as long as the gram-positive bacterium Clostridium botulinum has existed and was first identified in 1905 by Emile Pierre van Ermengem. It's a proteinaceous exotoxin responsible for food poisoning, among other things. Its purified form was developed for medical use from serotypes A and B in the 1970s to correct strabismus. Its cosmetic use was discovered by accident in the 1980s in Canada. Finally, in 2002, it was approved by the FDA for use as a filler for glabellar lines, though off-label use existed way before then. Botox wasn't so much invented as it was isolated and purified.

  46. jean-michel rodiac

    she is wonderfull  and gorgeous it's my princess of you tube  i m waitting to see her into France  or germany into concert in 2017 i suppose wonderbar  schoner singts

  47. jean-michel rodiac

    her voice like a angel when she sings ave maria

  48. jean-michel rodiac

    ma chouchoute Jennifer ou haidi  rush ou stern  you choice american  name or german name

    Miquel Morano

    Jennifer is not of German descent - latina - :)

    Aleksa Milićević

    @Miquel Morano Ex-Soviet Jewish (Russia/the Baltics) & Italian, not Latinx. She talked about her heritage on many occasions.

    Miquel Morano

    @Aleksa Milićević not Jewish my friend - Jennifer never ever in one interview said she was Jewish - Jennifer loves all humanity and embraces all cultures - but please do not propagate she's Jewish - her birth name is very German and Jewish sounding - a very fun irony of life - what remains is she is a wonderful person and artist - and yes AM - she is 100 percent way "southern" you think she's gonna waste time explaining her young fabulous self while trying to write and do her job - singing - and bringing people joy? And this she still does - again Jennifer Rush is not a Jew and her plastic surgery fad is over - outrageous seriously - also just go and look on a map please - not what the countries are named now - learn something - it ain't all in a name - as you can see from the gazillions of sales and views and downloads and ....just keep loving Jennifer and cut it out already with BS! Blessed Weekend to all

    T. William Marshall

    Jennifer Rush is actually from the Moon. Apollo astronauts, during an undisclosed mission, heard her sing, were mesmerized by her otherworldly sound, and brought her to Earth. This is why her voice and look are so breathtakingly exotic - she's from the Moon. The lunar surface is filled with wonder and mystery.

  49. Дмитрий Степанов

    восхитительная песня!

  50. miklós vajda


  51. Kleine Frau

    in my opinion her best song

  52. sanctus100

    OMG!!!!!  Lips like a dinghy

  53. CopperCettle

    What does the cage represent in this video?

    T. William Marshall

    The cage of woeful love in which she's still trapped whilst she pretends she's over her former paramour.

  54. Tomek szamot

    to jest kuwa prawdziwa muzyka


    She is gorgeous

    deborah thompson

    yeah but she had her libs done she was great before don't know why she would do that

    Miquel Morano

    Lips are back to normal - what's not normal is that Jennifer sings better than ever - looks great - saw her live 3 weeks ago - so be happy!

    Miquel Morano

    My lord - it was a fad - like having hair extensions or cutting your hair - those lips are gone for decades - honestly - Jennifer is of mixed heritage and was busy working and had 3 beloved family members who have since passed with lips like that - can we move on [email protected] thompson


    That voice is Divine !


    Still a Beautiful woman !!!!

  58. Daria

    Speaking about botox, I never look at a singer, I only listen to him/her, eyes closed. I never go to concerts, I never watch video clip, I don”t care about his/her appearance

    manuel broder

    that words rulez!! but its sad to see that disspear

    Miquel Morano

    There was no botox - my word people - Jennifer looks amazing now - in her late 50's and still performiing - don't be sad - but sure - she is kind of hot:)

  59. Fafhrd 2

    Botox or not -she have an amazing voice and not many will get close to it!
    Helene Fisher is one thought...

    Miquel Morano

    Helen Fischer is a hard worker - but no where close to Jennifer Rush's voice

    Miquel Morano

    Helen Fisher is on her decline - she had a great "run" in Germany - and only Germany. By 34 (HF's age) Jennifer had already been fluent in multiple languages and on top of that -her vitae don't lie. No place left for HF but Germany - as with a super talented singer - Xavier Naidoo - who with such a blessed voice - wouldn't last a second in South Africa as Jennifer does - just saying......a Muslim who tries to sell himself as a Christian - then slam the Christian religion......openly and on youtube - he has also nowhere else to run but to stay in Germany - Jennifer is at this moment in Germany - but she is a latina - never lied about nada - the true shame is when one finds out an artist one adored is a characterless racist - aka HF and XN....color is irrelevant - idiocy is an equal opportunity dasein. Music should bring JOY - and dat's dat.
    Talk bout the real deal - it's been gratifying to see - again - Jenny being recognized as just dat.....nothing we can do about her being humble nor her love of humanity. May all be blessed this holiday season - all brothers and sisters in the true spirit this time of year was intended

  60. Mikel David Backhällen

    Fore love just ?? +?

