Jeff Williams - The Triumph Lyrics

Back to the fairytale
Back to the show
Back to the wall
And there's nowhere to go
Hopeless and desperate
All paths adverse
Things lookin' bleak
Yeah, and they're 'bout to get worse

Helpless and doomed
And there's no way to win
Goals unachievable
Faith running thin
Lost and forlorn
Impossible odds
That's when you'll learn
You've been messing with gods

Send in your Grimm
Tear off my limb
Strike me with bolts of lightning
I won't die!
The battle seems unwinnable
But all we need's a miracle
We're going up, we'll never be denied!

Can't wish away the dismal days
Can't bring back what is gone
Won't waste more tears on yesteryears
Instead, we'll carry on!

We'll win, for sure, we will endure
And though our goal is far
We'll be the ones to touch the sun
Triumph will be ours!

Nowhere to run now
No time to grieve
No other choices
It's die or believe
Not backing down
We're standing at last
Defeat and dejected are things of the past

This is the moment
This is the day
This is the place
And we came here to slay
Yeah I'm a girl
But I'm also a gun
That's it, I'm deadly
You'll never outrun

Strike down my friends
I'll never bend
Right to the end, I'm fighting
And though it's unpredictable
We're heading for the pinnacle
We'll never stop
We're headed towards the sky

Can't wish away the dismal days
Can't bring back what is gone
Won't waste more tears on yesteryears
Instead, we'll carry on!

We'll win, for sure, we will endure
And though our goal is far
We'll be the ones to touch the sun
Triumph will be ours!

It's not destiny
It would be a great mistake to think so
Every choice is ours and ours alone

This doesn't open up like fate
This is the future we create
And we're powered by
Every tear that's dried

Can't wish away the dismal days
Can't bring back what is gone
Won't waste more tears on yesteryears
Instead, we'll carry on!

We'll win, for sure, we will endure
And though our goal is far
We'll be the ones to touch the sun
Triumph will be ours!

The triumph will be ours!

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Jeff Williams The Triumph Comments
  1. Bryan Harmon

    The thumbnail reminded me of yu-gi-oh

  2. superglichtbros

    stop making sexaul yang and ruby dude its not cool its disrectpectful to rwby fans so stop

  3. Loquen

    Oh my godness this awesome

  4. Peanut

    what if this was Salem's song

  5. Checkina H. Coulibaly-羲燒曠

    Best song ever!

  6. Casey Heart

    “Tear off my limb”
    Yang: 👀

  7. Moses Choi

    Yangs left eye is kinda scary thx to red with it

  8. JT Woiewucki

    Where's that image from?

  9. DumDum

    That final chorus with less instruments hits just right 👌

  10. Elex3r

    The Triump (ft. Belladonna) by the
    Ru-Yang Clan

  11. ember004

    Pyrhhas last line was "do you believe in destiny" and in the song it says it's not destiny it would be a *grave* *mistake* I'm pretty sure this mistake is pyrhhas death

  12. Adam Taurus

    1:58 *øútrûñ my gûñ*

  13. Pit X Roxas

    *Intense dancing*

  14. Wiebejamin

    "Things looking bleak and they're about to get worse"
    Is this song about the quality of the show?

  15. Wildheart Razorfang

    Pyrhha's Last words in Volume 3: "Do you believe in destiny?"
    Cinder in Colume 6: "I still do."
    Volume 5 intro: "It's not destiny! It would be a GRAVE MISTAKE to think so!"

  16. Bob The Builder

    Yes I'm a [any weapon in Rwby] but I'm also a gun!

  17. PurpleOctoling

    Hey remember when they only stabbed Weiss just to give Jaune a semblance.
    There was no reason for it, it was only there to bully him more and give him more traumatic experiences in his life.
    Like he didn't suffer enough.

  18. Deltamixxc

    Wait does Jeff make the song lyrics and Casey sings it?

  19. Stryder Eternal

    Whoever the drummer is.... I have sympathy for his hands...


    I still think this is still one of the best opening songs

  21. Neo LPSTM

    *why is no one acknowledging the lyric “tear off my limb”*


    *send out your grimm*

  22. Ember Celica

    "tear off my limb."

    "Strike me with bolts of lightning."
    Well then... Boop.

  23. black star Js

    Every shonen vilain : how do you think you can stop me?
    Every shonen hero: with the power of friendship

  24. calacalamari

    that’s when you’ll learn you’ve been messing with gods.

    volume 6

  25. Ruby Rose

    "Tear off my limb"... Is that referring to yangs arm?

  26. Blackout 1

    "We're powered by every tear that's dried". Is it weird that every time I hear that line, I get the picture of the gears in Qrow's sword turning?

