Jenkins, Katherine - You'll Never Walk Alone Lyrics

When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm, there's a golden sky
And the sweet, silver song of a lark

Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone

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Jenkins, Katherine You'll Never Walk Alone Comments
  1. drh kleinert

    Too bad, its too fast. To bring the spirit of the song it must be sung much slower.

  2. Michael Leon

    I love quakers

  3. Michael Leon

    Do you hold clandestinity benedict enoch chapter 7

  4. Michael Leon

    I am jealous shes married love you katherine
    Matthew 22 v 20212223

  5. Sonia Augusto

    Lindo ♥️🇧🇷

  6. Michael Leon

    Job 38 4

  7. Mary Goossens

    Beyond beautiful!

  8. Sara Brown

    Katherine Jenkins Absolutely Stunning Gorgeous Talented Singers Of All Time and This Beautiful Song Totally Heals Me The Most because I have Lost My Family Members in My Life and I Totally Loved her and This Powerful Message Of When You Feel Like Losing Someone You Love The Most?

  9. NavymanMI

    One of my favorites songs! Beautiful!

  10. James Wiliams

    Beutifull people...all of them

  11. Steven Morgan

    i am a liverpool fan but as lovley as her voice you need to hear the crowd at anfield in liverpool when liverpool are playing

  12. Anthony Hughed

    Just wow.

  13. lifelong career development center, inc.

    An angel from heaven descended to sing in our midst

  14. Charl

    Pure Angelic and so Beautiful

  15. Allan Howlett

    A truly beautiful woman.

  16. George Felty

    Her voice is so perfect for this classic song!

  17. Brian Neale

    Katherine is Welsh also

  18. niyonshuti brenda

    Oooooh Kaylor....your story is so touching.......God bless you and keep a strong lady😍

  19. Iris Moxey

    A powerful voice

  20. jackjaa Maiava

    Amazing song an beautiful voice

  21. Monie Kavuba

    This is so beautiful! Omg Katherine sings so nice.

  22. 2522Bomar

    I was there to see this live, absolutely fabulous.

  23. The Hooley's

    She's got the world at her feet, with looks, talent and to top that a really lovely person.

  24. Gus

    Listening to this sparked something inside of me.. perfect!

  25. sophie-jane phillips

    This is my nan song in memory of her death 😔

  26. Scott Capell

    Awesome and beautiful!!!

  27. Drawn

    She was in a hurry to get somewhere?

    K A

    Drawn ikr, SO rushed

  28. 윤창규

    very good

  29. Patricia Lavender

    I know she has a wonderful voice, but it's just not for me.

  30. thanakan teerapattanalak

    Amen and Amen...

  31. zaracla


  32. miriam rocha

    Com JESUS nunca andaremos a sós.

  33. Terry Reakes

    Fantastic! as always Katherine Jenkins delivers

  34. David Garcia

    any Liverpool fan? I'm not fan of Liverpool FC but surely agree they have the best anthem

    Monica Atryana

    yeah u alright elder

    Monica Atryana

    Mormons amazing

    T- HAM

    i am a fan of liverpool and they have the best antheme and the version of catherine is wonderful


    Hi mate..ynwa

  35. Luiz Mario Gomes

    lindo maravilhoso

  36. Mario Scherer


  37. Norby Breda

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice, gorgeous lady!

  38. teresa botero

    :) i cant stop myself from being happy when i heard of this song

  39. Billy-joe Slaven

    love her she is amazing

  40. Bruce Preece

    Beautifully sung by a beautiful lady

  41. ミラアオキ


  42. mira71819b

    It is a great singing force Mormon Taba Naruku Choir to back. Vibrato singing while extending the intonation, distinctive beautiful voice, voice is amazing. I is one of the most favorite singing. Also, I like the composer of rhythm and melody. (Matches to my guidelines) I (pseudonym Alien 78 producer Takagi S · critic Takagi S) is great cut split of mixing camera of sound. Supplement, it is a great mezzo-soprano singer. Magnificent songs

  43. barbi quillen

    Gives me chills♥

  44. Andrew Ross

    My favorite part of the Momerial Day Concert Is when Katherine Jenkins sang this song,

  45. L Hiram Larry Adams

    Outstanding performance including delivery and interpertation by a consumate professional. Thanks for your time. LHiram(Larry)Adams Phoenix AZ.

