Jenkins, Katherine - Ave Maria Lyrics

Ave Maria, gratia plena
Dominus tecum, dominus tecum
Et benedictus fructus ventris tui
Jesus, Jesus

Ave Maria, gratia plena
Dominus tecum, dominus tecum
Et benedictus fructus ventris tui
Jesus, Jesus

Sancta Maria
Mater Dei
Ora, Ora,
Ora pro nobis

Sancta Maria ora pro nobis
Nunc et in hora hora mortis nostrae
Ora pro nobis peccatoribus
Ora, ora

Sancta Maria
Mater Dei
Ora, ora
Ora pro nobis

Sancta Maria ora pro nobis
Nunc et in hora hora mortis nostrae
Ora pro nobis peccatoribus
Ora, ora

Amen, amen, amen, amen

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Jenkins, Katherine Ave Maria Comments
  1. Barbara G.

    Beautiful... 🌹

  2. Robert Ellam

    Amazing Voice

  3. Анатолий Леппанен

    Наверно из высших миров вселенной пришла в наш грешный мир Катерина.
    Очень понравилось ...Благодарю !

  4. Michael Gilman

    Beauty will save the World!!!❤️

  5. Corina Todor

    Thenk you ! Lady Mary !

  6. Irena Visockiene

    Čia viskas dera!

  7. Brightji

    dearest katy i m french but your amazing voice touch me as a pure grace of god
    be blessed katy
    much love

  8. поджолес

    pray for us now, and at the hour of our death

  9. Italo De Angelis

    Super Schöne Frau.

  10. Arthur Giorgo

    Katherine Jenkins yes Artur Giorgio wonderful Thank you lovely yes l love you Kisses Berlinale Germany

  11. Нина Донская

    How such a beautiful woman and wonderful voice!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  12. Alan Keys

    Is she just wearing knickers under that dress I would give my right arm to give her one

  13. Paul McCormick

    Outstanding Bravo.

  14. Efren Moctezuma Presichi


  15. leo lealfe

    Estou em prantos neste momento. Meus Deus! Sinto que poderia morrer feliz neste exato momento! Uma paz profunda.

  16. HJM

    Luv u KJ

  17. Mohammed Imran

    Ermmmm horrible compared to Barbara Bonney

    Jim Rich

    Moohammid…..If you will get your head out of Bonney's butt you will be able to hear Katherine more clearly. Try it and then tell us how you feel?

  18. Wyn Lewis

    Voice too powerful .. Ave Maria should come from the heart and the voice will follow.

  19. Lisa Sewell

    Such a beautiful song we had this song at my grans funeral last year when she died in July 2017 we also had time to say. Goodbye by Katherine Jenkins she has such an amazing voice

  20. Kroy Web

    Like a descending Angel..........

  21. dazzini82

    I don't think she can speak Welsh can she?

  22. Shaq Almasonry

    I wonder how it feels..
    To shoot my cums in her face...

  23. Olivia Fox

    A bit tough for her. BUt still a beautiful voice.

  24. german C.A.A.R

    c'est marrant, avec charlotte et tant d'autres...on dirait que les cieux nous prêtent ici et là la divinité. Jenkins c'est la seule que Dieu recoiffe pendant son chant. c'est ce que je vois !

  25. God kinG

    Love3 from the Philippines!

  26. Malcolm Orton

    pure gold

  27. Ornella Basile


  28. Sld

    uniquely wonderful

  29. Eduardo Cisneros


  30. Robin Sawchuk

    looks like...........god is here.

  31. stanley wilkinson

    Katherine Jenkins is so beautiful and the true model of loveliness. I feel that her voice and chosen material are the best that I have ever seen and heard.

  32. HTP 04041

    wtf this is horrible.

