Jedi Mind Tricks - The Philosophy of Horror Lyrics

[Vinnie Paz]
I was Albert Eiensteins mind, I was Italy's fine wine
I was working with God when he defined time
I was there when the guns first let off
There when they cut King Charles head off
There when the CIA battled the crack
And the tradgedy and triumph of Jeranamo Pratt
Punch a faggot til his nose bleed heavy
Dead'em all then I escape in green chevy
I merk your wisdom, spit a dart at you to hurt your wisdom
Put you in the worst position in a turkish prison
Yeah... and my intention is to waste y'all
And cover your body with stitches like a baseball
I fucking lace y'all with the word of the sword
And leaving you bleeding in a ditch while you serving the lord
You deserve to be mauled by an army of bees
Just another faggot dead in his army fatigues

[Vinnie Paz]
Fuck ya crucifix, your religion and its uselessness
Your propaganda is more wickeder than luciphers
Islamic scientists predicted the computer chips
I spit a rap at you to rock you like Medusa's lips
You fucking goons are sick, and y'all can see that
and y'all are my sons like Ebrahim and Eshak
So lets take a walk through the tivest town
I'm the diven science of the light and the sound
I'm the sublime giant with the right to the crown
I'm the divine tyrant and I'm striking you down
So I teach my kin to attack the beast
For trying to hide me from the 4th book of Makavis
You wack MC's catch a hook to the head
Cause y'all don't know about the tibetan book of the dead
You don't know about anything that's important
About the dead sea scrolls found in Jordan
About the way that you conduct yourself in Satan's wratch
But I don't fuck with you, you walking down the pagan's path

[Vinnie Paz]
I'm a swordsmen, the apocolypse horsemen
What makes me smile is another's misfortune
I like to see your body in flames scortchin'
I like to see a part of your brain auctioned
I like to see inside of your main organs
I like to see inside of your veins pourin'
I find beauty in another's pain
I find beauty in the spirit of god but I don't fuckin' change
I find serenity in torture
My thoughts are too pure for the human mind to author
Its called God Consciousness
Its a level beyond the gods marred thoughtlessness
I stay ready for the combat
While the ignorant praying and they wondering where they god at..
I stay ready for the combat
While the ignorant praying and they wondering where they god at

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Jedi Mind Tricks The Philosophy of Horror Comments
  1. DrugsRunnerS Gap

    I was Albert Eiensteins mind, I was Italy's fine wine
    I was working with God when he defined time
    I was there when the guns first let off
    There when they cut King Charles head off
    There when the CIA battled the crack 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Mharti M

    I couldn't tell you how many times I've listened to this track, but I always admired the sound of a gritty Vinnie P and eloquent strings. Found the sample and can fully appreciate what Stoupe has done with it!
    I always sang for my father - Warren Schatz (

  3. TheDutchcartel

    best shit on yt

  4. Drudge

    Weird realization I've had.... Vinnie is very impressionable stylistically.
    I love his music, but the dude got heavily influnced by DMX's style in late 90s... then Jadakiss around this era... now Benny the Butcher / Conway etc.


    The only time he's really had his own style from what I can tell is Psycho Social.. Not that it was too polished - but it had some solid styles. I who have nothing, Winds of War & a few instances in the other tracks for examples.

    I love the styles on Broadstreet Bullies / Chain Reaction / Panik's Raw is War though.

    Published, 1984

    “Set the groove, then stick and move like I was Cassius, rep the stutter step then bomb a left upon the fascists.”

  5. c ball

    Spit swords till the world is cleansed

  6. Mic Typen

    I stay ready for the combat



  8. HumansRstupid

    Paz could have been a member of wu-tang.

    chris yi

    Imagine Wu-Tang + Logic + Paz!

  9. Rekone Inkings

    My favourite track of JMT of all times.

  10. Valeera

    just a kid with no real life experience wishing , he doesnt know anything about real islam

  11. Sahan 369

    I stay ready for the combat! While the ignorant preying n wondering where they god at!


