Jenkins, Katherine - L'amore Sei Tu (I Will Always Love You) Lyrics

Se io restassi qui,
Non sarei come tu me vuoi.
Me ne andrò,
Ma già lo so,
Sempre tu sarai in me.
L'amore sei tu,
L'amore sei tu,
E sempre tu.
Sempre avrò nostalgia,
Delle notti e giorno con te,
La vita mia porto via,
Sai che è meglo così.
L'amore sei tu,
E sempre sei tu.
Espero che tu troverai,
Quello che sai sognato per te,
La felicità tua,
Sarà la mia,
E lontano da me , ancora amerai.
Ma ormai,
L'amore sei tu,
E sempre sei tu,
L'amore sei tu,
L'amore sei tu,
E sempre tu,
Sei tu, tu
L'amore sei tu

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Jenkins, Katherine L'amore Sei Tu (I Will Always Love You) Comments
  1. Gary Pike

    I totally agree with Ralph's comments even after 7 years only he left a couple out. she seems so approachable and vulnerable and that worries me. I want to protect her and Fly to her side and be her bodyguard because I'm sure there are those who want to take advantage of her kindness and sweetness.....

  2. david wack

    sjhamwe she btook drugs

  3. leslie oliver

    what a wonderful welsh lady & singer

  4. Jon West Sr

    Praise GOD for such beautiful womanly hearts & souls as Dolly Parton & Katherine Jenkins

  5. Trefor Morgan-Hayes

    WOW absolutely stunning in every way!

  6. chinh TRINH XUAN

    Very Remarkable Katherine Jenkins so sweet & so gorgeous !.....Thanks a lot !.....

  7. Chris Randall

    *_Me and God think if I can get her to carry me around in heaven and strum motorboat noises on her bottom lip .. She will go on a date with Jesus and us &))) :))_*

  8. John Schofield


  9. Trefor Morgan-Hayes

    Easy on the ear, easy on the eye too!

  10. Dallas Bull

    Beautifu katherine jenkins. From dallas face book

  11. WU WEI

    Tiene todo excepto a mi...

  12. corey mcguire

    My Father is 1 tough man...held on to make it to his 96th bday only to pass away the next morning. Never seen him cry but only a few times in my life....but. EVERYTIME he heard this song it brought tears to his eyes. Says its the most beuatiful song he has ever led him to belive there is a God in heaven and HE. gave her his voice.
    Pops...your the go and touch the green grass of home with Mom.

    I'll cya both soon.

  13. Albert Codoy

    L'amore sei tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  14. Albert Codoy

    I love operatic songs parang bagay sa boses ko😂😂😂

  15. Tony Kirby

    Pure blood white woman and Earth angel

  16. John Russell


  17. The Lucky One

    Lost for words,,,,,just totally lost

  18. Lans Lay

    Absolutely beautiful and very well done!!!❤️👏👏✝️✝️👍👍🌹🌹🌹🇱🇷💓💕💗

  19. Sara Brown

    Katherine Jenkins Absolutely Stunning Gorgeous Talented Singers Of All Time and Totally Loved This Beautiful Song because I Also Loved Whitney Houston's Version in Her Own Movie of The Bodyguard?

  20. Rocky Fjord

    This cover of song in Italian is better than the original.


    no its not

    Rocky Fjord

    @dmerced257 Absolutely it is, as Italian is a more beautiful language than English,
    and Whitney Houston's voice bordered on screeching like one might hear in a Pentecostal church.
    I hate to criticize another singer by comparison, but I think my p.o.v. is not unique.

  21. Lili Gibson

    Se io restassi qui,
    Non sarei come tu me vuoi.
    Me ne andrò,
    Ma già lo so,
    Sempre tu sarai in me.
    L'amore sei tu,
    L'amore sei tu,
    E sempre tu.
    Sempre avrò nostalgia,
    Delle notti e giorno con te,
    La vita mia porto via,

    Sai che è meglo così.
    L'amore sei tu,
    E sempre sei tu.
    Espero che tu troverai,
    Quello che sai sognato per te,
    La felicità tua,
    Sarà la mia,
    E lontano da me , ancora amerai.
    Ma ormai,
    L'amore sei tu,
    E sempre sei tu,
    L'amore sei tu,
    L'amore sei tu,
    E sempre tu,
    Sei tu, tu
    L'amore sei tu.
    LetsSingIt - The Internet Lyrics Database

  22. dennis fook

    Well done my sweet lady

  23. Michael Gilman

    The best song, the best voice of the beautiful Khaterine❤️❤️❤️

  24. Jon West Sr

    She dons & doffs her singing voice; but, there is nothing pretentious, or false, about the beautiful soul that resides in that beautiful frame of flesh. Very much like the composer of that song & melody, Dolly Parton. Dolly freely admits that she has always, & shall always like to ,"dress up" in gaudy flamboyant attire, like unto a little girl, but she's no fool, and remains the same honest & graceful heart & soul that she's always been. Katherine has carried that song to it's most graceful & stately level, and that's not to subtract anything from Dolly's original version , nor the late Whitney Houston's versions, which were standards in their own right and form. But, Katherine has cut, polished ,& set the gem that Dolly gave us, into a jewel that can be set into the crown of royalty.

