Jeff Williams - I May Fall (Harry Lodes Remix) Lyrics

There's a day when all hearts will be broken
When a shadow will cast out the light
And our eyes cry a million tears
Help won't arrive
There's a day when our courage collapses
And our friends turn and leave us behind
Creatures of darkness will triumph
The sun won't rise

When we've lost all hope
And succumb to fear
And the skies rain blood
And the end draws near

I may fall
But not like this
It won't be by your hand
Not this place, not today
I may fall
Bring it all
It's not enough to take me down

There's a place where we'll stand outnumbered
Where the wolves and the soulless will rise
In the time of our final moments
Every dream dies
There's a place where our shields will lay shattered
And the fear's all that's left in our hearts
Strength and our courage have run out
We fall apart

When we lose our faith
And forsake our friends
When the moon is gone
And we've reached our end
I may fall

There's a moment we'll make a decision
Not to cower and crash on the ground
The moment we face our worst demons
Our courage found

When we stand with friends
And we won't retreat
As we stare down death
Then the taste is sweet

I may fall
But not like this
It won't be by your hand
Not this place, not today
I may fall
Bring it all
It's not enough to take me down
I may fall

I may fall
I may fall
I may, I may fall
I may fall
I may fall
I may, I may fall
I may fall

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Jeff Williams I May Fall (Harry Lodes Remix) Comments
  1. EdgeLord 67

    This remix is bad (no hate) I like the old amity arena soundtrack more

  2. True Sons Of Mandalore

    999th like...hmmmm what could it mean?!

  3. Ciro Vixay

    Their part of Rwby amity arena lobby music 0:00 1:07

  4. Leonardo De Lima Ferreira

    <3 x 12

  5. CxllixYT

    Who else is here from amity arena 😁

    Aaron Diaz

    Here here


    Basically everyone

    True Sons Of Mandalore

    meeeeee lol

  6. malcom17lol

    WOOOOOW Amity Arena is 1 year old

  7. Beeshroom

    who's here after hearing this in the Amity Arena 1 year anniversary update?

    Dank Blitzwing

    Ha, Me too!

    Shadow_ Girl

    Here here!!


    I knew about this but my brother wanted to find the song

  8. Owen Cole

    It sounds like rpg music.

    Owen Cole

    You know if there was like some 16 bit rpg of rwby which is the same but each volume is its own separate thing released in sequence with the story. The story will be the same but interactive. Where you play as ruby rose. Than you become a team in the forest, you know. I feel maybe it would be like persona where it’s like day by day or it cuts to the important bits, and after the canonical 2nd season it mentions the Grimm eclipse game, like what happened after? Who knows I think it sounds like a good idea.

  9. ThunderAZ27

    Me and the boys on our way to the penis inspection at the front office. Wish us luck

  10. Metallic John

    Penny :(

  11. Blazen Fire

    25!!......... wait...........

  12. {YaBoiJesiah}

    2018 Anyone?

  13. eagle 64

    Seemed slightly off at the start but the rest was great keep on inproving :) overall good job


    eagle 64 it isnt his song you know?

  14. Phantom T

    Who's theme is this again?

    Radders' Biggest Fan

    It's STRQ's theme

    Cathy MC Creeper

    I think Velvet

    PhantomThief Supa

    Velvet Scarlentina, but bassially just everyone who isn't evil

    Ganso LUVS U

    Uh... The... phone game.... I think? XD

    PhantomThief Supa

    @Ganso LUVS U I don't think that information is valid xD

  15. TheGreenPrince 02

    <3 x🍋

  16. Matthew Pena

    <3 X ⌛️

  17. Marisa Kirisame

    <3 X 11

  18. Jack Tang

    Agh this sounds weird I like the original one.......

  19. Frank Albertson

    <3 * infinity

  20. MilknCoffee

    <3<3 gotta love this song

  21. TheAsianSensation

    ....<3 x2

  22. Mystical eloy

    this remix was shit

    Carlos Mandude

    Clorox bleach clean that shit with bleach

    Dr. Plague

    Everyone has opinions m8.

    thepk 101

    Mystical eloy *lit


    Mystical eloy you spelled lit wrong


    to each their own I guess. I enjoyed it.