    I think I was 14 when this came that age I found this and it really was powerful

  13. Crontex44

    compared to turkish prisons american prisons are like heaven

  14. Andy During

    beat murdered

  15. team Xotwod

    He who holds the beast captive.
    Holds the beast captive!

  16. team Xotwod

    Lets keep the beast bleeding.i like to see that.
    I seen you there too. This is the light too pure for human minds to author.

  17. kLuSe.

    I belive in a god of my oun understanding, declare a jihad on all around me listening to jedi mind tricks 😁

  18. MegasAlexandros

    What is the movie sample at the beginning?!


    I have searched the depths of the internet and nothing!

  19. Yusuf Meriç


  20. Brian Whitman

    I’m the divine science of the light in the sound.I’m the sublime giant with the right to the crown.I’m the divine tyrant & I’m striking you down.

    That multi-syllable rhyme scheme was beautiful

  21. Bob Marc Lee

    they bring death

  22. B. P.

    the hottest

  23. Ryan Scarfone

    Sick af

  24. Uzi Clip

    I teared up when I heard this the first time

  25. OfNder Αστυδρόμος

    Stoupe, i want to be your godchild

  26. llFLeXzll


  27. Reezy Pelch

    the starting verse is fucking poetry... easiest way to describe it

  28. shnick9

    vinnie paz, what else can u say but he got a gift with metephore's/ spitttin and killin mc's

  29. Alex Alarcon

    I stay ready for the combat, wile the ignorant praying and they wondering where they god at.

  30. Alex Alarcon

    This song is fire Asf

  31. Tim t6589

    I find beauty in god but I don't fucking change- damn. That's real

  32. Markis THEGREAT

    glad younger kids getting into Jedi mind and other UG rappers.. most mainstream is bullshit now

  33. aztecakidgames

    Vinnie p!!

  34. me What


  35. Isaac Hull

    Stoupe and vinnie making another golden song.

  36. stephen jedlicka

    I was there when God defined time....

  37. Stay Grinding

    the first fucking verse is straight fire 🔥 🔥

  38. Popsfaded Kidfresh

    Illuminati Research Report. Subject: Holographic Inserts and Mind Control Technology. An "Insert" is a fake or real memory being programmed upon human consciousness for mind manipulation. The "Shadow Government" uses Holographic Inserts to "Bend Time" and "Space", thereby manipulating "Timelines", which is connected to CERN and the Mandela Affect. Inserts are implanted into the consciousness layers through the "Tesla Frequency Channels" or "Energy Fields of Light". This is connected to "Alien Technology" and "Artificial Memory". The vulnerability is that "Collective Viral Program" influencing or interfering with your personal natural bodily and nervous system processes. Alien technology with "Nano Implants" creates "Energetic Blocks" causing a host of mental, physical, disease patterns. The Shadow Government is using radiation to change DNA in relation to "Archontic Deception Behavior". History of humans are in a process of being "Deleted" as other dimensions are being opened by CERN. The Beast 666 Matrix is about the "Dead Light" and the "Mystery of the Black Stone". This idea corresponds to Zombie Nations or the Walking Dead. Which pertains to "Armageddon Software Mind Control Programs" such as the "Global War on Terrorism", used to suppress and control human consciousness for political, religious, and economic agendas. The idea is terrorize humanity through enforcing the militarization of Planet Earth, with the help coming through "US Military Grey Alien Technology", along with the continual development of the hidden underground and space programs. Cyber Space and Hyper Space connected to the Alien War Machine Agenda. Next, lets take a look at the "Human Pestilence Program". Say hello to vaccines and chemtrails. This program promoting disease programming through the aggressive creation of fear and the continued push for legalizing "Forced Vaccination of Children". Recently, Obama addressed the United Nations about a "Global Vaccination Program" for every human on this planet! Note: Jade Helm is a "Global Operation" designed to catalyze the "Black Sun Alien Software" in relation to the 911 Holocaust Agendas as a means to "Control Future Timelines". Hitler made contact with the Grey Aliens, and the Zeta Dracos and their Black Sun Hybrids. The Anunnaki Reptilians have adopted the "False Ascension Matrix" or 5-D Timelines as their personal agenda to harvest, and control humanity. Holographic Program Models Inserted into this 3-D Holographic Universe is an non-organic Alien Technology controlled in higher sound field dimension of 5-D Timelines. Twin Towers and Holograms. 9-11 and 2 (1+1) towers or 11-11. Rather clever wouldn't you say? Shall I tell more? Be careful with watching 3-D movies or anything connected to virtual reality technology. Project Blue Beam and a "Fake Ascension Matrix". Be careful what you think is true about this reality. Government "Imposter Spirit Programs" and "Fake White Light" energy to manipulate the lower Soul Matrix Dimensional Program Realms. Twin Towers ( 11 ) was used to further the "False White Light Agenda" by creating an intricate electrical webbing connected to bio-neurological mind control technology which attempts to control the Human Soul by use of lower frequency wave manipulation of consciousness. The astral plane is being used to generate and promote belief systems of fear, terrorism, and tyrannical control. Global bullies! It's a part of consciousness suppression of humanity in their "Ascension Cycle" which forces reincarnation back into this Prison Planet. The 3-D Holographic Soul Recycling Program is very real.