  25. Pierre Codaccioni

    I can not keep the distance between you and me! I must love you and to madness

  26. Таня Танечка

    Катерина молодец, но Хьюстон пела эту песню лучше.

  27. Arthur Giorgo

    Katherine Jenkins yes Civil Casatorio yes Jul.30 2019 England - Katherine Jenkins Dear Friends . wish you pleasant weekend! good morning wonderful Thank you lovely yes l Love you Kisses yes England yes NEW YORK CITY .U.S.A.

  28. Arthur Giorgo

    Katherine Jenkins yes Civil Casatorio Arthur Giorgio yes 30 Jul. 2019 yes England - Katherine Jenkins Dear Friends , you with pleasant weekend! good night wonderful Thank you lovely yes l Love you Kisses yes NEW YORK CITY .U.S.A.

  29. Ignacio Ortiz

    The most beautiful video in the world

  30. frantisek velat

    🙂 Beautiful 😊

  31. Ed Zoltay

    A vocal gift to the world.

  32. leo round

    She is absolutely beautiful!


    leo round Yes in a perfect world all women would be like her

  33. Ytalliane

    So beautiful!!!


    adorable performance , just sweetness & light comes from her voice & presence . a stunning looking woman who just exudes charm & elegance .

  35. Arthur Giorgo

    Katherine Jenkins good night wonderful Thank you lovely yes love you Kisses yes l Love you Kisses yes Casatorio Civil Arthur Giorgio yes England

  36. george stege

    Katherine Jenkins yes Casatorie george Stege Mayo 2o19 yes England won wonderful Thank you lovely yes love you Kisses yes England

  37. Ruth Boykin


  38. basheer khan

    Rare beauty rare voice and rare style!!!

  39. Barry Shield


  40. zxxzxzzx kesar

    Очень красиво звучит, просто великолепно , я восхищён .

  41. Andrzej Elvis


  42. Abe Mantell

    I could listen to and watch this all day, every day!!! Angelic!!!

  43. sokratis georgiou

    Angel's Voice

  44. Antonella Sturatti

    Bellissimissima x me 💘💘💘💘💘💘💕💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍✌🌞🌙🏖🐕😉

  45. Dallas Bull

    Love u katherine jenkins amazing voice cherub. Love song l will always love u originaly. Sung by whitney houston. From dallas face book



  47. Rory Scottish

    She is pretty 😍

  48. M Zeeshan Iqbal

    This is actually one of the best Italian version of song too.♥

  49. M Zeeshan Iqbal

    Katherine its a beautiful and lovely performance on Whitney Houston's Song ♥♥♥

  50. Sample Owner

    How can such a beautiful voice come from such a beautiful woman?


    If we were all perfect we would all potentially be able to sing like KJ

  51. Mike Whitcher

    Stunning in every way

  52. Amy Chan


  53. TheTread123

    Who is next in the level of her vocal and physical presence for the 2020's?

  54. Ost Ehsan

    Oh Lady Katherine 💙😘❤😇 amazing

  55. Geoffrey Goldberg

    What a Fantastic singer and Beautiful woman.

  56. Mush Mouse

    Thank you Dolly Parton.

  57. Samir Goradia

    buongiorno signorina.

  58. Mike Barnard

    Whats not to like? Some of these negative comments are totally unjustified. She has a great voice by any standards irrespective of her looks and genre. Bunch of miserable SOBs!

  59. Alguem

    lindissima bela voz

  60. Александр Гаага

    Катя - ты ангел!

  61. odiberzbn

    Bella canzone bell voce , e tutta bella ,

  62. Paddy Murphy

    Breathtakingly beautiful, I am lost in wonder.

  63. Bogdan Ivasykiv

    Прекрасно!!! Дякую!

  64. Benjamin Davies

    I can listen to Katherine ALL DAY LONG

  65. Tommy T

    reminds me of someone I used to know.. miss him every day!

  66. Robin Sawchuk

    my darling angle.......

  67. Ross Lloyd


  68. Bo Lando

    When God created this beauty in the womb, God must have said 'I will make her in the image of my Angels!'

    frank Young

    That's why I always wonder why god give someone everything and give someone else nothing.


