Jay-Z - Lucifer Lyrics

Lucifer, son of the morning!
I'm gonna chase you out of Earth
Lucifer, Lucifer, son of the morning...
(I'm from the murder capital, where we murder for capital)
Lucifer, Lucifer, son of the morning!
I'm gonna chase you out of Earth
(Kanyeezy you did it again, you're a genius nigga!)
Lucifer, Lucifer, son of the morning...
you niggas change your attitude
'Fore they asking what happened to you

Lord forgive him
He got them dark forces in him
But he also got a righteous cause for sinning
Them a murder me so I gotta murder them first
Emergency doctors performing procedures
I ain't trying to be facetious
But "Vengeance is mine" said the Lord
You said it better than all
Leave niggas on death's door
Breathing off respirators
for killing my best boy, haters
On permanent hiatus as I skate
In the Maybach Benz
Flyer the Sanaa Lathan
Pumping "Brown Sugar" by D'Angelo
In Los Angeles
Like an evangelist
I can introduce you to your maker
Bring you closer to nature
Ashes after they cremate you bastards
Hope you been reading your psalms and chapters
Paying your tithes being good Catholics
I'm coming

Lucifer, son of the morning!
I'm gonna chase you out of Earth
Lucifer, Lucifer, son of the morning...
(I'm from the murder capital, where we murder for capital)
Lucifer, Lucifer, son of the morning!
I'm gonna chase you out of Earth
(Kanyeeze you did it again, you're a genius nigga!)
Lucifer, Lucifer, son of the morning...
you niggas change your attitude
'Fore they asking what happened to you

This is holy war
I wet you all with the holy water
Spray from the Heckler Koch automatic
all the static shall cease to exist
Like a sabbatical I throw a couple at you
Take six
Spread love to all of my dead thugs
I'll pour out a little Louie 'til I head above
Yes sir
And when I perish
The meek shall inherit the earth
Until that time it's on and popping church
Like Don Bishop
The fifth upon cock either
Lift up your soul or give the holy ghost please
I leave ya in somebody's cathedral
And stunting like Evel Knievel
I'll let you see where that bright light lead you
The more you talk the more you irking us
The more you gonna need memorial services
The Black Album's second verse is like
Devil's pie please save some dessert for us

Man I gotta get my soul right
I gotta get these devils out my life
These cowards gonna make a nigga ride
They won't be happy 'til somebody dies

Man I gotta get my soul right
'Fore I'm locked up for my whole life
Every time it seems it's alright
Somebody want they soul to rise
(I'll chase you off of this Earth)

I got dreams of holding a Nine milla
To Bob's killer
Asking him "Why?" as my eyes fill up
These days I can't wake up with a dry pillow
Gone but not forgotten homes I still feel ya
So... curse the day that birthed the bastard
Who caused your church mass
Reverse the crash
Reverse the blast
And reverse the car
Reverse the day, and there you are
Lord forgive him we all have sinned
But Bob's a good dude please let him in
And if you feel in my heart that I long for revenge
Please blame it on the son of the morning
Thanks again

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Jay-Z Lucifer Comments
  1. Larry Medina

    I can't find this song on Pandora or Spotify any more.

  2. PlayStation gamer

    Satan > cheezus crust

  3. ibn shakir

    Foh this shit is garbage

  4. Kaya M


  5. Jeff Nighswander

    ROFL, are we really supposed to believe that these idiots are somehow holy? Yeah, and Trump's a devout Christian too. FACE PALM.

  6. JimmyTheJamMan 10_26

    Is there an instrumental for this anywhere?

    Jesus Martin Quiroz

    Yup https://youtu.be/3X9_jXxGf5k

  7. Universal Knowledge

    Is the. Original version banned? If so why?

  8. Bill Beverly

    Printed lyrics to this song would be awesome, hook me up?

  9. olu graphics

    Love that old dub song they used as a sample

  10. Roman Martyr

    Rick Rubin produced this.