  39. Exigentable

    I was there when the CIA bottled the crack.

  40. piles joursh

    I always get a funny feeling like im the only one who feels vinnies pain and rugged truth in each song like he has a way of renouncing truthfully to only one person at a time.

  41. Jose Luis

    When particular areas of the ego have been drained, perspectives have been distorted. The past can change places with the future and the present itself can become lost.

    Az Da Sinista

    in particular.

  42. bbullzeye

    fuck islamic shit! I'm sick of this propaganda! Hiding behind some walls in Philly but spreading propaganda about a religion that is used go make people live like 2000 years ago is not cool at all!!

  43. Steven Bedford

    You don't know about the Tibetan Book Of Dead, you don't know about anything thats important, about the dead sea scrolls found Jordon

  44. Joe Dohn

    I personally find it an interesting level of social commentary putting the songs from their perspective, and the way in which he goes about doing that, cause its from his point of view as well.

  45. Malik West

    he's muslim Lol

    Faktum Stream1Beatz

    So is Shaytan, right?

    Faktum Stream1Beatz

    And his djinn. Many of em anyway.

    Popsfaded Kidfresh

    Malik King 5%

    RJ Russell

    Malik King so what christian loser

  46. GrimeAndGats

    vinnie channeling satan on this joint haha

  47. Everything Makes Sense

    Thumbs up if you're still listening to this in 2057 in a Turkish Prison


    may I ask listen closely to the lyrics and understand the books they have read to come up with there understanding but I'm piggy backing but the Tibetan book of the dead is interesting

    Tim t6589

    The Tibetan book of the dead was a template for a lot of the new age spiritualist.

    Dylan keller

    Yeah that book is very interesting, also so is the root of alchemy.


    lollll good one

    Pablo Torres

    Servin time in Ankara

  48. Lak Gun

    islamic sientists predicted computer chips!! "ya'll dont know bout nothing important

  49. Lak Gun

    music to my ear nizzzle.. keep rappping . love your old school shit.. angry and hardcore

  50. Only Bryan 47

    I find beauty in the spirit of God but I don't fucken change, I find serenity in torture, my thoughts are to pure for the human mind to author,
    Vinny Paz, you sir define underground hip hop as a whole, no one is on your fucken level .

    Brian Whitman

    In a league of his own

  51. Anonymous Watchers

    that's right...I don't fucking change.

  52. Anonymous Watchers

    yeah...the lyrics are islamicized...but other than that...I agree 100% with this song. sometimes I wish I could do some of things mentioned in the song.



  54. Lazaro Bautista

    fuck your crucifix!

