Jedi Mind Tricks - Me Ne Shalto Lyrics

Jedi mind baby

[Vinnie Paz]
Junkyard Dog, real dirty and mean
Take your face off cousin, I'm a surgery fiend
The type of cat that would rather just be heard then be seen
Hold a gat, at the end of it its a burgundy beam
We serving the fiends, with a dose of the uncut
And when there's beef with the heat they don't want what
You just waiting for the bomb to reign
put your body in the whole like Saddam Hussein
So guard your frame when the .45 shells drop
Cause it's dark and it's hot like in hell hot
Vinnie Paz on some other shit
I like my gat chrome, back bone and a rubber grip
Licking' shots at the government
With a knife out at the white house right in front of it
That's who you fucking with, I'm a sick monster
Slam dance in the motherfucking pit monster

[Vinnie Paz]
This is for my man Yan

Listen I 'aint gonna play no more
Beat a faggit till he 'aint fucking gay no more
We 'gon stay making hits this is infinite
This is Vinnie Paz world, you just live in it
You just living in my world of doom
Until Jedi Mind decide to build your tomb
I build with goons, build with brother that's hustling leak
And there 'aint nobody that's raw'r then us on the beat
Ain't nobody Raw'r then Paz-man
Cause I can drop a motherfucking bomb on you like the Gatban
We coming strapped man, its a war cousin
Hit you with the Ric Flair figure four cousin
Barry Windham right hand to your jaw cousin
Road Warriors, Animal and Hawk cousin
Take a walk cousin, 'cause I'm done wit' you
Or you'll be looking down the barrel of a gun or two

[Vinnie Paz]
I'm coming for your head
Like something from the dawn of the dead
Vito Corleone style, horse on a bed
Thoughts on a bed from a hallow tip
Chop off your fucking tongue make you swallow it
You the type that got and what's to do diallo hit
The type to make you faggot and be proud of it
Turn it down a bit I can't think daddy
I think I need another motherfucking drink daddy
I think I'll hit the fucking bar with King Size
Whose these motherfuckers dressing in pink guys
You a retard, claims to be street smart
But you the first one to run when the beef start
You fucking sweetheart, you're in the wrong game
Beat your head 'till your dead with a long chain
Jedi Mind Tricks gonna have a long reign
And the opposite of pleasure is all pain

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Jedi Mind Tricks Me Ne Shalto Comments
  1. T. A.

    Huge fan of Jedi mind tricks...this is a top 5 song of them. Stoupe, cheers to your genius

  2. The Crook

    Damn☠️! Vinnie Paz be holding a hammer 🔨 like a carpenter do! Smfh

  3. jonathan aiglon

    what an album!

  4. Jay Lee

    Idk, this album is almost better than visions of ghandi. hard to pick which one is better

  5. Vittorio Marelli

    The Sample ->

  6. Coes Zila


  7. Michael Papamarkou

    Anyone know this bad ass sample ?

  8. ienjoyblazing

    i knew a faggot once, he told me how he wanted to rap, i said i can write some shit but i aint good at battling. lmao. really though. i aint good. ill end your life in a single stroke. not of my pen. of an actual fucking knife, not something i "spit" about.

  9. ienjoyblazing

    philly boys already came to my college town, yall are fucked now.

  10. ienjoyblazing

    fucking whelp.

  11. ienjoyblazing

    whelp, you got another thing coming if you wanna deliver this time, whelp.

  12. ienjoyblazing

    nobuddy gives a fuck if u have a "jedi" mind we are all programmed by aliens for different shit anyway.

  13. DJ Lagarde

    Beat goes so fucking hard!!

  14. Irma Infante

    Ya mi niña yah!

  15. Mike Holy

    Damm those WWF/WWE reference!!!🔥🔥🔥

  16. Irma Infante

    Ya mi niña ....calamada

  17. Dusty Fingers IT

    Me ne shalto means nothing in italian, it’s “me ne sbatto” literally I don’t care


    it could be a slang word in italian
    were not the only ones who have slang

  18. Sen Chi

    Stoupe has gotta be my favorite producer of all time and having been listening to hip-hop for over 2 decades, thats sayin a lot. can't count the number of beats that have flooded my emotions to where the hairs on my arms stand up.
    ill beyond words

  19. Lydia Hernandez


  20. Brian Whitman

    Licking shots at the government

  21. Brick City

    My favorite track of all time 🔥🔥🤘💯

  22. jm bruce

    Those wrestling references

  23. derekhugh


  24. Kevin Malone

    this never gets old. ever.

  25. Yan Ann

    Is "mene sbatto" dude, from italy howevah real good sht

    iblis khan

    Yan Ann sample?

  26. Shen Agüeybaná II

    What does me ne shalto mean ?


    Shen Agüeybaná II it should be "me ne sbatto" it means I don't care in Italian

  27. crazyfunkystyle66

    Allways coming back to listen to real hiphop... shit is dead nowadays...


    crazyfunkystyle66 you must live under a rock

  28. DJ Lagarde

    This beat fuckin knocks!!

