Jeff Williams - Path To Isolation Lyrics

It starts
With the unexpected loss of something dear
The warmth
That comforted and cradled just disappears
And in its place, there's nothing
Just an endless empty hole
The light that showed the way is gone
And darkness takes control
Bitterness and anger are quick to fill the void
The path to isolation is littered with the dreams that lay destroyed

The cold
Seems to grow in my soul, it's consuming me
And I'm losing myself in a storm
Growing jaded
Being pushed, being pulled, I'm unraveling
Can't find myself when I'm constantly forced to conform

Enemies surround me
But the worst appear as friends
Liars and pretenders
Only seek to reach their ends
Everything is breaking
Right before my eyes
Looking in the mirror
I see someone that I don't recognize

The joy
That my heart used to know is eluding me
And the one thing I feel is alone
Smiles faded
And I'm spinning and sinking and weakening
Frozen and stuck
Too lonely, it chills to the bone

Memories escaping as my heart begins to drain
Scars that cover wounds can't hide the self-inflicted pain
Everything my mind wants in conflict with my heart
Fighting back surrender, but every day I'm falling more apart

Mirror, what's this thing I see?
Who is staring back at me?
This stranger to my heart that's filled my life
Mirror help me, who am I?

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Jeff Williams Path To Isolation Comments
  1. Faquinha

    What if this is a song about Weiss mother?

  2. Nicolas Allage

    I just absolutely love how the start of this song reminds me so much of the sad tracks on Shingeki no Kyojin

  3. Ian Comtois

    I walk this lonely street
    On the boulevard of broken dreams

  4. 393mgy Peaches

    I get the chills listening to this song because it hits so close to home.

  5. GOLIATH100

    Is it me or did i just realized that weiss dad is a dick

  6. James Tangman

    Weiss has the best songs. You can't change my mind.

  7. Pyrrha Nikos

    The people who pressed the dislike button were probably crying because of the awesomeness of this song + video and couldn't see clearly and thought it was the like button.

  8. Pauline Joy Diaz

    Weiss i think is so far the best well written character in the series..

  9. Michael Morrison

    RWBY hitting us with the real fucking talk again. Hits hard man.

  10. starryseasalt

    everyone interpreting the "self-inflicted pain" line as 'weiss cuts herself' brings out the Rabid English Teacher in me


    It seems people aren't too aware that depressed people have so many other ways to destroy themselves than simple cutting.

  11. Jennifer Koester

    I immediately thought of sans the skeleton from undertale genoside route

  12. Colton

    Song: Begins
    "It starts..."

  13. L. Lithen

    I'm going to put it here and hope it at least gets noticed:

    I know Flynt already put an explication, but I do want to give a more detailed opinion on the lyrics 'Scars that cover wounds can't hide self inflicted pain'

    I believe she does mean physical scars and wounds, as she knows that no matter how many marks of battle, either with herself (being under pressure in a conflict, which causes her to take in a few hits) or others, they won't matter to her family and won't mean anything.

    Just like that light scar over her eye doesn't represent anything to her family, but it might represent something to Weiss. Or at least she tries to think of that.

    Because of all the conformities she had to put up with, as the song says, she lost herself. And, before she met her team, I believe she put all the blame on herself when she did something wrong/that displeased her family.

    Which only caused her more mental pain and stress, until she realised whatever she might have realised that made her go to Beacon, away from her Father's influence

  14. Omar Ragheb

    Where is "Winter!!"

  15. Hunter2434 Jack

    Lyrics: the path of isolation
    What I heard: path of *WEISS*-olation

    Weiss found me, I'm doomed.... Goodbye, guys...

  16. Random Pie

    "The cold seems to grow in my soul it's consuming me"
    That's how _ice_ queen began

  17. Moonlight Serenade

    Is it wrong that every time I hear this song, I cry?

  18. SaberIsBae4Life

    I somehow skipped the whole of volume 5's soundtrack. I have no idea how I managed to do this.
    But man this song is deep.
    Pretty much me after so many people I trusted betrayed me over an opinion and I slowly turned to the point of trusting no one but family and having no friends XD
    Gotta give them credit for the amazing lyrics.
    Very neat song.


    Honestly this easily could be taken as a Villain song if Weiss wasnt well a hero


    @lop90ful1 who ever said Weiss was the hero?!


    @SaberIsBae4Life Well the show itself.The story also isnt that nuanced they are fighting literal darkness.


    @lop90ful1 that's what they want us to think!!!! XD

  19. jasperghostyboi

    So we all know the 'scars that cover wounds cant hide the self-inflicted pain' line is not about self harm, but it's still a kick-ass line. Like Weiss sweetie I love you i wanna give you a hug.

  20. Talia Ripton

    As a person who has had depression before, I can confirm that this song successfully demonstrates it. Once the negative emotions consumed me, I became very isolated and anger replaced my sorrow to the point I was afraid I would someday lose control of it and hurt someone or myself. In the end, I could no longer recognize myself, and I felt as if I couldn't trust anyone because of the many that hurt me before, so I hid all the pain within. Luckily, This Life Is Mine suits me now, because I have stopped blaming myself for it all, and am fighting for a better future, while confronting the one's who caused it all by doing what I wanted with my life, and no longer letting them control me.