  33. fumi


  34. Placido Garraffa

    bellissima.. da brividi

  35. Samuel Kock

    She is not a mezzo, if you want to hear a mezzo listen to Giulietta Simionato, Tereza Berganza for examples of what a mezzo should sound like. Mezzo's should have a "tjello" sound. My honest opinion is that most so called mezzo's today are dramatic sopranos Even Erina Garanca for me is not a true mezzo, she is thinking of singing dramatic soprano roles

    Pattanasit Sutthivaiyakit

    Film Blue Hawaii Elvis Prely

    Jim Rich

    ...Do I give a fat rats ass whether she is a mezzo or not ? Get a grip !!!!

  36. Libertarian Monarchist Bot

    That guy spoke Welsh with a British accent.

    Libertarian Monarchist Bot

    @Michelle Powell I meant an English English accent, or British English accent. I love the British English accent very much. I think it is the most beautiful language in the world. And I think the Great Britain and the United States represent the highest level of human civilization.

    Michelle Powell

    The guy is Aled Jones, first language Welsh, nothing 'English' about the way he spoke....

    Libertarian Monarchist Bot

    @Michelle Powell Oh really? But he has an English accent.

    Michelle Powell

    He doesn't. He speaks Welsh with a Welsh accent. Being Welsh myself, I know the difference.

    Libertarian Monarchist Bot

    @Michelle Powell ...OK.

  37. Denise S.S. Lima


  38. Denise S.S. Lima

    Que linda.


    Flawless and utterly moving, she is right up there with Bonney and Callas.....

  40. さおりんまる


  41. RN MUSIC

    Genial, perfeita e talentosa. Que Deus sempre te ilumine!!

  42. jocky102

    I thought that was a shit Ave maria. And she looks like she is right up herself too


    ARRON NEVILLE'S version does it for me.

  43. Aun Muzzammil Urs

    she got a black tongue

  44. J A McKenzie

    Love Aled Jones speaking the Welsh in the introduction. I love Katherine but still wonder if she'd be so successful if she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous.

    Jim Rich

    I love her voice!!! The incredible beauty is a definite plus but I would listen regardless her looks.

  45. Quentin Arundell

    The most beautiful arrangement of this song.

  46. Emmanuel T Akintunde

    angelic piece!

  47. Kevin Humphreys

    Beautiful in every way xxxxxx

  48. Ratzinger

    so so beautiful

  49. Carleial Bernardino Mendonça


  50. bovnyccc operalover

    There are other versions of Ave Maria, the most famous by Franz Schubert. If you love this version by Caccini, try listening to a studio recording by Elina Garanca, the great Latvian mezzo soprano.


    bovnyccc operalover if you like this song, I suggest you look up the Michal Lorenc version, absolutely stunning!

  51. ミラアオキ


  52. ミラアオキ


  53. yendo a la raiz

    La voz de Dios en Jenkins

  54. Tarricone Gerardo Gerardo

    e un angelo sulla terra che canta e loda la Mamma dell universo AVE MARIA!!!!!

  55. Tarricone Gerardo Gerardo

    e un angelo sulla terra che canta e loda la Mamma dell universo AVE MARIA!!!!!

  56. Tarricone Gerardo Gerardo

    e un angelo sulla terra che canta e loda la Mamma dell universo AVE MARIA!!!!!

  57. camelido69

    Quien dice que las divas de la opera son gordas y feas !!!!! Por favor vean la cantidad de publico!!! Estamos milenios atrasados!!!!

  58. Patrick mc mullan

    never been to a concert or live performance of any kind in my 58 years on the planet. however, if I could afford it and health provided , I would love to go to see her perform. :)


    +Patrick mc mullan with all the respect maybe you should see a proper opera singer. Her technique has been criticized by nearly everyone who dedicated their lives to opera. Katherine is beautiful but sh'e not an opera singer...

    Jim Rich

    +lanvin1982 ..........Lotta jealousy out there, lanvin. You seem to be one of the jealous ones. Hang it up, fella. Won't do you a bit of good to try and trash Katherine.

    Willy S

    @lanvin1982 If you like Katherine Jenkins and the kind of music she is singing, why should you be obliged to love opera too ? KJ is not an opera singer.

  59. 774892

    She is so beautiful! I'd like to think my guardian angel looks like her.