    Marcus Davis

    your religion and its uselessness !!!!!!!

    Lazaro Bautista

    Marcus Davis Islamic scientists predicted the computer chip.

  55. Josh G-W

    Can anybody tell me what the speech at the beginning is from? It sounds like Ralph Fiennes but idk

    Dan Badd

    Josh G-W It's an excerpt from an old 70s movie called Cromwell, which is about Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil war which led to the execution of King Charles.

  56. Emerald_009

    " So i teach my kin to attack the beast, for tryna hide me from the fourth book of Maccabees ."

  57. Adan Cordova

    ive replayed this song like 10 times and im still wanna go for the 11th fuck this shhit

    antoine proulx

    +Adan Cordova Dawg i fuckin feel you

  58. Cole Wolfsson

    Crazy album cover. Story behind it?

    James Gilmour

    +Oceanrust4 Apparently its a Vietnamese guy, called Quang Duc who set himself on fire in disgust of the regime at the time

    Mexellent Opochtli

    That's the cover for the rage against the machine album don't get it twist it. And he wasn't a Vietnamese guy. he was a Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk protesting

    Giorgi Meskhi

    This is a Kurdish man burning himself in protest of arrest of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocallan

  59. Loup Noir

    oso gamousate ologramata eixa tn stixo gia na ferw to olokautwma


    +Billy Jaki giati ?

    Loup Noir

    ti giati???

    Nikos Mpountouras

    +Loup Noir (Blackwolf) ;)

    Star Lord

    +Loup Noir (Blackwolf) arakse bro

  60. gotohell122060

    does anyone know what the intro to the song is the quote when particular areas of the ego has been drained perspectives become distorted past can change places with future

  61. anakin singh

    900th like oh yaaa thats better :)

  62. Backyard Bully

    this brings those memories

  63. Edward Isham

    ENough said then anvieniourighteously

  64. Rajib Choudhury

    This track is a classic!

  65. Mitch V

    Crest 3D White: Teeth You Want To Jizz On!

  66. Dennis Stanley

    I lived in Philly off Allegheny and Girhard ave. I miss those fresh pretzels in morning. And Vinnie Paz Rep ' s my boy Chuck Schuldiner in a song and that in itself is brutal. I'm looking for some Vinnie Paz gear to rock. Hope it's out soon.

  67. Backyard Bully

    The 2nd Jmt song i ever heard, after this i was hooked.. know almost all the songs after this album . The samples are forever

  68. Oscar Green


    Rajib Choudhury

    @Zeb VanZandt checkout k rino, immortal Technique, lowkey and logic.

    zeb vanzandt

    @Rajib Choudhury yea K Rino is good and immortal...will check out lowkey and logic thanks brother....aqualeo are spittin hard truths too. I love stuff that makes me dig deeper

    Rajib Choudhury

    @Zeb VanZandt no worries my brother, if you want you can click on my icon go in to my playlist check our SK 1 and 2, Jedi Minds playlist. You will be!

    fauque you're Monitering systems

    +Oscar Green Listening to JMT makes me wanna Vote, and ask questions about all the things that matter most.

    Anthony Pena

    lmfao right..

  69. ripk123

    " Always sang for my father, never really sang for me. Now that i'm much wiser, i can be what i want to be." 

  70. ChelsandBaby

    imma swordsman, the apocalypse horseman. omg vinnie paz spittin fire like always

  71. Alex Kapniaris

    My thoughts are too pure for the human mind to author (y) just thumps up

    Richard Brazee

    Not author

  72. Dzenis Sabljakovic

    Such an amazing fucking song, you know, sometimes, I believe that jedi mind tricks are gods. Real gods. Not fake gods. The Real Fucking Thing.... the flow of the beats with the specific words being in the CONSTANT rhyming of the entire song..... is the same as the flow of life death and energy god created... u following along people? Ok good.... so god created everything, it did, religion created god for their own, blessings or whatever it is they needed most at that time... something higher to believe in, and they did, they created god, which is thus not true because god made us and they didn't make god... if we got created by god, didn't he get created to, since creation is beginning of all that is... god must have been one entity just in that cycle of creations of gods and universes and everything else... if that's true then we will all be gods, if our god had his own god and so on and so forth, therefore it is a destiny, or a absolute truth about you... we can and will be god... but our god will always remain...