  21. Silver Sky

    I love these songs but now with my hero academia out I just await the eventual Todoroki amv whenever a weiss song is released xD

  22. Pilot231

    *after the song

    Winter: *Sigh. "I not always going to be around to save you, Weiss."

    Weiss: "... I'm sorry. I'll get better."

    Winter starts to walk away: "You'll have to if you ever want to leave."

  23. Mia Strasburg

    I haven't heard this song in forever; only the manmade instrumental while I sang it. Now I hear it again and it sounds even better than I remember.

  24. Mia Strasburg

    *Clicks subtitles* "Oh, there's non-auto generated subtitles!"
    *Sees the perfectly typed lyrics in video* "Oh."

  25. EdgyGamerAlexx

    I somehow can relate to this song

  26. Gisol

    Mirror what's this thing I see?
    Who is staring back at me?
    A stranger to my heart has filled my mind.
    Mirror, help me! Who am I?


    i like that line.Very nice

  27. Ian Ainsworth

    Is best girl.

  28. Keyth Yorine

    I can't believe there's a sadder one than Mirror Mirror Part II aksgshsgs IM CRYING

  29. Katelyn Burns

    Why is this so relatable? I can’t stop replaying it. 0:00

  30. Sora Skyheart

    I'm curious. When will her mother appear? Unless she dead. Or doesn't really care about her kids.


    shes drunk

    Lolar Moon

    @lop90ful1 so is Qrow, but we get to see him.

  31. fire_crackerr

    *listens to this song 100x*
    *looks at lyrics*
    *realises I did it wrong*

  32. Lyn Alight

    "The Path to WEISSolation"
    No, Flynt. Just no.

  33. wig

    *she reminds me so much of Elsa now...*

  34. Cris San Juan


  35. Rosemary Vien

    I think Weiss is the most relatable character to me.

  36. Juliana Gegenheimer

    The path of Icesolation...


  37. Silver Bear

    This song always gets me

  38. Totally Human

    *When the wifi goes out*

  39. Just A Random Tiger

    Ok this is a perfect song for a minecraft roleplay about history like the last 5 episodes from the guy named Xylo almost exactly match it all (I would suggest watching the whole series before you watch it to understand what its about and the storyline leading up to it) Its called Origins Of Olympus

  40. The Little Astronaut In Space

    I have concluded that Weiss is talking about in the beginning of the song that the loss of something good and the warmth are ruby and her friends who have been forced to be separated from her, leaving "An endless empty hole" which means she feels broken and empty without them, I'm thinking its more on the loss of leaving ruby that hurt Weiss the most. So this is pretty much a Whiterose song of Weiss pining for ruby's affection that makes the hurt her father caused her to go away for a while.

  41. Lilia Sanchez

    Wiss was strong feeling🤔

  42. Streamer Knight

    Anybody else want a zuko amv?

  43. Yang Xiao Long

    The path to Weissolation! (not sorry)

  44. Blue Moon

    144 dislike can i kill them ??

  45. Inter Historia

    Ah yes, the Path to Ice-olation.
    (Since Weiss-olation is already taken.)

  46. Roberto 8000

    This song is how I feel on a daily basis


    weiss -vol 1-3 salty,racist
    -vol 4-6 my favorite character

  48. Narwhals 4 Sale


  49. Neon Gray

    The path to Weissolation

  50. Celestial Melody

    This is made by the best dad and daughter in the whole world~ Love em~ <3

  51. Megan Bottazzi

    I like the background

  52. TechScout

    I can’t choose between this and “This Life is Mine”

    FDN [The One Eyed God]

    I like this better than this life is mine


    this is better at explaining how she feels and is currently feeling at the time the song takes place... but this life is mine is a song thats about her overcoming that and finally being able to do what she thinks is right... so i dont think its right to compare the 2 really... since they are both so different in messages and tone

  53. ASID Juan Suspicious neighbor Juan


  54. juvia lockser

    everyone who's still saying weiss self harms watch casey's first video

  55. World Weaver

    you know this song can also apply to Ozma/Ozpin/Oscar/The Wizard

  56. aesthethiccal

    dear my music teacher who's gonna find this song to put it on our class playlist,
    i can explain--

  57. Silly Goose

    I love the mirror mirror reflection (I’m not funny)

  58. JoshtheOverlander

    Who is that girl I see staring right back at me, when will my reflection show who I am inside

  59. Skid 1000

    Put it on 1.75x or 2x for the beginning

  60. adios d

    제프는 노래 후반으로 갈수록 대부분 빠르고 높게 변하는게 좋을때도 있지만 아쉬울때도 많음. 특히 와이스테마 곡들은 조용한 초반느낌이 Casey 목소리를 잘 살리는데 빠르고 높게 변하는게 아쉬울정도

  61. Nicolás Campos Pérez

    gracias, es bellisimo...