  60. Doris Corazón

    Hermosa interpretación  ♥

  61. Worcester Bertie

    The looks of an angel - and the voice of an angel.
    What a beautiful person.

  62. Susan Fuerte

    there is something called money to get a good recording done.  Do you have any?  Not of the choir.

  63. Susan Fuerte

    And do you sing? Are you a mezzo? I have heard better. This is a place where you can voice an opinion. So I did. I'd like to hear what you sound like.

    Jim Rich

    +Susan Fuerte- Wanna hear a perfect voice? ask for Myrna Rose here on youtube. Very little of what she did is available Meanwhile, Jenkins is my favorite female singer today. If you have something bad to say about her, put it up so we can refute you.

    Jim Rich

    +the subject of stars -You are correct about Fuerte. She is non-existent here. If she is as terrific as she says, would be nice to actually witness this phenomenon for myself.

    Jim Rich

    I sound pretty damned good!!!

    Jim Rich

    @Susan Fuerte ...Whoever heard of Soozie Farte ?

  64. marte65

    bellissima da sentirsi e da vedersi...

  65. antonella

    Je suis tombé sur cette version que je ne connaissai pas .superbe voix et très belle femme ..... ( la chanson préférée de ma mère ♥) 

    Carmel Davies

    antonella f

  66. Fred MyOpinion

    She is singing a religious song and she's dressed like going to a ball with a coquettish dress exposing half her body naked and the rest in animal furs, the kind of dress for a rich lady, not a humble lady.

    Jennie Quinn

    You realise that a) she doesn't dress herself, she has stylists and b) she was singing at a festival. I doubt if the dress could change the sound. Don't watch if you don't like the dress, the voice is still beautiful.

    Jim Rich

    Sorry, Poochie, but the woman has set records since she first began her career. She will not miss an occasional malcontent like ol' Freddie-Pooh. She is crying all the way to the bank........

    Jim Rich

    Ferdie, half the audience was female. You are really, really one boring jerk!!! You post total chickenshit about this. You are a nattering nabob of negativity I'll bet you can count your friends on one finger.................

    Kevin Jones

    get down off your horse

    Jim Rich

    @Fred MyOpinion… Hell, NO! Freddy-poo!!!! You keep YOUR moronic ideas to YOURSELF. You are dumber than a rock and your tastes are apparently in your rectum. Have you noticed that your negative comments are just about the only negatives here? I am gonna guess that you are gay and that is the main reason for your jealousy ? Can't wear a gown like that??? At the very least you are a prehistoric prude. And.... a very nasty person !!!! Quit whining and enjoy the show...……...

  67. shrll133

    You guys can try listening to Elizabeth's version.

  68. Susan Fuerte

    to much vibrato.  She sounds like a bleating goat sometimes.  She needs to control it and she swallows the sound.  Fix those little things and she'd improve a lot.

    Sue Nagamoto

    @Susan Fuerte You obviously don't know how a mezzo soprano should sing. Too much vibrato? Bleating goat? Swallows the sound? Please don't attend an opera, especially with a mezzo singing. sueN

    Jim Rich

    Fart'e, you are a nattering nabob of negativity. I suggest you listen to Tiny Tim to get your ideal.

  69. Bruce Powell

    An angel from Wales, a gift of God.

  70. RelatedGiraffe

    What language is the host speaking? Is that English? It sounded really weird...

    ai lee

    It's welsh! Faenol festival is annual music festival in Wales, uk


    Ah, that explains it! :D

  71. Wilson Eusebio777

    Nice that she sings to Our Lovely mother Mary, JESUCHRIST!!!!

  72. Arlett Oliva

    wow what a voice god . LOVE IT 

  73. KP Schlov

    weak performance.....but nice to watching...not to hearing! :-)

    Jim Rich

    You, Kitchen Police, are one of a very small minority with your jerkwater opinion. I hear your favorite singer is Grandpa Jones from "Hee-Haw"? How could anyone possibly take your opinion seriously? Crawl back into your cage............