  11. fafi waffles

    https://youtu.be/3QYE_4YzSJ4 you've been warned. GOD bless you.

  12. 666GrizzlyBeast

    Wheres the original jay z did?

    fafi waffles

    666GrizzlyBeast right here. https://youtu.be/3QYE_4YzSJ4

  13. Diego Rosero

    What the fucking hell? Seriously? Ohh nahh men ....

  14. whyyyso serious


  15. Reasons 2 Live


  16. James James

    Damn...1 million views this nigga ain't shit

  17. skateMNvx1000

    be proud bro u outdid the original apparently.... when you type lucifer jay z into google this is the first thing that pops up...


    because you cant find jay z version anymore

  18. Arnold Show

    This is not fuckin Jay Z

  19. Connor Daley

    Annihilated Satan in this track.

  20. 666GrizzlyBeast

    Wheres the original with JayZ?

  21. Cap 47

    Why do i listen to this At 00 36 am

  22. Joseph Stewart

    who is it that we ????? our creator or our own lost self decoding it is a test a quiz who can pass it who's The Graduate honor student do they have a category to be labeled by

  23. Joseph Stewart

    my grandmother and Pastor Clara minor along with the rest stranded in Mississippi she faced the east who came to the test to rescue them that was facing the east was it man Martian Beast Army...OR ME.. The CHILD

  24. Christopher Harris II

    Thanks for this is spiritual fire...we should coolab.i subbed just now

  25. Orwells pigs

    Play it backward and see what its say

  26. TAS 3

    @DaddyAbe, #UniversalBlessings⚛☯️🕉♾💜🌈🔥🤲🏽

  27. Stara Z Hiszpanką

    Jebać szatana jebac jebac szatana

  28. Raymond Johnson

    OMG...they literally took Jay Zs version of Lucifer off .fuq..🤮

  29. Ron Banks

    well that was something. I wonder if he worshops satan? the song was dope but i love Jesus

    fafi waffles

    Ron Banks https://youtu.be/3QYE_4YzSJ4 he definitely does.

    fafi waffles

    Anyways.. PRAISE THE MOST HIGH!!!!!!!!!

  30. M.Young

    this the second time you fucked my search up

  31. Jesus Christ

    This song go hard 🤟

  32. Ayoshimo A

    Fuuuuuuuckkkkiiiiinngggg Illuminati and heeesss SATANISTIC HEELLLL MODEZZZ

  33. BaBy Criminal

    If Lucifer means devil... Then GOD and JESUS pleeeeeeaaaasssseee save and help me. AMEN.

    elizabeth adams

    Lucifer was his title he is now Satan and ever has been since he got turfed out of heaven for wanting to be greater the truth is he didn't want to serve us like the Angels that haven't left their estate and still serve us at God's command you see the Bible isn't about religion it's about the Kingdom that is if you want to know more grab a Bible read for yourself in ISAIAH 14:12-17 It tells you about the fall of lucifer, It will blow your mind and in GENISIS it exposes what Satan done he murdered creation and JESUS is the firstborn of the dead it says so in COLLOSIANS 1:18 I really hope that you have a look for yourself darling God (Elohim) Bless You❤️

    BaBy Criminal

    @elizabeth adams oh umm... Thanks and have a good day. GOD Bless you.💙

    fafi waffles


    fafi waffles

    GOD BLESS you. Stay away from this satanic music hun <3

  34. Johnny

    Entourage : the end credits of the pilot. 😎

  35. Dave Chabba

    Didn't a jew produce this shit wake up people you're all been played listen to original way better than this topsy turvy shite

  36. Dave Chabba

    Great destruction of a good song reverse the original meaning. wizards of satan

    Dave Chabba

    @George Hussar 👍

    BaBy Criminal

    Umm don't reverse tha song then??

    Bill Scannell

    The dopest part is the beat, anyway. I don't know where Kanye found that sample or who that is, too lazy to research it, but it's a great war cry. Like she's calling someone out. No fear in her voice, for sure.