  61. endurofly

    Nice voice,but botox is a bitch

    Miquel Morano

    The best voice dearie - not just nice - who's the bitch?

  62. wael wael

    she is wonderfull singer

  63. jj Tyson

    pretty jenny and still sounds great

  64. sonichuizcool

    Man she ruined herself with plastic surgery.


    +Eric F it's sad. watching her sing that live performance of the power of love before she got all messed up... man she was so pretty.

    Biggi Jameson

    +Eric F I always ask this myself when I see fat people.

    Miquel Morano

    Thanks for your concern sonichuizcool- since 2015 Jennifer's face is "normal" again - I am sure it will meet your approval - her heart and her magnificent voice have only gotten better

    Miquel Morano

    Wow you are really persistant - she is still very pretty now maybe that her face is back to normal you gonna complain about that also....

    T. William Marshall

    She looks fine. She already has big, beautiful features, so she can get away with augmented lips, even if they aren't needed.

  65. Sergey Magell

    Good Music. & Awesome Voice. & Good Time.

    Jboy Geen

    Sergey Magell yes its not normally.
    I love this number.
    The feelings that's how she singing the song so beautiful.

  66. Ivo Ponduša

    (born 28 September 1960)
    J ennifer Rushis an American Pop-singer

    Didi General

    +Ivo Ponduša please visit also her face book page at Jennifer Rush and support her..thank you

  67. Ariellearanrhod Hart


  68. Sam Toucan

    She looks like Pete Burns sister now.

    Didi General

    +Sam Toucan her latest live performance in south africa on her fb page at Jennifer Rush..looks better now


    Never in a million years, she is still gorgeous !


    Don't ever compare this angel, to that abomination !

    Miquel Morano

    What damage was done - has been corrected - Jennifer looks I would think - more to your liking - she did get a tattoo though Pete Burns has passed and had a tough life - but left behind great music - Jennifer is in her late 50's - so stfu

  69. Marta Jestem

    ahh, cute song. full romantic :) beautiful voice. :)

    Didi General

    +Marta Jestem please visit her fb page at Jennifer Rush and support it..thank you

    Marta Jestem

    oh, bshe's got fb? really/ wow, that's great. i'd like to but i don't have fb unfortunately :(

    Drakar Gibraltar

    The original one is a french song by Mario Pelchat " Pleurs dans la pluie".

    Miquel Morano

    good for you Marta!



  71. miguel c

    Cuanto daño ha causado la cirugía estética..

    Miquel Morano

    La Jennifer cirugia fue sera - ase 2015 - otra vez una mujer como siempre - un voz corazon - y siempre - LATINA! Verdad

    Miquel Morano

    La Reina Jennifer Dios Mio Miguel - the lips were a fad and have been gone for decades! Ella es sin principio sin final:)

  72. Bill Roberts

    I don't remember her from back in the day. She's good.

  73. karin Arusoo


  74. les attridge

    great song from jennifer rush tears in the rain i love this song les

    karin Lanzellotti Lanzellotti

    Perfect voic...

  75. Maciej Jabczyk

    Kurde, popłakałem się... :/ I co zostało ?? - wspominać :( Ale dla takich wspomnień warto było się zestarzeć :D choćby te kilka lat ;)

  76. Dorota Kędra

    cudowny głos 


    Es una noche de lluvia y se acabó
    Las lágrimas van a caer en cualquier momento
    Y sé que es usted Tengo que conseguir más
    Yo sé que hacer , pero no sé cómo

    Finjo que estoy en control ahora
    No voy a desmoronarse hasta que me alejo
    Y me digo a mí mismo que vas a ser más fuerte
    Me digo que es mejor de esta manera

    Oh , oh no puedes ver lágrimas en la lluvia
    No importa cuánto te esfuerces
    Usted nunca verá nada
    Sólo la lluvia en mis ojos
    Usted no puede ver lágrimas en la lluvia
    Así como que estamos diciendo adiós
    Supongo que voy a estar llorando en vano
    Porque usted no puede ver lágrimas en la lluvia

    Ha llegado el momento , me estoy dejando ir ahora
    Lo puse todo detrás de mí y simplemente pasar la página
    Y voy a hacerte creer que no importa
    Nunca verás que todo es una farsa

    Espera, espera usted no puede ver lágrimas en la lluvia
    No importa cuánto te esfuerces
    Usted nunca verá nada
    Sólo la lluvia en mis ojos
    Usted no puede ver lágrimas en la lluvia
    Así como que estamos diciendo adiós
    Supongo que voy a estar llorando en vano
    Porque usted no puede ver lágrimas en la lluvia

    Lágrimas en la lluvia , oh no, oh
    Lágrimas en la lluvia
    Usted no nunca va a ver mis lágrimas en la lluvia

    Porque va a caer la lluvia y no verás mi dolor en absoluto
    Y cuando la lluvia cae Yo no quiero ir
    Veo las memorias flash ante mis ojos como un fantasma
    Fantaseo que hay una luz de esperanza
    Pero es más , nunca será lo mismo

    Oh no puedes ver las lágrimas en la lluvia
    No importa cuánto te esfuerces
    Usted nunca verá nada
    Sólo la lluvia en mis ojos
    Usted no puede ver lágrimas en la lluvia
    Así como que estamos diciendo adiós
    Supongo que voy a estar llorando en vano
    Porque usted no puede ver lágrimas en la lluvia

  78. Alex Pilgrim

    She shouldn't enlarge her lips....