    @frank Young God gave everyone something. for some it's obvious, some have opportunity or are lucky to discover theirs early and work to develop it. Everything for a different purpose. Each one with the responsibility to dig, seek, knock, ask until you find out what is hidden inside and after you find it, work to develop it.

    “Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them. 15 To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag,[a] each according to his ability. Matthew 25:14.

    You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13.

    For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. JESUS. Blessings

    steve billiter

    @frank Young True, but those who make it to heaven will have it all--beauty, intelligence, ability to fly, and never get old, experience pain sorrow, or death. Katherine does seem to have it all--perfect beauty, although now at 39 she's starting to show her age--and what a singer she is! But she did have to work hard for that. But had she done drugs, ate too much, etc, her beauty would have been gone too. So she at least had to take care of herself.

  69. Francisco Ferrer Galiana

    Exquisita voz y canción..!!

  70. Ion Teszter

    Pretentious artsy-fartsy.

  71. Tobias Taljaard


  72. William Radford

    Very nicely done, an international version of Whitney's song from the Bodyguard.. K.J. in a lovely yellow dress.

  73. Michael Billington

    Such a beautiful voice

  74. A. Lu

    On par with Whitney. Such different style but equally breathtaking!

  75. julietta ireland


  76. Wombah 0070

    What has become of my comments? This isn't funny!

  77. Mike Morgan


  78. MrMacal1


  79. Larry Mayes

    Beautiful Performance!

  80. Jean Bartunek

    This is a great rendition of a Dolly Parton song

  81. Chapel Tibet

    Oh oh Katherine! I love you!

    Martin Sojourner

    Chapel Tibet (


    JASMINE LAMPORT/HANNAH DRURY............................both well worth a google.

  83. Rolf O. J. Hener

    Eine traumhafte Melodie gesungen mit einer ebensolchen Stimme.

  84. simra3

    what an angel!

  85. George maghiar

    sei magnifica mi dispiace perche io non ti mai sentita





  87. Elliott Gyll

    I didn't know "I Will Always Love You" would be sung in Italian. :) :) :)


    well you see the World was CREATED a long TIME ago in E. Europe , but of Course you are told different ,DUMBASS , your world was Anglo/Saxon ANIMALS till they brought in the ORIGINAL EUROPEANS who had evolved but you did not, STUPID!!!

    Elliott Gyll

    My mums Greek and my Dads Polish you dumbass, you watch YOUR Anglo-Saxon Mouth before you speak next time and jump upon the next comment you can barely read. I thought it was beautiful the way she sung it, so maybe you better shut your trap before chastising the person leaving a positive comment, unlike you. Think before you speak and one day, MAYBE YOU'LL LEARN ! :)

    Elliott Gyll

    BTW, English was actually spoken less than 900 yrs. earlier than Italian. :) Doing some research and actually working on your roasts might actually get you somewhere someday. Unlike the no good piece of garbage you have obviously proved to be :)

  88. Mark Friend

    She is incredible! More amazing than her voice is the intensity of light that seems to come from her. What an Aura and her eyes simply project warmth and light!


    Yes, you just want to come to her, to hug her.

    steve billiter

    Mark--for sure everyone just loves her, she's a real sweetheart.

  89. john westfall

    outstanding voice well done

  90. Kamol Hengkiatisak

    So beautiful and nice to the ears.

  91. Mary Michelle Florentino

    i wish i could be able to sing this song...

  92. Yeadonboy 89

    i was crying loads because of a broken heart, literally crying my heart out and this song, i know it in English, grabbed me. I love Katherine Jenkins you're that spec of light everybody needs when they're struggling emotionally x

  93. Kevin Humphreys

    She's perfect in every way, and now a mother, bless your child xxxxxx


    Yes, she is just goddess.

  94. mira71819b

    素晴らしい歌唱力ですね偉大なメゾソプラノ歌手・独特の美しい声・声を伸ばしながら歌うビブラート・抑揚が素晴らしいです。私が最も好きな歌い方の一つです。又、リズムとメロディの作曲が好きです。(私的ガイドラインに一致します)(ペンネームはエイリアン78・プロデューサー高木S・プロデューサーtakagi mira ・評論家高木S)音のミキシング・トラック・ダウン・カメラのカット割りが素晴らしいですね。

  95. Victoria Comeau

    I love her dress!!! How am I only just discovering this amazing woman!?

  96. Timothy Himes

    A vision with an angel's voice.

  97. Julia Mbhele

    Beautiful!!I believe I can on the Italian version as well!!!

  98. Maru Lozano Carbonell

    My favorite singer! Congrats!

  99. possummay

    Fabulous voice. The lady can sing, dance, and looks incredible. Doesn't seem fair to all the the other ladies. I wonder if Katherine can cook? Those two top notes slay me every time I hear them.


    "I wonder if Katherine can cook? " - Epic line..... love it - still laughing