  46. Stan Johnson

    And now I want to go watch Liverpool's football club play...

    Awesome performance all around. :)

    Khulani Ncube

    Stan Johnson Lets talk about 6! Get in!

  47. Jimm D

    Sung too quickly, but not bad, but far from the best performance of this song. 

    Jim Rich

    Roy Hamilton had a number hit with this song back in the fifties. But he ain't no Katherine Jenkins!!!

  48. Aj R. Díaz

    Buena interpretación,,,, Gracias K.J

  49. Katie Hillenaar

    Had tears in my eyes. YNWA

  50. Antonio Delgado

    I felt shivers and am very impressed. Thank you for such beautiful performance. Best wishes to All.

  51. Andi Pstrik

    Ta dziewczyna skacze po dźwiękach na różnych krańcach skali z taką lekkością jak dziewczynki po kratkach gry w klasy.

  52. Rafael Lee

    wonderful voice

  53. zx10bez


  54. R. S. Kurtz

    This video deserves a 10 rating (the best being 10).  Katherine Jenkins and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir share the honors for collaborating to bring us the beautifull and uplifting llyrics and music to "You'll Never Walk Alone".  Bravo! Very well done.

  55. Ann TwoShoes

    The Welsh are, of course, famous for their wonderful singing voices and Katherine is no exception - she is a big star in the UK.

  56. joyce martini

    Never a more comforting sound than the Taberacle Choir in troubling times.

  57. The Piano Gal

    She's very beautiful and talented.

    Janice Low


    Φωτινη Αποστολακουδη

    The Piano Gal Ελπινίκη

  58. charlie

    Lovely liverpool

  59. Fantaesia Barrett


  60. Jill Goodrich

    Love love love this!

  61. Rebecca Haddock

    I truely enjoy her singing. Such a beautiful voice! Thank-you Kathryn for sharing with us all.
    Rebecca Haddock:)

  62. TOM TEOW

    Every rendition of this song has immortality

  63. Warren Pugh

    Why challenge benign comments??

  64. Warren Pugh

    No one (opinion) has sung it like Ariel Bybee.

  65. Kee Lim

    Beautiful song and The lovely Katherine thank you

  66. Kathleen Lin

    First saw her on Dancing with the Stars. She is talented in all that she does. Great performance.

  67. K Morgan

    Hi I recently sang this beautiful song with a welsh male voice choir, I am 15 and would love you all to view my channel.

  68. Danang Ahmadi A

    AMAZING, Beautiful Version.

  69. KoreanUrDogs


  70. Ferenc Inotay

    Wonderful voice and a beautyful lady singer ? she is Katherine /Ó!!!!

  71. Poetic Justice

    Everything about this is beautiful.

  72. Beverly Lewis

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful programs & Songs. The Gospel is wonderful. Thanks again, B.Lewis, Harris Ward, Gilbert Stapley Stake

  73. Andez

    Lovely voice but I think the tempos a bit too fast.

  74. Kristján P. Guðmundsson

    Beautiful voice and an elegant version.

  75. Terry Winrow

    Fantastic simply the greatest ---- this beatiful Welsh lady is sent to us from god himself --- may she be with us for ever --Wonderful is an under statement .!!!!!!!

  76. rohanovic

    Should be sung a lot slower in my opinion

  77. trixtrixandthenews

    i just found out about her today while watching conference and absolutely love her! she has an amazing voice! she is very talented.

  78. trixtrixandthenews

    i just found out about her and love her already! she has an amazing voice! she is very talented.

  79. Matheus Castro

    lindaaa demias

  80. Don Porter

    All her songs

  81. wim glen

    i really like this oooohpraise

  82. Steve Shaha

    Wow, Katherine Jenkins has an amazing voice.

  83. Josh Angell

    Amazing !

  84. Gillian Barr

    Love it - should be an album & I'd buy it straight away.