  29. Shane Psoinos

    >>im coming for your head
    >>like something from the dawn of the dead
    >>Vito Corleone style horse on a bed


  30. MIKE WHO

    one of my favorite albums!!!

  31. PurposelyPernicious

    Underrated masterpiece


    Hard Body Rap as always.

  33. A Skeptical Human

    Stoupe always delivers

  34. PurposelyPernicious

    Vinnie goin hard on this sick beat

  35. Zealots Pierre

    Put your body in a hole like saddam hussein... straight fire

  36. MrAndreyNikolaevich

    This song is so fucking haaaaard

  37. Scott Goulet

    One of my favorite JMT tracks. #IndieRaps

  38. Kevin

    shit im setting up a nice playlist with these guys on soundcloud and this song is missing there goes everything i've worked for fml

    Brave Heart

    Bruh legit! they got every song by JMT except this one pretty much
    R I P

    Daniel Blake

    Make one on youtube

  39. Marco Bernardo

    This album is a classic

  40. Frank Colapietro

    This is Hip-Hop go fuck yourself if you think otherwise express our mind not depress it!!! fuck gays ,fuck woman ways of life,fuck everything nit not our music!!!pure hip-HOp!thanks JMT,my cuzzin Vin The Paz!

    Ronald Rockmann

    Frank Colapietro And most importantly, fuck you

    Titus Rasper

    @Frank Amen to that.

  41. briantetley9

    Philly right here all day.

  42. Jeff

    this has to be by far his best album to date

    Balázs Bányai

    Violent By Design is the top1, but this is definetly the top2. (Its just my personal opinion)

  43. N.B.

    "I'm coming for your head like something from the Dawn of the Dead
    Vito Corleone style horse on a bed."

  44. Luke Dugas

    holy f uc k

  45. Gravy Trane

    This is the HARDCORE, REAL RAW type shit! You ain't never seen nothing before like this!

  46. Carlos Hernandez

    Anyone know what the song being sampled in the beat is? It sounds like some sort of Arabic.

    Vittorio Marelli

    +TheBlackMoose it's an african sample from guinea ;)


    Miss that old stoup shit

    iblis khan

    Vittorio Marelli name of the sample

    Vittorio Marelli

    @iblis khan enjoy ;)

    Jay Lee

    @Vittorio Marelli dope sample. stoupe is a genius. easily top five producer of all time

  47. Edwin Worsh

    Honestly love JMT, but I don't exactly relate to how Paz feels about gays. I don't care what your sexual preference is, but keep it to yourself like everyone else does. That being said, I can't hate on Vinnie on his own song were he lets his own opinion be known, that's the reason I started to love imt cause of the conspiracy theories on religion and the government. Paz is my idol and agree to disagree that doesn't mean you should look at his songs any differently. It's not like us humans ever agree on any thing anyways


    As I said, there hasn't been an increase in homosexuality. It seems that way because people who would have lied to themselves before are beginning to see they won't be condemned as much as they have been in the past.

    Which is why I am confused by the evolution point. Homosexuality has always been a thing, it has nothing to do with evolution.

    Bernell Scott

    What about carriers of the "gay gene"?

    Billsama Bin Clinten

    False. You have no evidence to show that homosexuality can't represent natural diversity and a possible division of labor. MANY different types of animals display homosexual behavior, so it is by definition natural. There are plenty of valid theories that show how homosexuality could be beneficial.

    Joe Whitaker

    Edwin Worsh who gives a flying fuck?

  48. Omar Martin

    Vinnie the best fuck All the rest

  49. Fernando Wong

    Yo thas the fucking American government, not America itself. Thank our deceitful, war-mongering president, Obama for that. America, as an entity however, aka what we used to stand for will always be the greatest.

  50. weigh Mcdoogle

    Lol, Muslims.

    xxx lkumzari

    Yas Muslim.s😏🙄

  51. Nick Legos

    shut the fuck up like your all high and mighty you aint shit bitch and you aint spreading any knowledge so shut your mouth

  52. rondoo32

    never thought id see sutch ignorance on a jmt video

  53. Akita Kazu

    the beat is off the.... and the lyrics...

  54. Julio Torres

    They're obviously not affiliated anymore to BG, but they do own the rights to alot of their shit.

  55. denis berg

    comma missing or not? in the middle area?

  56. The Crab

    Translation for the rest of the world: I'm a fuckn terrorist jedi that goes around bombing every country...

    Shen Agüeybaná II

    The Crab is that the title meaning?

  57. Akita Kazu

    im an american fuckn jedi

  58. vwrdccsdcsdc

    @dirtybongtokes dumbass jmt is affiliated with BG since 2001.

  59. vwrdccsdcsdc

    Dude read a bit about babygranderecords then erase ur comment you dumbass.

  60. Open Mind Productions

    my favourite track from JMT <3

  61. Haka Hari

    wtf at 2'23