    Righteous Read

    @Bill Scannell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpIAc9by5iU
    Max Romeo - Chase The Devil

    John Smith


  37. nevercold

    Is it Lucifer...
    Sun of the morning?
    Son of the mourning?
    Son of the morning?
    Sun of the mourning?

    Words, man... smh

    Deseret Nation

    Lucifer Son of the Morning

    Kelly Samons

    Lucifer, Don of the Mourning

  38. Dick Seldomhard


    Dave Chabba

    Well said my friend 👍

  39. PlayStation gamer

    All hail satan fuck jeebus

  40. Theo Mcbane


  41. nina arturo

    Jay z has wack beats all his music. How is he mentioned with the pacs and the Biggie's?

  42. Chucho86ny


  43. Cress Welsing

    God brought me here.

  44. Rap Lich

    Best line:
    Murder Murder Jesus 666🖤🔥

  45. Alex Pollock

    Pretty good.

  46. East Ern

    Don/Dawn of the morning. = the real Dawn King. Dawnking like MJ 23. The Neon D awn

  47. Chelsea Chelson

    +255673823651my WATSUP no I love being a member of like u.

  48. Chelsea Chelson

    I wish I could be like u .

  49. Muhaimin Srimat

    Lucifer in the hell ever and ever

  50. Pichi

    Did this song ever came out officialy?

  51. Daily Bendot and friends

    Allah is my LORD and Nabi Muhammad of rassul Allah...

    Tavish Finnegan DeGroot

    paansi anjing

    Muhaimin Srimat

    @Tavish Finnegan DeGroot coi luurrrr

    matrix صلِّ على محمد

    You goddamn right fella...you GODDAMN right

    Muhaimin Srimat

    @matrix صلِّ على محمد you islam or not..i want talk non islam..

  52. countessarcadius Ty


  53. Franky prince

    lucifer wrote the bibble

  54. Frank

    niggas here are retarded

  55. Fredrick Gordon

    I'm from the assembly of the Oracle that sent me.
    And LUCIFER is the name of ye song

  56. Suharekë Krasniqi

    Murder murder Jesussss, 6 . 6. 6.

  57. Aisha Mariz

    He thinks he is Jay hovah
    Kanye thinks he's yeezus

    You got the truth right there .
    They want to be like god and his son .
    Jehovah and Jesus .
    Mockery is not nice Satan .. Grow up .. Old fart

    Ashleigh NC87

    Mariz M amen sister! It’s disturbing how many comments on this video are of ppl defending, justifying, n flat out refusing to comprehend the words coming out of his mouth..

    Aisha Mariz

    @Ashleigh NC87 yeah .. Plain to see .. 👌 feel bad for those asleep 😒😴

    Ashleigh NC87

    Mariz M I do too girl.. its so sad.. but, all we can do is pray for them to wake up n accept them when they finally do!!!! I used to lmao when my mom would talk abt not liking my music, never in a million yrs did I think that one day I’d feel the same way with my kids!!!!

  58. Reserved Name Bear

    This is great, well done!

  59. Joseph Dinicola

    No matter what people think Jay Z sold his soul.

  60. Biznismen Yup

    Damn b**** let the regular song play

  61. epic gamer

    Why is there a astronaut

    ashley Edge

    Has alot 2 do w Satan.. look up the TRUTH bout Nasa

  62. historias calientes para chicos y chicas calientes

    Rallos viejo el satanismo esta en todo 😂😂😂

  63. Миша Лазаренко

    это круто !!!!!AVE LUCIFU

  64. Jason Hughes

    Lucifer was also known as “ The morning star”


    @Edson Junior hahahahhaha this man is talking about a netflix show???? gtfo of here

    fafi waffles

    Edson Junior That's what the last name is on Netflix??? That's what it is in The Bible. I never knew that but I've heard about the show before..


    the bright and morning star is jesus christ, Jehovah the creator of the universe.

    Damien S.