  27. Rebekah Lyan

    I find it really interesting that the bridge starts off with, "It's not destiny," as Pyrrha's last words were, "do you believe in destiny?"
    It could signify RWBY and JNR starting to move past Pyrrha's death, especially since she believed in destiny.
    It could also be them realizing and learning that what they're doing goes beyond Pyrrha and Beacon, and changing their course/goals as a result.
    What do you guys think?

  28. soloj 37

    Any one else just appreciated the drums guitar and the other instumenta instead if the lyrics?

  29. Cylasbreakdown

    Rule number one of RWBY: It’s also a gun.

  30. Lancer

    "Yeah I'm a girl but I'm also a gun" *Everything in rwby is a gun. EVERYTHING.*

    Blackout 1

    Minus Jaune's sword


    @Blackout 1 Yeah, and Maria's staff.

  31. Silas Kruip

    does anyone notice this god damn hard rhythm

  32. Peter Saints

    Why does this song have part at the beginning that sound like they could be about Salem's conflict with gods?
    Messing with gods, bring back what is gone, won't die, etc...

  33. Slaptastic Chair

    Bobby: "Fool.. THATS MY PURSE!"
    *bright flash*
    Announcer: "Hank has been defeated."
    Peggy: "HANK-SENPAI!"

  34. The Spanish Armada

    Ya forgot the prosthetic with the vibrating function.

  35. Kobe Escalante

    "Things looking bleak and they're bound to get worse."

    Didn't know they were predicting the future of the RWBY fanbase after this Volume.

  36. Tygo VdW

    man her voice got so deep over the years, it just like the anime fits the progressions perfectly

  37. Gayvin23

    Man Weiss got a shiny finger huh

  38. Saraphynx

    for the longest time i thought the lyric was ''yeah i'm a girl but i'm also a god''. guess i was wrong

  39. Christopher Spielberg

    The Best Animated Original Song of 2018.

  40. Khushi Shrestha

    Yang is sans if she had red eyes...okay I will leave

  41. Cock of the Rock

    After watching Volume 6, these lyrics make a lot of sense. Holy shit I think they put it on the wrong season.

  42. DrinkableTrees

    Weiss: OBJECTION!

  43. Ian Comtois

    From "Time to Say Goodbye": "...Or are we weapons, pointed at the enemy so someone else can claim a victory?"

    This song answers that question: Yes, we are guns and that's GREAT.

  44. Titrainium

    "I'm not just a girl. I'm also a customisable, high impact sniper rifle."

    Adam Taurus

    Ruby:I'm also a gun

  45. Batgirl Bela

    1:58 Oh noes! Shes a gun!

  46. Nitzel

    why is ruby's fist so defined

  47. Kyoko Chan

    *Yeah I’m a girl but I’m also a gun*
    *Fast and I’m deadly you’ll never outrun*

    Yup, definitely Ruby.

  48. Anonymous Gamer

    "Lost and forlorn; impossible odds.
    That's when you'll learn you've been messing with gods."

    Did this song foreshadow _The Lost Fable?_

  49. BlankNametag Studios

    Volume 5: all we need’s a miracle

    Volume 6: Shit...

  50. Aden Mabute

    The guitar must be hurting his hands... I feel bad, but on the bright side, he gets to listen to his solos :)

    William Allison

    Jeff is my biggest infleunce as a guitarist, and i agree some of his solos are downright painful to play, have you heard the solo in ignite? that is his way of saying "Betcha can't play this!" cos that one is near impossible!

    and i know the struggle of learning a Jeff Williams solo, i've gotten burns, FREAKING BURNS from doing the solo in I Burn


    Why am I still listening to this almost every day....
    because it's EPIC

  52. Broken Shah

    Can't Wish Away The Dismal Days!

    (My Fave Part of this Song!)

  53. •Romina González•

    Pyrrha -Do you believe in destiny?
    This song -It's not destiny


    I can see each of team RWBY singing this
    But when they say “it’s not destiny” I am offended and Pyhrra could be too or however you spell it...

  55. pyromaniac

    Yang: listen Ruby a girl can't date her weapon


    Yang: Ruby no

    Ruby :,-(

    I imagine this is happened at least once


    ruby *no*

  56. Filipinogo

    "It's not destiny..."

    * Pirrah gets triggered*

    Mike Daniel Espeja

    Because she's also a gun!

  57. Cabose

    I was reading then I heard "yeah I'm a girl but I'm also a guy" so I look up confused as fuck only to realize it said gun and then i got surprised and now it's like yup, everything in RWBY is a gun, even human girls


    red vs blue in rwby


    Notice that Ruby is the only one who does not have a gleam in the pic


    "It's not destiny"
    "Do you believe in destiny"

  60. Libby Elise C.

    Anyone else noticed yangs right eye?

