Jedi Mind Tricks - And So It Burns Lyrics

[Ikon the Verbal Hologram]
You frontin' style to me
it's war when the beat drop
just anotha mothafucka gonna see pac
you the type that'll run when the heat pop
the type that'll hide a gun when he see cops
but not me, I'll aim a thirty-eight at the crown
show up the next day at the wake and frown
yeah, and then I'll laugh at the widow
then my man stoupe blast through the window
foul when I was young but I survived karma
drop bombs like a b-25 on ya
yeah, it's vietnam in the trenches
just keep my seat warm on the benches
I run with wild puerto ricans that hit L's
and study classical verses by *Big L*
we came up in the game at the same time
and read one-hundred-fifty rappers with the same rhyme

yeah, yeah, uh huh

[break:] (when I touch the microphone I usually rock it...)

I'm a mothafuckin baboon
hit you with thirty seven stab wounds
bury your body deep in earth inside a black tomb
you scared of the rain, you fear weather
I'm hardcore like pall-bearer in sheer terror
I'll be ready for war with suede timbs on
y'all ain't ready to brawl until Vin's gone
won't stop till you dead in hell
Vinnie Paz, mega-child daddy (eh-grendel?)
this bread we fail, yeah, because the beast in all this
I was rockin' Diadoras while you was eatin' porridge
I was listenin' to the *Hilltop Hustlers*
while you was duckin from sounds of popped mufflers
you was playin' little games with your fathers
I was robbin' mothafuckas for they Starters*
you a novice, and I'm a old vet
and I was there when the heavens and the globe met



you ain't safe if the bomb exists
so I side with the Vietnamese communists
if you wit me mothafucka raise your arm and fist
and we can bust a fuckin' cap and see if God exists
I scarred your wrist, with a poisonous rusty razor
if its Jedi Mind Tricks then it must be flavour
and it ain't safe no more
ain't safe in the mothafuckin' place no more
get laced in your upper-body, face and jaw
you the type of fagget we ain't got the patience for
we break the law, while we pay our respects to Allah
but if it's beef then we be sprayin' your neck with a four
I love to hear the sound of a corpse drop
so protect your fuckin' neck like a cough drop
I let the four shot, from different latitudes
so keep it movin' like a bitch that got an attitude

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Jedi Mind Tricks And So It Burns Comments
  1. overmostheads

    We ain't safe if the bomb exists.. so I side with the vietnamese communists. I hate commies but love this bar

  2. Ezequiel Cid

    4:16 sample ?

  3. SilentEvil2

    I come back to this and wonder how something like 6ix9ine could happen...

  4. Larry F

    "We ain't safe if the bomb exists" One of the truest sentences. Humanity was doomed when the Manhattan project was completed

  5. JaCk nickolstine

    "I'm a baboon , hit you with 37 stab wounds."

  6. ienjoyblazing

    if that makes u feel better.

  7. ienjoyblazing

    i still jam to it tho

  8. ienjoyblazing

    call me a faggot one more time motherfucker. you know I been called that my whole life baby. I will end you. I aint never had the chance to copulate. you just a fucking rich wannabe rebel. catholic fucking pussy. shut your goddamn mouth vinnie paz.

  9. ienjoyblazing

    holy fuck bro nobuddy cares if ur rican friends hit tobacco laced ganja and nobuddy cares if u prick urself wit dope. get a god damn life and stop being a tick.

  10. Mike Holy

    That “you funny style” says it all 🔥🔥🔥

  11. SirZapdos

    This is the song I play for people I meet who "don't like rap that much". This track changes their minds, and right quick.

  12. Victor Mcvic

    one of the best things 2004 ever did

  13. Jerssey Rademann

    vinnie killed this shit god damn it

  14. Dallas T

    Going chubby chasing to this beat

  15. İshak Senturk

    Herkese acik bir yorum da ben ekleyeyim. Yüzümüzü toprağa bulayanlarin yüzü toprağa bulansin!

  16. Stevie Wonder

    "I'm a mother fuckin baboon hit you with 37 stab wounds bury ya body deep in earth inside a black tomb " 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Charles Forsyth

    Instantly arresting. Beats been my war anthem for years now.

  18. skillzbaby

    One of the hardest beats from JMT

    Daniel Blake

    Def agree!!! Stoupe's a fucking monster on these beats

  19. Lazaro Bautista

    anyone know that song at the very end?

    David Allen

    dpnt know if it still helps but: Mr Green & Matlock - Underground Kings

    Ezekiel Alaric

    been trying to find out, do you know pls

  20. Doug styles

    "For those that don't like it, THEN YOU'RE PSYCHOTIC!!"
    I think thats Mc Shan.

  21. olivery skidery

    foul when I was young but i survived karma

  22. mangustadouamiidoi

    Mosh36 - Keine Zeit ft.Kitty Kat ;)

  23. Ian Worthington

    study classical verses by Big L...word

  24. Gravy Trane

    That other level power.

  25. Mustard Gravy

    Vinnie Paz was there.

  26. Hyperion94

    Robert Stoupemann! :p

  27. Yama Sultani

    its actually "i know i know your lying"

  28. Zwitchcore

    would love to see vinnie in a great audiotorium preforming this :D


    and the bitch of bg records ruining the performance in the middle of the show too

    Sir Taylor

    best idea ever! <3

    psy kon


    Malicious Tactics

    With a live orchestra as well. Shit would be so fuckin ill.

  29. kingra420

    fuck your press use only you fucking lame

  30. Jonny Klin

    That's the plan ;)


    Jonny Klin maybe it’s not a beat in its entirety.

  31. Ivan Olvera

    Robert Schumann sample.


    Ivan Olvera Mozart

  32. proregeRotzak

    Lupe used the intro of this album on his ep, if you didn't know
    it's just called Lupe Fiasco - Jedi Mind Tricks

  33. david baker

    Pump weights to this shit!

  34. Thunderchole

    Stoupe needs to get back to producing rap beats. Id love to see Lupe on a Stoupe beat.

  35. Syzmo Esedeka

    For tacks like this I love the RAP music.

  36. nastyj74

    drake and all those new school fucktards get 11 million views, thats how you know this is the truth!

  37. nastyj74

    Magnum opus

  38. nastyj74

    fuckin epic, nobody can touch them...

  39. Alex Thompson

    i know.... i know.. your blind...

  40. Charlie Wass

    For press use only :D
    I think the very reverbed saying is FIGHTING OUT OF PHILADELPHIA

  41. ombllladon

    3:18 - 3: 22 whats she saying??