    :) comments? I am very high at the moment.


    @Dzenis Sabljakovic calm down


    @ChiefMM hahahahahaha

    mike smith

    Don't chief if you can't handle.

    Zuda Williams

    Dzenis Sabljakovic this is the enlightenment of Lucifer. welcome, friend

    Grey Palmer

    Zuda Williams I see you Zuda

  73. KingBudhha1333

    @William eric true that!!! Repeat over n over Jedi Mind Tricks till i d i e!!!

  74. William Eric


  75. Psilent Music UK

    Stoupe's production is unbelievable

  76. Perry Cox

    This song would've been perfect if Vinnie wasn't such a homophobe.

    RJ Russell

    Perry Cox what are you then? a fuckin fagoot as well?

  77. Toby Johnson

    "I stay ready for the combat...while the ignorant pray and wondering where they god at." Fucking dope, the whole song

  78. dasnomgd

     Im speaking about the picture of the album


    @Charles The iSABOTEUR A Buddhist monk set fire to himself during the Vietnam war and expressed no emotion as he burned. That Kurd is screaming like a girl

    Charles The iSABOTEUR

    @Castlevaniac Then i stand corrected. The Buddhist monk is the epitome of a freedom fighter and taking a stand for peace. I am not one bit suprised. No one on this earth can unlock the full potential of the human brain better than Buddhist monks. I've always been extremely fascinated by them.

    Charles The iSABOTEUR

    @Castlevaniac I just took a peek and subscribed to your channel. You have great stuff on there.

    19ama3 a

    Thats not a way of protesting thats just being a mentally ill puppet

    Publius Cornelius Tacitus

    @Castlevaniac You noob, you would scream like small pig too. Thích Quảng Đức was bodhisattva, not regular average guy like you, me, or that kurdish guy. Self-immolation is f***ing hardcore.

  79. Raúl Alberjón Castillo

  80. J A

    just another faggot dead in his army i loved that fucken line a haha

  81. Benito Mota

    Such a great track.

  82. kingkazik

    I stay ready for the combat, While the ignorant prayin' and they wonderin' where they god at!

  83. EnglishANDworried

    Vinnie bodied another Track. 

  84. DMATIAS103

    The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

  85. DMATIAS103

    The Tibetian

  86. Stnky

    dope af


    Itip g Ubuntu re. Lpp olooooop& 8 j gu v tu bi y uv7b5g4gq4t2 theewrqe13t1331t 31frwgafsbsfsf2r etua 25ituu5hh

  87. kingra420

    Fuck your press use only 


    true that


    @*****  yeah I tried but babygrande dident think it was a priority, I waited 3 months with 2 cds on order from the beat goes on and they just ignored the order. so finally on like dec.20 I figured it wasent going to happen and went and got my $ back. 

  88. DeltaMale

    Jedi Mind has so many good songs

  89. AK47wivme

    put you in a worst position like in a turkish prison, im a turk an only a turk would know how fucked up is a turkish prison 

    Rasmus Rømer

    Well... Vinnie ain't a turk and apparently he knows? o.O


    @Rasmus Rømer shots fired

    James Gilmour

    @DrewHaAMG pew pew pew

    Adam Wilson

    He's talking about the movie Midnight Express, set in a Turkish prison

  90. Jesse Perez

    your an idiot the first verse he was rapping about is hes spiritual rebirth vinnie is muslim as he stated that he seen every history that when down

  91. Atoro

    masterace we are. fuck the mainstream homie.

  92. jesse vasquez

    the second verse though!! spitting flames.

  93. C. Webber