Jedi Mind Tricks - The President's Wife Lyrics

[VP = Vinnie Paz]
[DD = Des Devious]


[VP:] Yeah. Fuck Geo-[blanked out] and what he stand for
[DD:] For sendin' my little cousin into the damn war
[VP:] What the fuck we on sombody else's land for?
[DD:] Murder innocent people for Uncle Sam's law
[VP:] Everybody know it's all over oil
[DD:] It's all for the greed and the money that ain't for you
[VP:] it's off with the head of *blanked out* that ain't loyal
[DD:] Off with the head of a snake, he ain't for you
[VP:] [blanked out] givin' dollars to the Taliban
[DD:] And young Americans dead before they had a fam
[VP:] Look, I don't got a beef with the war
[DD:] I got a beef with a war mistreatin' the poor
[VP:] I got beef with everything that he do
[DD:] I got beef with the lies misleading the youth
[VP:] And I'm about to take the law in my own hands
[DD:] And I'm about to [blanked out] a grown man
[VP:] [unintelligible] we should run up at night
[DD:] Black masks, black tape, black [blanked out]
[VP:] Should we terrorize the city like the summer of Sam?
[DD:] Or should we bang this [blanked out] without a plan?


[VP:] We [blanked out]
[DD:] And I'm about to run up in this motherfucker and blast
[VP:] First things first, cousin, how we get in?
[DD:] We could take the janitor for all they gear and they timbs
[VP:] e could tell them that we tryin' to raise money for aids
[DD:] And we could start the onslaught for all they criminal ways
[VP:] Now that we in here, where the fuckin [blanked out]?
[DD:] Where my four pound?
[VP:] Where my fuckin knife at? My fault, it's right here with the spiked bat
[DD:] We dettin' them raw, nobody can fight back
[VP:] Probably in the bedroom scared to death
[DD:] Gunshots, wait till you see whats next
[VP:] Des, kick in the door! if the [blanked out] make a move [blanked out]
[DD:] Nigga it's movin, the [blanked out] took a piss on the floor
[VP:] [blanked out] ain't gettin' nothing else except a kick in the jaw
[DD:] Tell [blanked out] we need more money for poor folks
[VP:] And to respect others like the book that Allah wrote
[DD:] Nah, nigga, I ain't with that deal
[VP:] Oh [blanked out] how it feel?


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Jedi Mind Tricks The President's Wife Comments
  1. Zack Riederer

    Imagine if they had wrote this about Barack lmao

  2. Hiphophead1

    Damn this shit is hard

  3. sb 0

    anybody move shake shiver quiver i BUCK!

  4. Kevin Johnson

    To add a violent crime toward some person is wrong, but the message in this song is a good way to start a revolution

    Supah Saucey

    Kevin Johnson lmao

  5. DaEpicking

    Freedom of Speech at its finest

  6. Mike Miller


  7. lunch box

    wow uncensored never heard this and I had the album years ago

    sb 0

    maybe because he's not president anymore

  8. Outrageous

    some of the dopest JMT shit ever

  9. Steven Bedford

    This song is fucking brilliantAnimal thug bust slugs in the lobby

  10. RalFinger

    Why is this dude on the cover on fire? Looks horrible :X

    Steven Bedford

    JMT are horrible!. That's why we like them!. That grimey, fantastically filthy flavours of underground real Hip Hop!

    Joey Mason

    Isnt it one of thise guys that lit themselves on fire for protest

    Vicious Warmong

    RalFinger it's a Turkish guy on some sort of a protest as far as I know


    He's still alive. He protested the arrest of iran citizens in France

  11. Steve D


  12. Lt. Magnum

    Cool thing about JMT is they can put anything they want on their albums.

    ᴀꜱᴛʀᴏ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ

    well, i mean, it was heavily censored but ok.

  13. Thug Shark

    can't believe this is on youtube, much less from the record company. nice

    Andrew BruteFit

    +Thug Shark can i like this more than once!!!!!!

    Renny thomas

    I agree the lyrics are questionable but vinnie was going through some hard times. His music is alot more laid back now.

  14. neurologists


  15. Michael Halvorsen

    Say what you want about the lyrics, but you gotta agree that this beat is DOPE!

    Vicious Warmong

    Michael Halvorsen the lyrics are real justice, people can say whatever they want but a disagreement comment would only prove how big of brainwashed fucktards they are

    Nathan Sikner

    It's Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture

  16. BennieD

    Pretty sure it was censored because of legality. I'm not sure how that works, but I saw these guys in concert (in cali) and they joked that they could perform this song only because they were far enough away from the white house. Percee P performed Des Devious' part and it was legendary.

    Lt. Magnum

    SCOTUS case Watts vs. United States (1970) says that a threat to a President needs to be reasonable suspicion in order to be a crime. There was no proof Vinnie Paz would carry out the threat, therefore it is protected speech.

    Daniel Blake

    Yea but that doesn't mean the F.B.I. doesn't have documents saying to watch the group to see how they truly live to see if their a threat to the President in anyway they did that to Jim Morrison just for saying when Nixon was going into office at one of his concerts he just said basically Nixon better not fuck it up or were going to start a revolution and of course Hoover was saying he was a threat to America lol ridiculous

  17. AjaxNoord

    Why was this shit censored on the album?

  18. JewUnit6

    so is that how youtube edits views they change or make you reupload it? this couldnt have just been posted last year?

  19. Breezie Cdub

    Aint that the truth!

  20. F Your Opinions

    Word, me too! Fuck Bush and Obama!

  21. Croogah

    This track makes me wanna kill someone.

  22. joel Landry

    trust me it has more; youtube fucks with underground and promote mainstream.

    Supah Saucey

    joel Landry yeah they edit all my shit too


    THIS ONLY HAS 1472 VIEWS????


    Youtube censors music when it gets too real like this. Ever notice sometimes JMT videos don't play correctly when any other video and ads work fine? yeah...