    Ruby Rose

    Her two eyes are different. I noticed it immediately

  61. Michael Jimenez

    I really love how the meaning of this song is that we've mourned long enough and that it's time for us to fight back and win for sure. Hands down the best inspiration song to help us when we need it.


    I may be a girl but I'm also a gun
    I'm fast and I'm deadly you'll never outrun
    Ruby you are not a gun. Your scythe is

  63. Shadow Fox Entertainment

    "it not destiny, it would be a grave mistake to the think so"
    I got chills

  64. Christopher Tompson

    For anyone who cares volume 5 is on Spotify

  65. IoEstasCedonta

    "It's not destiny / it would be / a grave mistake to think so."

    Interesting how this runs counter to the theme of "Rising"...


    Holy crap I didn't notice that

  66. pull the trigger end me

    "Do you believe in destiny?"
    It's not destiny it would be a grave mistake to think so

  67. Bovvle

    RWBY girls getting ready for an all out attack

  68. Steph Tho

    This is the theme song of the fans going into Avengers 4...
    And possibly of the Avengers themselves.

  69. jake knight

    "im also a gun" rwby in a nutshell

  70. Fasttony64

    How is it everytime i wanna listen to rwby music i unconciously go to your vids.

  71. Azrael Saint

    Ive gotta say.... of all the songs my favourites are "This will be the day" "Time to say goodbye" and this song

  72. X aldreca

    Not a fan of the font. I think it's the h in particular.

  73. Nothing yet

    *"Yeah I'm a girl, but I'm also a gun..."* rwby-verse I wouldn't be suprised :D :D :D

    Resumed Dexterity

    *Seryu from akame ga kill intensifies*

  74. Captain Spaceship

    I like how it seems to connect with S4's OP where it seems like it's hopeess but tune here makes them sound ready

  75. Gabriel

    Master piece song 🎉

  76. Trevor Livingston

    great song, and i absolutely loved the picture of all four of them too. captured their whole personalities in one pic

  77. Xochitl Guzman

    No that's wrong

    Like if you get it


    This song makes me think of Infinity War and how Thanos is totally gonna get his ass kicked by the Avengers

  79. Chris Coonan

    That moment you have this playing on discord and listen to it on youtube and it is perfectly synced to you turn both to the maximum volume.

  80. Fasttony64

    If only i could watch volume 6.

  81. arekkusu

    wear this with headphones at the start it sounds cool

  82. RacingNut48

    I can't wait for the Vol. 6 premiere tonight!

  83. SlashFan18

    Best OP in the series. HYPED FOR VOLUME 6

  84. julian12465

    Love Jeff and Casey Williams. Tons of personality in their music.

  85. Memphis Bullard

    11/10 is my rating

  86. Sebine LifeWind

    Notice how Ruby doesn't have any shinies on her especially bapped self.

  87. Emily Shift

    But it's okay because I fit the description. I love this song.

  88. clxud pupiii

    The h looks like b

  89. Anthony Conner

    I'll be honest, Volume 5 did not have the best writing. The story was rough in a lot of places (Adam obsessing over Blake, the good guys came out on top with little to no trouble, yada yada yada), but if you ignore that, it's not bad for entertainment alone. Of course, at first, I didn't really like Volume 5's opening. And even after listening to the full version, it still ranks pretty low on the list.

    But that's not your fault, Flynt. You're working with other people's works, and turning them into lyric videos. As for this one, it's high quality. I haven't seen fanart of Team RWBY looking so confident, so READY, in a long time. Great video, man.

  90. Nyxiel

    Why is this not on iTunes, I’m confused

  91. Coffee

    But we got denied pyrrha getting smash...

  92. Roxas Shade

    *eyes flare red*
    dammit, I could never find a full version before I went down, so this is GLORIOUS

  93. KK Ahmed

    I think I’ve rewatched the RWBY Series like 4 times...

  94. Echo

    Weiss over there looking like a Danganronpa protagonist....



    Brendan Parker

    Allow Me To Cut Through Those Words!

    Desro Ytore


    Husky Land

    Echo it’s more like “OBJECTION”

  95. hakuto katuza



    This makes me think of Infinity War and Avengers 4

  97. NiNo Warrior

    From the time this comment was made: this video isn't even close to even half a million subs.

  98. Nepko

    Rip rwby

  99. Neko - San :'v

    😱 3:12 --> 🎸

  100. calic6 ridl3y

    do you believe in destiny ?