  62. Meagan Hodgson

    Damn, this song fits so well with the fall of one of my main characters when her girlfriend and (basically)brother die... Seriously thanks Jeff and Casey Williams for the creative inspiration. I'm gonna go cry as I write this tragedy now

  63. 216923 maccioli

    Whoever disliked this... Just why??

  64. Navah Weiss

    I can't unhear the Elsa likeness.

  65. leojun2

    Ok, I know mirrors are Weiss' thing, and this song plays in her character short, and it fits with her personality before volume 1, and also fits with the story her songs tell... but crazy thought: maybe this is actually her mother singing! She lost something in her life, was afraid of enemies, met Jacques, married him thinking he was a "friend", but he had his own ends, started self-inflicting pain (drinking) and now she doesn't even know who she is anymore.

  66. Nodes Animation

    # 1 best Weiss song

  67. Noctis69 Something

    I always feel Weiss’ songs are abit misconstrued. She was stuck up and prideful and got her way but she was not alone. She had her team to back her up, her sister to inspire her to be better. She was never isolated or cast aside or overlooked or pushed into cruelty despite having the parents she had.
    She had more blessings than these songs credit

  68. Libby Elise C.

    You can always count on Jeff and Casey for a kickass song about Weiss

  69. Leah Warrington

    Weiss is for real the only bearable member of team RWBY for me

  70. Hylian Dragoon Zero

    It’s really sad that this is the song I can relate to the most of the RWBY soundtrack.

  71. Naty Santi212

    I don't know what this is about since It appeared on Spotify BUT its AMAZING plz tell me where its from

  72. Mikael Britschgi

    This song actually fits an OC of mine quite perfectly...

  73. Super Nicktendo 64

    Not that I'm complaining but why does Weiss have the best songs?

  74. Jans YT Surfer

    I'm guessing the reason why she has so many songs is not only because she has good character story, but she's canonically a singer! I love all her songs.

  75. bradpara

    *Comforts the Weissfu*

  76. And Mariquit

    I don't know how RT did it, but they made me care about this girl I barely cared about for three volumes in one single episode.

    Ale Mar

    Tf,weiss is so waifu material at the start and end,but best girl neo goes for the win

  77. GrimReaper *-*

    That FUcKin mirror

  78. Mr.SteallYoGirl

    Take out the words and just have the audio and BAM YOU GOT YOURSELF A SUPER SMASH BROS BATTLE SONG.

  79. Popsicles Plays

    Winnie? Anyone?

    Just me..?


  80. D O U N ' S

    I'm here because of Winnie :3

    Jon Johns

    Who? can you explain what you mean?

  81. Miyuki Eventine

    Winnie anybody?


    Miyuki Eventine meeee

  82. MistikMisfit

    Human, I think

    Lolar Moon

    She says "WHO am I". Not WHAT.

  83. • tammyhammy •

    Came from Winnie xD


    - Gacha Deer - same xd

  84. Baby- -Devil

    Who is here from Winnie 😂

  85. Flower_ pphire

    Im from winne's channel!


    Drawing_ _Geek same

  86. Janna Justin

    Who's here cause of Winnie?


    Janna Justin mehh

  87. Nehir Sari

    Came here from Winnie

  88. C h e r r y C a k e ღ

    Who come here for Winny? xd

    *ThE sNaIl qUeEn!*


    C h e r r y C a k e ღ me xd

    all hail snail queeenn

  89. Avada Kedavra III

    The Kaiserreich United States in a Nutshell.

    I want RWBYreich so bad...

  90. mIkE wAZoSkI

    When rwby songs get people to write long paragraphs on a fictional character

  91. max fire

    i use to hate weiss but now i dont

  92. Jade 【VALKYRIA】

    I miss listening to the RWBY OST!

  93. Leo Li

    So this song is just depression in general

  94. [File Deleted]

    "The Path to Weissolation, amiright? Heh, sorry." are you though

  95. Mirana142

    i feel like i relate to wiess so much

  96. Black Onyx

    Mirror mirror part 3?😍

  97. Techno Banana 04

    most relatable song to date

  98. FlyntofRWBY

    Hey everybody, I wanted to share an explanation that Casey gave about the lyrics “Scars that cover wounds can’t hide the self-inflicted pain.” These are purely metaphorical “scars.” Weiss is referencing the pain she experiences mentally, not physically! I hope this clears everything up for everybody that is worried Weiss self-harmed.

    Marla Thompson

    to be honest, i thought everyone thought it was emotional

    Old man Ozpin

    FlyntofRWBY to this day this is my favorite RWBY song

    Lavi Jr bookman

    FlyntofRWBY I’m the same as weiss in real life hiding the pain but the scar of the pain live on inside me for life and I’m breaking more each day

    William Koch

    Well, it'll clear things up for some people, then you have the ones who prefer the line being literal who will ignore anything to the contrary...


    If Weiss didn't escape her father when she did, then no doubt the self-harming would have begun.