    Miquel Morano

    The lips are smaller now my lord people - get over it - maybe she should have enlarged her boobs instead:) She's in her late 50's sings better than ever and - I am sure you are over the lip thing....

  79. Blue0Sky07

    I put it all behind me
    And just turn the page
    And I'll make you believe that it don't matter
    You'll never see it's all a charade

    Moses Kibukamusoke

    You cant see tears in the rain
    So as we say good bye...

    Listened to this song on Cassette in 1992...

  80. Esko Määttä

    Tämä toimii. Huipputasoa.

    Martha Sandoval

    Quisistes decir hipotenusa#

  81. xrf914

    i feel im losing control so i relate to this song

  82. Kenneth Gielen

    great , i love it xxx

  83. ahmed sharaf

    tears in the rain

    Didi General

    find jennifer on facebook..the fanpage JENNIFER RUSH and the group JENNIFER RUSH TOUR SOUTH AFRICA

  84. Maria SalomónAZAR


    Miquel Morano

    Maria: Son muchos videos de Jennifer en Espanol youtube - Jennifer es Latina - verdad! Una voz immortal

  85. Krista Kuurmaa

    Kui hea hääl ja seksikas naine.

  86. urmas kaalesteurm

    Üks parimaid hääli.Hea laul!

  87. Bernd Casper

    Wieso muß man oder in dem Fall Frau sich so verunstalten ? Die Stimme ist immer noch der Hammer. das ist nicht mehr DIE Jennifer Rush die auf Konzerten gesehen habe. SCHADE Der amerikanische Stil halt. Da wird nicht in Jahren gezählt sondern chirurgischen Eingriffen. 

    Miquel Morano

    Jennifer hat die Wuerde nie drueber gesprochen zu haben - lass uns sagen dass seit 2015 sieht sie aus - "normal" hoffentlich huebsch - ihre Stimme ist immer noch geil wie zuvor - ihr HERZ GENAU SO GROSS WIE IHRE STIMME UND LIEBE ZUM PUBLIKUM

  88. jock sung

    Do we have to go that far to prove that we are  not racial. How does she live with those lips.

    Miquel Morano

    you know what? Jennifer is actually of mixed culture and heritage.....she did the lips - and they are now smaller - that having been said - loads of her family members had those lips - so hopefully if you are lucky enough to see Jennifer perform - she's in her late 50's u will realize not everything comes down to race grandma had lips like dat - why would an artist talk all about their family heritage - when they are doing music and writing music? Jennifer is not German but wow the Germans gave this gal a chance - I guess Jennifer would classify LatinO -

    Donna Ks

    She is a beautiful woman period!

  89. jock sung

    Them lips. Do they all want to look like Momma or what. good song anyway.

  90. Daria

    I have never heard such a voice in „musique legere”. 

  91. hanning

    Die Lippen und die Person gehen Euch doch einen Scheissdreck an !!! Ihr sollt das Lied und die Stimme mögen !!! Ihr seid so arm !!!

    D J

    hanning du !!!! aber auch und allein

    Miquel Morano

    Zu betonen - die Lippen waren eine fad - so wie ein Haarwechsel oder so - shit - die sind seit ewig weg - Jenny singt genau so - sogar besser - ist normal - 2019 - heh thanks for sticking up for Jenny - wierd most of the comments were fron GAS territories - and now that we are all so adept at ip addresses - the competition is in overdrive - gosh - used to be they'd just run you over or have you break an ankle [email protected] J

  92. crossbike

    Der plastische Chirurg gehört vor Gericht angeklagt.

    Miquel Morano

    Alles wieder in ordnung seit 2015 crossbike - Jennifer braucht niemanden vor Gericht bringen - sie ist nicht mal 60 - singt besser als je zuvor - schade sie sind so bitter - danke fuer ihre Vorsorge - Anwaelte genau wie Gerichrsverfahren gibt es genugend. Immerhin hat Jenny mit diese "look" zu beweisen millionfach verkauft - diese Zeit war natuerlich vor downloading, und die immer verlogene "verkaufszahlen" Jenny ist auch multi culti - reisst ueberall seit sie teenager war - die stimme von Jenny ist der HAMMER - hab sie kurzlich live gesehen - fuer eine frau in ihre alter - die sieht verdammt "gut aus" - besser ist - sie kann singen - vielleicht ist das Gerichtsreif:)

    Miquel Morano

    Appropo - let's hope you never have an accident on your "cross bike"

  93. Geoffrey Head

    What a wonderful voice!

  94. YYellowDog

    dis angel her

  95. Pavel Pavelčík

    Beautiful voice