    Jim Rich

    KP…..Only a weak minded idiot would post such an idiotic comment. Take a hike...…….

  74. Iago Dantas

    Isso é que é música !!!

  75. Observer 21

    Oh no...I am switching channel...

  76. gwang soo kim

    아름다운 목소리^ 완벽합니다^^

  77. ivh1968

    Oh dear.

  78. Mk oh

    천상의 소리

  79. Dennis Smalley

    An angel on earth!!

  80. Carleial Bernardino Mendonça




  81. crispy chips

    nice rendition, its good that she stayed away from the original version of the song because she wudnt have made it.

  82. Rob Saunders

    Ave Jesus.

  83. Stefano Stocco

    A me non piace. Soprattutto la dizione lascia molto a desiderare.

  84. Bobbyb b bb

    WOW! born to rock the world.


  85. Pavel Novák


  86. John Eagan

    Loved it!

  87. leon fan

    leona lewis is better. her perfomance of ave maria is amazing

    Jim Rich

    Leon.........The hell with Leona Lewis !!! We are discussing the fantastic Katherine Jenkins here. Get with the program.

  88. Rose Bud

    We're not jealous, we're upset with the fact that everybody calls her an opera singer (I know that she doesn't claim this title herself) and compares her to real opera singers. And she is in no way able to teach opera. She hasn't even rudimentarily a solid or good technique and will never teach anyone how to sing opera properly.
    She isn't hired by opera houses because she simply isn't good enough, even a student at a conservatory would beat her in nearly every aspect and opera-goers realize this as well.
    She's very famous and many people love her and that's the reason why she sometimes sings with opera singers; because people realize what a wide audience they're getting when putting her face in front of a camera.
    There's no problem if you like her and her voice, to each his own.
    But I think the problem for many guys is that some people compare her to such superb artists like Pavarotti and Callas and then others think that this downgrades the artistry of Pavarotti/Callas etc, because unfortunately KJ doesn't even come close to them.

    Ugur Akdag

    Well said.
    KJ performs the piece wonderfully and uniquely.
    Waiting for videos from the individuals who criticize this performance mercilessly. Let's see how they perform not necessarily this song but anything in terms of musical.

    Jim Rich

    Has she offered to teach opera? There are three year olds singing "Nessun Dorma" on "America's Got Talent" getting rave reviews. Some rap "artists" draw bigger crowds than typical opera performers. IF some folks think KJ is into opera, that is good for opera because it draws attention to the genre in a highly favorable way. One excellent thingy about KJ is she is not the fat lady who closes the show. You smug skanks ARE jealous! Live with it. You could not carry Katherine's bra. She IS the total package and rich as all get out!!! Who could ask for more?

    Kelley Dennis

    your full of shit

    Richard Wallace

    Great,great voice, so why do the the snobby opera singers bitch?

    Jim Rich

    Dumbass post! I have not seen an ad anywhere offering voice lessons by Katherine.

  89. Magdalena Wollman

    the most beautiful performance

  90. 横山毅


  91. Cory Kent

    Of course you can have that opinion. She's hardly a poor singer though. She's bringing a lot of joy and good music to the world, which is being filled with harsh, awful music and singing for the most part. :)

  92. Cory Kent

    And it was a bad result in a way. She was so much better than the celebrity who won, but he was popular as an American Football player. Katherine's the real winner to me, and many others. :)

  93. Cory Kent

    Everybody has an opinion and you have your right to judge, but that doesn't make it true.

  94. Cory Kent

    Believe me the haters are just those egos which are at enmity for the Light and Beauty, which is in her face and her voice.

  95. Cory Kent

    Hardly tasteless. Don't be snobby. There was many things beautiful about this, but some people are too blind to hear it or see it.

  96. Humbertomateo Leguizamon

    la mejor versión escuchada

  97. herby0518

    Katherine`s album This is Christmas has been nominated for album of the year at the fans can vote for her there.

  98. Makmed Armed

    Jenkins is the female version of Pavarotti

  99. Sassymui8

    I love her voice because it's doesn't sound shrill like other Opera singers.