    Maybe... And think about it for a sec... What if Lucifer and Jesus are one in the same?

    fafi waffles


  65. Thomaz Rafael Boaventura

    Hail satan!!!!!!

  66. PURGE2 {u}NITE

    JOHN TODD WARNED US IN THE 70S. Go learn how these "hits" are made 🔥😈👹👿🔥

  67. Hot Lightning

    6 years 😩❤️

  68. Hilal Ahmed

    Who is lucifer????

  69. Josiah E

    Play it backwards. It says "put on sonscreen sun"

    fafi waffles

    Josiah E no it doesn't. https://youtu.be/3QYE_4YzSJ4

  70. Fieilithcifer mulatto Creole Acadian Conjure Witch


    Christian Wright

    U just want attention 👀 now what

    Fieilithcifer mulatto Creole Acadian Conjure Witch

    @Christian Wright i dont care about you Christians sheep, I LOVED THIS SONG AVE SATANAS.

    Christian Wright

    The most high is way more awesome than ur weak ass god... And there's nothing u or his/her can do about it 😂😂😂

  71. natan assunção

    Jesus está voltando maranata

  72. David Perez

    It's gonna be Christ thats gonna cast Lucifer into the lake of fire!

  73. Nicolas pericles

    lucifer filho da alvorada!

  74. Yusuf Demir

    Cool Song😍💪🏽

  75. Kenneth Hobgood

    the elite want you to think the devil isn't real. this is the most brainwashing bullshit I've ever heard in my life. I used to jam to this before I knew the TRUTH. Satan has had 6000 years to discredit Jesus (Yeshua). he has crossed his T's and dotted his i's wake up people and stop being deceived like I was.

  76. André Zastrau

    the videö is shit

  77. Ivan X

    He's not lucifer anymore he has a new name Satan aka FOOL

    Ashleigh NC87

    Ivan X u give him too much credit... he’s just a minion

  78. dagumpbest

    Basically Lucifer means light bringer Satanic people worship Sun and Astrology but in the Bible CHRIST the Son/Sun of GOD calls himself the BRIGHT MORNING STAR rev 22:16 which means the SUN cause the SUN is the only star in the morning and he also call himself the light of the world the Sun again All FREEMASONRY and Satanic

    Christian Wright

    So are u saying that Jesus was satanic and a free mason?

    RaJah that

    Christian Wright Jesus is Lucifer 😂😂

    RaJah that

    Isis - Lucifer LEGION Venus Ma'at your full of shit 💩

  79. Madhusudan Tiwari

    there is nothing like satan or devil the only thing is *IGNORANCE* only the ultimate eternal everlasting god exist nothing is isolated from god

  80. New money Monalisa

    Send me money lucifer

  81. ygo Schultz

    Lu zieh 4 dann off the man ING

  82. Erik Killmonger

    He sampled this from turtleman

    Richard W

    ... and Turtleman sampled it from Lee Scratch Perry's Disco Devil.

  83. MrRahja666

    I dont understand half of what his is sayin but i give it 👍

  84. David Reyes

    Y’all dumb af Jay Z ain’t even on this one

  85. Young Keys

    When I had that album I always skipped it cause I felt uneasy about it and still do

  86. Purna Ananda

    you shall recognize him only by not answering to no one but god..eye answer only to my father for my father knows me ..and thats enough for that I AM ...true Angels depend on God ..others prove eachother to eachother and disgrace our Heavenly Father .. We are back and God Knows that We are Back and We are Sure that God Knows..We answer to no One..Time is Now..Eye give You My Word..Amen

  87. Invisble Ninja5000

    who is that rapping at 0:26? Because he sucks and this remix is way worse than the original

  88. Benjamin Lieutier

    Bienvenue dans la famille de l'oncle BENNNNNZZZZZ

  89. Titouan Massé


  90. nicoA13012

    Bennnzz "ananas morning" ;)

  91. Gautam Hans

    Entourage brought me here

  92. Dawid Szamreta


  93. Young Leo